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Players tour U.S.S. Carney


##### Five questions with Derek Landri about visiting the U.S.S. Carney

Q: How was the visit?

A: It gives you a feeling of giving to a group of people that wake up every day to serve our country. They basically work so we have the rights and freedoms that we have on a daily basis. It's great to get out there, see them and find out what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Q: Teamwork is an important part of the military. Did you see that aspect?

A: We learned a little, not a lot, with what they would let us see and show us on the boat. Everything they do is in unison. They just don't have one guy that presses one button. They have three or four guys to make sure that everything is correct.

Q: A lot of the guys said that being big is not an advantage on that ship.

A: Definitely. Being big is not a benefit when you are working on a ship. The weight doesn't matter. You want to be low, not necessarily small, but the closer to the ground you are the better.

Q: This is not the first time you have visited Mayport. It seems this is something the players enjoy doing.

A: There are a couple of bases around here, and everywhere you turn there is somebody that is involved in the military that lives in Jacksonville. These people are supporting our team. We had a warm welcome on and off the ship. They seemed like they were really happy to see us and they love the Jaguars so that's a good thing. I think everybody really genuinely enjoyed it, enjoying seeing the sailors, hanging out with them and eating lunch with them. We just enjoyed the atmosphere. I wish we would have taken the boat out. We were in port so they couldn't. To be up close and think about what those actually do in a time of war and the things they are built for, it's pretty humbling.

Jaguars to participate in World Wide Day of Play

The NFL and Nickelodeon will be teaming up with the Jaguars this Saturday for the 2009 World Wide Day of Play event at Clanzel T. Brown Park. The NFL holds the event each year to encourage children to be more physically active outdoors. Seven members of the Jaguars practice squad will be in attendance along with rookie cornerback Don Carey.

Nickelodeon will black out the network for three hours on Saturday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. While the station is blacked out, messages will be streamed encouraging children to go outside and participate in a physical activity.

Several activities are planned for the day including relay races and potato sack races. A dunk tank will be at the park and children will have the opportunity to dunk a Jaguars player. Jaxson De Ville will be in attendance along with the D-line.

##### Starks hosts players at Clara White Mission

Cornerback Scott Starks established a relationship with the Clara White Mission when he was drafted in 2005 and the bond remains strong. Starks visits the mission each Tuesday and usually brings a couple of teammates along with him.

Rookies Tiquan Underwood and Derek Cox along with Tyron Brackenridge joined Starks this week to serve lunch to the homeless in the kitchen.

Garrard gives back through Twitter

When Jaguars quarterback David Garrard first heard about Twitter, he wasn't exactly enamored with the idea of telling the world what he was doing all the time.

"At first I didn't like it too much," Garrard said. "But when you're mixed up in some cool things, even family life, people want to know. 'What does a NFL player do on his day off?' I decided to give them a little insight. You don't have to be too personal. Being able to reach a mass group of people is pretty cool."

With the Jaguars facing blackouts this season, Garrard decided to help several fans each week attend a Jaguars home game. He is giving out several pairs of tickets each week through his Twitter account.

"We're calling it 'Make a Hand Off," Garrard said. "If I tweet and you get it, meet me at that location and you can possibly get a couple of tickets."

Since he began the program, Garrard has had people show up within five minutes of his tweet.

"It's been great," Garrard said. "I hope to continue it throughout the year."

##### Rookie talks to students

Rookie running back Rashad Jennings spoke to a group of students at Brentwood Elementary School on Tuesday about eating healthy, exercising and staying in school. The visit was in conjunction with the school's Commit 2 B Fit event. The children enjoyed dancing to music and listening to Jennings talk about the importance of staying healthy.

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