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Peterson invaluable

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Rob from Richmond, VA:
The whole discussion regarding strength of schedule leaves me a bit confused regarding the Colts. Isn't the Colts' schedule actually weaker than the Jags'? What's the real scoop?

Vic: The Colts' strength of schedule is .457, which is one of the weakest in the league. Seattle's .430 is the weakest. The Colts' strength of victory is .424, which is middle of the road. The Jags' are .465 and .375. That's the real scoop.

John from Jacksonville:
Have the Jags re-done any contracts this year with incentives put in to save dollars for next year's cap? Aren't they about $6 million under for this season?

Vic: The Jaguars had about $2 million in salary cap room. They moved that money into 2006 by doing another incentives deal with Quinn Gray, as they did last year. Had Gray thrown 13 more touchdown passes in the second half of Sunday's Tennessee game, he would've received $2.8 million in incentive money.

Fester from Green Cove Springs, FL:
What do you think of Lynn Swann running for governor of Pennsylvania?

Vic: Lynn would often engage sportswriters covering the team in conversations about politics or other topics of the day when he was a player. He was not your run-of-the-mill football player. He ascribed to a higher level of social consciousness and interest. I can remember him stopping next to me as I was writing my story on the plane following a game. He stood there and looked over my shoulder at what I was writing. He was intrigued by what I was doing and he asked if I had first written a rough draft. I told him sportswriters didn't do that and he was amazed. I told him speed was of the essence and he asked if I would give him my typewriter (we all used portables back then) and a couple of pieces of paper when I was done because he wanted to give it a try. It was a long flight from the west coast and I finished before we landed so I gave him the typewriter and a little later he came back with his version of the game. We're talking about a guy who performed ballet on Mr. Rogers, which says everything about what a secure and well-rounded person Lynn is. He didn't have to thump his chest and tell everyone how macho he was. He did that with his performance on the field. Off the field, he impressed people with his intelligence, sophistication and involvement. Our politics are not the same but I heartily endorse Lynn as a worthy candidate to represent any body of people that would elect him. He is a special man from a special collection of men.

Mark from Jacksonville:
I know you never answer my serious and great questions so I'll give one of those stupid ones and see if I get a response. What color uniforms are the Jags gonna wear this Saturday in New England?

Vic: The Jaguars will be wearing their maitre d' outfits: white shirts and battle-black pants.

Draper from Jacksonville:
An eight-and-a-half-point favorite against a team with a better record? The Patriots get no respect? Huh?

Vic: The Patriots are the most respected team in the league. Tom Brady's we-get-no-respect claim is laughable. He's either just playing mind games with the Jaguars, which I think he is, or he has a serious self-esteem problem.

Ron from Fleming Island, FL:
When exactly does the quarterback's ear piece cut off? Who exactly is allowed to talk and transmit on this frequency?

Vic: The moment the previous play is whistled dead, the quarterback's ear piece is turned on and one person designated by that team may begin speaking to the quarterback. With 15 seconds remaining on the play clock, transmission is ended. There is an NFL observer on site who operates the listening device.

Alton from Melbourne, FL:
I would like to know your impressions of Vince Young and his play last night in the Rose Bowl, and how good of a quarterback you believe he can become at the next level.

Vic: He's a fantastic athlete. If you didn't know who he was, you'd pick him out in pregame as someone to watch. In other words, he passes the eye test right away. I have reservations about him, however, as an NFL quarterback prospect. He flips the ball with a very low release point and a short-arm delivery. I've never seen him drive the ball so I don't know if he can. He's a touch passer all the way. I will say that he's dramatically improved over what I saw when Texas played at Ohio State early in the season. On that night, I said no way this guy plays quarterback in the NFL. Now, I think he has a chance because he's improved so much, but I still believe he's a guy whose skills as a passer are average. If you spend a high pick on him, you're doing so solely because of his ability to run. If that's what you want, he's your man. If you want a passer, you might wanna look somewhere else.

Nicholas from Hanover, NH:
After seeing all three Heisman finalists in the Rose Bowl, who do you think Houston should choose?

Vic: Houston should consider all options, including a trade of the pick. In my opinion, only Reggie Bush is worthy of the first pick of the draft. In my opinion, Matt Leinart is not a dominant player or athlete and I need the first pick of the draft to be a dominant player and athlete. Vince Young, in my opinion, should stay in school. He made dramatic gains this season and he probably can make a lot more. I think he needs to define himself as a true quarterback prospect and another year in college could do that for him.

Sam from Toronto, Canada:
Which one player on the Jags do you feel can have the largest impact in helping the Jags beat the Patriots?

Vic: Fred Taylor.

Sam from Gainesville, FL:
Do you even get my questions? You never answer them and sometimes, a day or two later, you answer an almost identical but less-intelligently-asked question from another reader.

Vic: I get them.

Tom from Whitehall, NY:
Almost every mock draft I see has us going tight end in round one. I think that's not smart at all. What do you see us doing?

Vic: I see the Jaguars going to the Senior Bowl and then to the scouting combine in February, then coming back to Alltel Stadium and begin personnel meetings that would result in putting a value board together. Do you understand that none of that has been done to this point? They haven't even begun the process of ranking draft prospects. Every team is still in the information collection process.

Dan from Frederick, MD:
If Mike Peterson does not play, how much would that hurt the Jaguars?

Vic: Mike Peterson is invaluable to this defense. That's why I expect him to play. He knows he has to play and he's mentally preparing himself to do that.

Austyn from Jacksonville:
Do you think that nobody talks about the Jaguars because we are a new franchise and we have won no Super Bowls?

Vic: One more time; please trust me on this. The Jaguars are not getting the respect and attention you think they deserve solely because of the team's weak finishing schedule. That's the only reason. Back when the Jaguars were 4-2 and coming off a rugged schedule to start the season, the media looked at the Jaguars' remaining schedule and declared it a creampuff. That hurt this team from a respect and attention standpoint, but what could the team do? Ask for another schedule? All they could do is play the schedule they were handed. Don't get yourself in a knot about the media's lack of respect for the Jaguars. It's not a personal thing. It's the schedule. That won't be a problem next year.

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