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Photo contest winners revealed


The fans have spoken and selected 10 of their peers to have their photo featured on the Jaguars 2011 general bowl season tickets. 

Jaguars fans were asked to submit a photo which displays their pride as a fan.  Twenty finalists were selected and fans voted for the winners on and the Jaguars Facebook page. 

Each of the 10 winners will tell their story on over the next two weeks, beginning today. 

Donald Grzena Jacksonville

"I was telling my friends the other day about winning the contest and half of them didn't believe me.  The other half were real excited because a bunch of my friends also have season tickets.  I told them to send their picture in but no one listened to me.  It's fun for me.

"I was born in New Jersey and moved down here when I was five.  Going to Jaguars games has become a family tradition, every Sunday.  My dad, my uncles and my grandfather all bought season tickets when the Jaguars first started here.  I have been going to games ever since and when I was 15 my dad started buying me a season ticket every year for my birthday.  This past year I started buying my own.  My uncle still has two tickets and he's in section 125 with my dad.  I have a ticket with a couple of my friends in section 125.  We are all pretty close together. I have a little brother who is 17 and is also a fan.

"My favorite player all-time is Donovin Darius.  He was a class act off the field and on the field he was an animal.  Other than the Mike Thomas catch and the Indianapolis game this year, my favorite game was the Monday night game against the Steelers in 2006 when we shut them out, 9-0. 

"I always get frustrated with the national perception of the team.  I even posted something on Facebook last week because ESPN did the Jaguars 'On the Clock' segment and they finally said something nice about us.  My family in New Jersey is all big Giants fans and they actually have respect for the Jaguars because they know we are such big fans.  They don't have to take the national perception because they know there are actual fans down here.

"I think we are just one or two draft picks away or a free agency pickup from making a run in the playoffs.  I love Gene Smith and what he has done.  These past two years have been rebuilding very well.  He's done a great job."

Bill Prescott Jaguars Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations/Chief Financial Officer

"This is a great example of how over time we will build a great fan base and NFL tradition in Jacksonville.  Donald is part of the first wave of new season ticket owners who grew up as Jaguars fans, and this base of new ticket owners will continue to increase each year."

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