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Quarterbacks usually get the blame

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Van Dukeshier from Ormond Beach, FL:
Recently, the NFL announced it's realignment to begin in 2002, placing the Jaguars in the new AFC South Division. Along with the realignment was a schedule formula based on playing teams on a rotating division basis. What is going to be the division rotation for the Jaguars?
Vic: The rotation hasn't been announced by the league, but it's believed the Jaguars will play the AFC North teams in 2002.

Chris Walker from Jacksonville:
How is our linebacking corps doing? I heard a little about Westmoreland, but what about Nickerson, Hardy and Slaughter. How are they doing?
Vic: Hardy Nickerson has been impressive throughout training camp. He is set at middle linebacker. T.J. Slaughter is making the move to weak side linebacker and there have been no red flags to date. Kevin Hardy is back at strong side, a position that fits his pass-coverage skills well. Eric Westmoreland has given every indication that he will be a long-term fixture for the Jaguars. This season, Westmoreland is expected to contribute on passing downs.

Jay Strong from Jacksonville:
I listened to your radio show Wednesday evening and, as usual, it was very entertaining. A major topic of discussion this week and most weeks is the value of Mark Brunell. Callers seem to think that quarterbacks grow on trees and more disturbing is how easily fans are willing to let Mark go. Not only is he a top QB in the league but he is also a true warrior and, in my opinion, the one individual most responsible for the Jaguars' incredible success. How could anybody possibly make sense out of getting rid of a QB with Mark's success?
Vic: Quarterbacks get all of the credit and all of the blame. Unless his team wins the Super Bowl, the quarterback is usually assigned blame.

Jordan Zimbardi from Kill Buck, NY:
The microphone that is used to talk from the coach to the quarterback, how come teams can't find what channel the other team is on and hear all the plays they are doing? Is there a rule or have teams not thought of this, yet? If nobody has thought of this, yet, I want the NFL to name the rule after me.
Vic: The two teams are assigned separate radio frequencies, and the league assigns a person to every game to monitor that neither team taps into the other one's frequency. Don't ask me how that's done. I'm a sportswriter, not an electronics expert.

John Andreoli from Orange Park, FL:
Looks like the division race is tightening somewhat, with the recent injuries the Ravens have sustained? Do you agree. Jamal Lewis' injury would appear to be significant.
Vic: I absolutely agree. I'm inclined to believe the Ravens are no longer the clear-cut favorite to win the AFC Central title. That's the significance of Jamal Lewis' knee injury.

Greg Parks from Wayland, NY:
Is it possible the Jaguars will bring in a veteran punter if Leaverton or Langley don't work out?
Vic: Sure that's possible, but let's give these guys a chance.

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