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On the scoreboard, on the tape

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Keith from Miami, FL:
When was the last time a team with a losing record got into the playoffs?

Vic: It's never happened. The Browns made it at 8-8 in 1985

John from Orange Park, FL:
Do you believe a team is only as good as its offensive and defensive lines? If so, is that the main reason our future is promising? Brackens and Douglas are older, but our lines seem to be very young and very talented? Our defensive line clearly looked better than the vaunted Buc line, and our offensive line appears to be on the road to being one of the better ones in the league? What are your thoughts and what does our defense rank currently?

Vic: I absolutely believe that its two lines are the heart and soul of a team. I can show you a lot of teams in the league that have outstanding skill-position personnel but can't win because their lines are weak. It all begins up front, and the Jaguars have really made strides on their two lines, especially on the offensive line. It has developed into the building block for this team's future, and it was visible as early as in training camp. Defensively, the Jaguars are sixth in the league overall; second against the run and 17th against the pass.

Bryan from Austin, TX:
Deuce McAllister recently tied Walter Payton and Fred Taylor for third place on the all-time list for most consecutive 100-yard games. Can you take us through Fred's streak? I'm sure everyone would love to get Fred some much deserved props.

Vic: Deuce McAllister has rushed for 100 yards in nine consecutive games. Fred Taylor did the same in the 2000 season. Beginning with a Monday night loss in Tennessee on Oct. 16, Taylor knocked down nine in a row until the regular-season finale, when he suffered a hip pointer two plays into the second half and had to leave the game. At the time, he had rushed for 52 yards. The highlight of Taylor's streak was a record-setting 234-yard effort in Pittsburgh, which remains the greatest rushing performance by an opponent in Steelers history.

Steve from Glenside, PA:
How come Hugh Douglas is not on the stat sheet for Sunday's game? I thought he had at least a few assists, as well as a batted pass.

Vic: Hugh Douglas may have been more disruptive against Tampa Bay than he had been in any other game this season, yet, he had only one batted ball to show for his efforts. That says something about stats. Consider this: Marcus Stroud got a sack because he was closest to Brad Johnson when the Tampa Bay quarterback opted to run out of bounds instead of throwing the ball away. But Douglas legitimately hurried some throws and has nothing to show for it. Statistics can be very deceiving. Don't live by them because they don't always offer an accurate portrayal of what happened, and no stat is more misleading than sacks. The coaches know who played well. The stats don't fool them.

Joe from Green Cove Springs, FL:
Would you consider this win to be against a quality team like you were asking for a few weeks ago, or just a win against a team on the decline? For most of the game, the Jags dominated the Bucs. I thoroughly enjoyed that game and look forward to many more like it.

Vic: There's no question Tampa Bay is a team in decline, but I still consider it a quality win for the Jaguars and for these reasons: The Bucs were a desperate team coming off a big Monday night win. Green Bay had lost on Thanksgiving and there was a perceived opportunity for the Bucs to get back into the playoffs race. They were also playing in Florida and in front of a lot of their fans who made the trip to Jacksonville. The Bucs have a proud defense and they were playing in a nationally-televised game. They had every reason to play hard. This was not a letdown game or a sandwich game. The Jaguars got the Bucs at their best and won the game on the scoreboard and on the coaches' tape.

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