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Playoffs worth close look

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Aberystwyth, Wales:
I am still fairly new to the game so could you explain the trading up or down in the draft that you talked about in a previous question?

Vic: It's just as it sounds. You switch positions in the draft with a team higher or lower than you in the order. Of course, to trade higher you're going to have to give something; trading lower will get you something. For example, trading up from the eighth spot to the fourth spot may require a team to give its first and second-round picks for the other team's fourth spot in the first round. Trading down from eighth to 12th may earn you an extra third-round pick to go with the 12th spot.

Dave from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I enjoy reading the "Ask Vic" segment daily. Keep up the great work! How do you think the Jaguars will address the offensive guard position if Meester moves to center?

Vic: In the draft. Don't be so specific with your positioning. Offensive line coaches want their five-best people on the field. The Jaguars have need on their offensive line. They will address it, find their five-best linemen and put them on the field together.

Ryan from Atlanta, GA:
I read that Tom Coughlin was seen at some Pro Day workouts doing pre-draft scouting for some teams. Which team or teams is he working for?

Vic: Tom Coughlin attended the Florida and Florida State Pro Day workouts for reasons of his own information. He wants to remain familiar with the incoming draft talent, which tells you what his intentions are when next season is over: Find a head-coaching job.

Ronnie from Philadelphia, PA:
I read recently where the Jags are considering signing TE Ernie Conwell. Why would they want to pick up a starting TE unless they are going to dump Kyle Brady and his contract? What kind of cap relief can they get if they cut him after June 1?

Vic: Kyle Brady is scheduled to be a $5.2 million salary cap hit in 2003. His salary in '03 is $3 million; his remaining amortization is $3.3 million. If the Jaguars cut him after June 1, Brady would be a $2.2 million "dead money" hit on the Jaguars' '03 cap, and a $1.1 million "dead money" hit on the '04 cap. He would be a $3 million cap savings in '03.

James from Los Angeles, CA:
As a die-hard Jags fan living in California, you are my main source for information. Thank you for your great article. I was wondering how you see our front seven looking next year. Who will fill the other DE position? Who will be our third linebacker after Slaughter and Peterson?

Vic: This defense is going to undergo major changes. There's no way of determining now what the starting lineup will be on opening day. You can assume a few things, though: Marcus Stroud, John Henderson, Akin Ayodele, Hugh Douglas and Mike Peterson will be major players in the Jaguars defense. After that, it's up for grabs.

Ryan from Stoney Creek, Ontario:
Personally, I think adding teams to the playoffs is a bad idea. What I like about the NFL playoff system is it's really an honor to make the playoffs; you don't make it that often. What are your thoughts on that rule and other rules proposed at the annual meetings?

Vic: I'm not opposed to adding teams to the playoffs, as long as the regular season is shortened. It's important to remember that in what was a very dull postseason this past season, the most exciting day of the postseason was a wild-card round doubleheader featuring the Cleveland-Pittsburgh, New York Giants-San Francisco games. If the wild-card round can deliver that kind of excitement, there's reason to support increasing the playoffs field. As far as the playoff format, I'm glad the NFL decided to stay with it. I've commented on that previously.

Roland from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars have been making a lot of additions to Alltel Stadium and have more in the works. Is the new restaurant they're adding to the end zone going to increase official stadium capacity and, therefore, raise the amount of tickets the Jags need to sell to avoid a blackout?

Vic: No.

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