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Positions 'up for grabs'


Jack Del Rio's first training camp is over. It ended without incident this morning; no heat-related incidents, no late-arriving players, just an honest practice by a team Del Rio believes is rounding into playing shape.

But that doesn't mean Del Rio is ready to announce decisions on his roster or starting lineup. Two preseason games remain before that happens.

"All of the positions are still up for grabs. We're not settled. I'm not ready to announce roster spots and starting spots until we get ready for the (regular season) opener," Del Rio said.

Those comments raised suspicion in reporters who listened to Del Rio's final on-field interview of training camp. What does "all of the positions" mean? How far does that remark reach? Does it include the quarterback position, where Mark Brunell will be the starter in Saturday's game in Tampa?

Training camp concluded with a two-minute drill; one each for Brunell, David Garrard and Byron Leftwich.

• Brunell went first and his drive ended on downs at about midfield.

• Garrard got the second-team offense close to the goal line with a beautiful pass to Jimmy Redmond, but a bad shotgun snap from center sabotaged the drive.

• Leftwich went four-and-out.

They are the headliners of this preseason. Brunell, the only true starting quarterback this franchise has ever known, turned in an efficient performance in the preseason opener, then sat out last week's game against Miami. Garrard was the starter in that game and led the Jags to 10 points. Leftwich rallied the Jaguars to the win and, subsequently, stole the show.

What will the outcome be in Tampa? The competition between the three quarterbacks will undoubtedly be the feature attraction.

"We want to see points. We're up against the best defense in the league and it'll be a great challenge. This will be a great third preseason game," Del Rio said.

Of course, the Jaguars break camp with a lot of other questions -- When will Fred Taylor be ready to play? Will Tony Brackens ever be able to play again? Can the Jaguars effectively replace Jimmy Smith for the first four games of the regular season? -- but Del Rio is satisfied with the progress his team made over the past 26 days.

"I think 'Shack' (James Harris) did a nice job directing the draft. We got some nice players through the draft. Now they have to earn the right to be here," Del Rio said.

So, how many rookies might make this team's final roster? The count could go as high as 13.

"I'm ready to break camp. We got the work in we needed to get in. When you break camp, that means the season is right around the corner," Del Rio said.

Ready or not.

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