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Playoffs are the goal


Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver is pumped up for his team's push for the postseason.

"I'm pretty excited about it right now. Hopefully, we're coming together at the right time," Weaver said on Wednesday.

"In order to be successful, we have to play our best football in November and December. If we play as we did in Tennessee, we can compete against any of our opponents," Weaver added.

The Jaguars are 6-3 and tied with the Titans for second place in the AFC South and for the number one wild-card position. At 7-2, the Colts lead the division and already own a win over the Jaguars, but Weaver hasn't given up on competing for the division title.

"We always play the Colts tough. I think we can compete with the Colts and come out with a win on the road," Weaver said.

The owner's primary interest, however, is in qualifying for the postseason.

"We clearly expect to be able to compete to make the playoffs. That is our goal," Weaver said.

He stopped there.

"I'm not going to speculate on that (Super Bowl). We just need to make the playoffs and give us the opportunity to compete in the postseason," he said.

Weaver had kept a low profile this season until last week, when he reacted sharply to misconduct by his players. He offered a stern reprimand in a prepared statement.

Since then, his team has turned in one of the most satisfying wins in recent years – a 28-13 win in Tennessee this past Sunday – and fan spirits are high for a two-game home stint against, first, the San Diego Chargers this Sunday, and then the Buffalo Bills a week later. The Chargers lead the AFC West and the Bills are a wild-card contender currently a game behind the Jaguars.

"I do think we've established some leadership in the locker room. We need that veteran leadership," Weaver said.

Topping the leadership category is running back Fred Taylor, the only Jaguars player on the current roster who was with the team in 1999 when the Jaguars produced the best record in the league, 14-2.

"This guy has been the heart and soul of the team for a lot of years. He represents the qualities of a human being we expect of our players. I'm proud of Fred," Weaver said.

"Jack and his staff are doing a great job. To win with a backup quarterback; Quinn Gray did a great job, winning two tough games on the road. I'm very proud of the job Quinn did," the owner added.

Asked about the team's prospects beyond this season, Weaver said: "We clearly have some work to do with our roster for the team to get to the next level, but we have the cap room to do it."

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