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Philadelphia is a circle game

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
The Gator nation could buy up those tickets yesterday if they wanted to. Just watch how many e-mails you get.

Vic: I didn't get a lot and I only got one from someone who said send me a contract.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
Don't you already know the answer to your Tebow question? It's easy for people to say they'd buy tickets if Tebow were drafted because there's no commitment and they likely think there's no way it'll happen. I love this city, but we're all a bunch of big talkers. If you put a contract on the table and make it a reality, most of those big talkers will shy away and find another excuse. We saw it with the firing of Coughlin and the cutting of Leftwich.

Vic: You're right about Tom Coughlin and Byron Leftwich. Obviously, they weren't the problem for ticket sales.

Stefano from Charleston, SC:
Favre announced he has a torn rotator cuff. I've torn a rotator cuff. It's not the pain that's the issue, it's the loss of motion and strength. Could this be the dumbest move ever?

Vic: Not for Brett Favre. For $12 million, I'd let them take my rotator cuff out and give it to Favre.

Mike from Green Cove Springs, FL:
You said the other day that nothing jumped out at you in the Miami game. Something I noticed that jumped out at me was an attitude adjustment from last year. No more Matt Jones loafing down the sidelines, no more Reggie Williams dancing after a three-yard reception, and no more Mike Peterson flexing after a tackle when you are three scores behind. This felt like a real, dedicated and serious football team. I know it's early, but I sure hope this is the case. Any thoughts?

Vic: Yeah, I have one thought: You're right. It was a delight not to see someone do some stupid hammer swing, or try to one-hand a catch because he didn't want to raise both arms and expose his ribs, or swing his head around as though his brain was a pinball he was trying to get to fall into a hole. Thank you for reminding me of what I didn't see.

Ancil from Charleston, WV:
Watching an NFL game on a large, hi-definition TV is far superior to watching televised games in the past. As a number of NFL teams are struggling with attendance, the economy is likely the biggest reason, but could improvements in broadcast and television technology also negatively impact attendance?

Vic: That's a new one: Blame it on high-definition TV. That's beautiful.

Greg from Fayetteville, AR:
"The Vikings sold 1,500 jerseys, 2,000 season tickets and 6,000 single-game tickets within an hour of Favre's signing." Do all those people get their money back when they realize how old Favre is and that he won't last the whole season? Short-term solutions breed short-term results.

Vic: Do you mean the whole preseason? I've never seen anyone age so much in one offseason. I'm afraid he's gonna break a hip. That hat doesn't help matters, either. Do you get a bowl of soup with that hat? It would explain the stains. This has become a full-blown comedy. I'm glad he's back. This is truly entertaining.

Chris from Jacksonville:
Can you deal with one last question about blackouts? According to a certain satellite company, if you get a package with "NFL Sunday Ticket," you can watch "any game, no matter where you live." So blackout rules don't apply to individuals that purchase this plan?

Vic: They apply.

Duane from Chapel Hill, TN:
We all know the first two are warmups for the third, right? Tell me how you think our defense will turn out when Michael Vick comes into the game. It'll be good to see how our defense is transitioning and evolving.

Vic: I'm actually looking forward to that third preseason game. There will be a huge media contingent covering that game, because of Michael Vick's debut. Philadelphia is the perfect place for something like this. It'll be nutsville. I'm expecting a large dog turnout. As for the Jaguars, that's the night we get a real-life look at this team. I'm not going to judge what this team might do this season based on what happened in Miami or even on what will happen this Saturday against Tampa. Everybody knows the third preseason game is the truest preseason barometer of a team's prospects and, in this case, we'll be getting a look at the Jaguars against a team that is considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender and on the road in what is certain to be a hostile environment. You're right, the defense will be at the test. The Jags defense will get a look at Donovan McNabb, and a chance to take a bite out of Vick, and the Eagles have a rookie running back, LeSean McCoy, who assembled his own highlight video in the game against New England. This is the first time I can remember saying that I'm looking forward to a preseason game. We have one of those schedule magnets on our refrigerator. The other day, I noticed that the Eagles game on the schedule had been circled. I asked my wife why she circled it. She said she didn't do it. We looked at each other, and then we looked at Jake, our rescue dog. He just stared at us.

Greg from New York, NY:
Could you explain why it's advantageous to not disclose injuries as the time to cut players approaches?

Vic: Don Carey is the best example. Because the Browns revealed that his injury was a shoulder, it let the Jaguars know it wasn't something that would end his career, as a neck injury might. Knowing it was a shoulder injury, something that is likely to heal completely, the Jaguars were willing to claim Carey when he was waived injured. Think of it this way: Teams are not required to provide any medical reports on their players at this time of the year. How do they benefit from volunteering to do so? They don't, and that's why teams would just rather say nothing.

Corey from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts on Tarvaris Jackson? Do you think the Jaguars should try and trade for him as a backup for David Garrard?

Vic: No, I don't. I don't like the idea of losing draft picks. I prefer to accumulate picks, not lose them. Quarterbacks will come free at cut time. There'll be one or two that interest the Jaguars and they won't cost the Jaguars anything more than a waiver claim.

Scott from Aurora, IL:
What are your thoughts on Fran Tarkenton sounding off on the Favre thing?

Vic: I'm OK with it because I think Tarkenton is speaking for what used to be a proud Vikings franchise. That's a franchise that went to the Super Bowl four times in eight years. That's a franchise that had some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the game, routinely braving frigid conditions when the team played at Metropolitan Stadium. The Vikings needed to hear a voice from their past, when Bud Grant coached a proud, no-frills team that pushed the Packers aside and ruled the upper plains. What's going on now is a joke. These aren't Tarkenton's Vikings. That franchise needs to take a look at its past and get back to it. Maybe Tarkenton's words will wake them up.

Chase from Hartford, WI:
I think the reason Favre doesn't retire is because he doesn't know what else to do other than play football.

Vic: I've long felt the same way about those barrels they put on the roads. I think the reason they put those barrels on the roads is because they don't have anywhere else to put them. The next "Ask Vic" will appear on Monday, Aug. 24.

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