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Quick Quotes: Bradley and Joeckel



(Opening statement) "Obviously we're very excited with our pick. Luke's outstanding. We brought him in here, we had a chance to meet with him, one of the few teams that did, spent a lot of time with him and really liked his whole competitive edge that he had. Outland Trophy winner, went against some of the best competition in the SEC week in and week out and really showed up. We had him rated as our top guy on the board and for us to get him as the second pick was truly outstanding for us."

(Left tackle or right tackle?) "You know what, it will be an open competition. If it works out where he's our right tackle and Eugene (Monroe) is our left tackle and that's what's best for the team we will take everybody. We feel like Eugene (Monroe) is a very good player for us and we just added to our up front. It will still be open competition, like always, like we said right from the start."

(Eugene has said that he has a little discomfort moving….) "To be honest with you right from the start I'd say it'd be nice if we can keep it as is, at his comfort level. He's a good player now. That's how you build organizations. That's how you build teams, with top picks in the offensive and defensive line. And we feel like we have one in Eugene (Monroe) and now to get Luke (Joeckel) to add to that it's a great move for us. We're headed in the right direction with that."

(At what point do you feel….) "Dave will go on that but I know we felt comfortable about two positions that were on our board. We felt really comfortable so we were ready for either one. Obviously Fisher is a good player, we felt very strongly about him as well, but we had Luke on our board higher. When they made the pick and he was available to us it didn't take very long for us to make that phone call."

(Would it have been the same deal had they took Joeckel? "We had him (Fisher) rated high too. We were ready for either one. I'd be remiss by not saying that we felt like he was a good player too because he was. Fisher was a good player."

(So he would have likely been your pick had Luke gone first?) "Yeah."

(On Luke Joeckel) "I've said we want to find really competitive guys and I know he's a soft-spoken guy when you meet him for the first time, but his competitive edge on the field and when you sit down and visit with him we want to have guys that really love football. That's what he brings. He's extremely competitive, tough, reliable, smart, those three things that we look for in our guys he possesses. Outland Trophy winner like I said before, he's got really good speed. George Yarno, our offensive line coach, absolutely loves him. His movement skills and we run the zone scheme with some gap schemes up front and we feel like he'll be a good fit for that. He's got really good feet, controls his body really well and we feel like he's a guy who's going to play for a long time."

(How long did you meet with Luke Joeckel?) "Initially my first meeting was about forty minutes and then we visited again. I sat with him before we went into Dave's office and spoke to him for another twenty five minutes, and I felt really good about him."

(What did you think about him?) "He's very confident but it's not ego-driven. Very confident and he understands that he feels like he's got some areas to improve but he's confident in his ability. And I think by going against guys like Ron Miller every day in practice and some of the SEC's competition that he's gone against I think he feels like this is the next step for him. He welcomes the challenge, team player, and I think he's going to bring a little edge to our guys."

(inaudible) "Both of those guys did. We felt they were good fits for us so that was it. We just felt like he's really a good player now on tape and he's a good fit."

(He has a nastiness about him. Is that a concern?) "I think you hear that out there about his nastiness and I suppose when you meet him and you see him in some of his interviews and things like that that you don't feel that from him. He's a good man now. He is a good man, but when you put the pads on him you see it. Some of it is what they did at Texas A&M so we even went back to 2011 when he was protecting for Tannehill. That's what we looked back at and we saw. We saw it the previous year as well but it showed up then. He's just a different man when he puts those pads on. There's no doubt that he has nastiness. Every day you see him he's just quiet and very strong. You'll get a chance to meet him and visit with him and you'll feel it."

(On open competition) "You may see that. You may see that. We're just going to get the best guys on the field whatever their position, but that's what we felt. We felt that Luke could play left or right tackle and I think Eugene (Monroe) is a good player. We feel strong about him. He had a good three days in our mini-camp and I know his comfort level there. Just like all our guys, they know there's competition. I would hope that Eugene doesn't focus and go, 'okay now I've got to pick it up we just drafted a second pick in the draft.' I'd rather have it where Eugene says, 'I'm trying to be the best I can be and let's go, it doesn't matter who we bring in.' And I think he would share that same sentiment. We'll put it together and we'll get a chance to see Luke in our scheme and how it fits all together, but they'll both have a role. Believe me."

(Inaudible) "I know during the process we went back and forth on him. I know that we looked at him but I think for the most part if you asked Dave he would say Luke was our guy."

(Was this position the most important building block…) "We thought he was the best player. Regardless of need we said that in the beginning we were going to try to stick to our plan of drafting the best player that's available at that time, and it just so happened that Luke was there for us. He was the best player and our top player on our chart as we went through it, and it's a need where we need competition. He fit the bill."


(On his overall reaction to being drafted second overall and possibly playing right tackle) "I'm really excited about getting down to Jacksonville. The weather is great, that's always a good thing. I understand playing at right tackle. Eugene Monroe is a great player and I'm a guy that just wants to get on the field and wants to help my team. That's how I've always been. I've never not started a football game. I'm trying to get on the field and make my team better."

(On the last time he played right tackle) "My junior year of high school."

(On the difficulty of transitioning from left to right tackle) "It's going to be a little bit uncomfortable. It switches up your stagger. Instead of having my left foot back, I'll have my right foot. Instead of having your heavy hand as my right hand, it's going to switch to my left hand. It's something I've also been working on. I've been working on right tackle sets through this whole process because it's just another tool on the tool belt. You want as many tools as you can on that tool belt. It makes you more attractive to teams."

(On how long it will take to get adjusted to right tackle) "How much we're going to practice and how big of a technician I am; I'm a very detailed guy and I definitely want to be a hundred percent comfortable by the time I get out there on the field on Sundays. I'm going to get that way because I'm a detailed guy and I'm not going to accept anything else than a hundred percent comfortableness."

(On if he was surprised to not go number one overall) "I'm a competitor and I think every guy here in New York at the Draft was fighting to be the number one pick. We all want to be that number one pick. I think this whole thing, going two, is just going to drive me more. It's going to help me work harder, especially with another offensive tackle going in front of me is going to help me work harder because I'll always want to be the best. I'm happy to be in Jacksonville. I'm happy to get down there. I understand now that even being the number two pick doesn't even matter, I still have to prove myself."

(On if the Chiefs notified him that he wasn't going to be selected at number one) "No, you know I've kind of been in the dark the whole time. They really didn't tell anyone what was going on. I think the first thing anyone heard was when Eric (Fisher) got that call tonight. I'm happy to be a Jaguar and I'm ready to get down to Jacksonville and start playing football."

(On if he thought the Jaguars would select him if the Chiefs did not) "My agent told me that there was a good possibility for that because Jacksonville liked me the whole time. I'm so happy to have this whole process over with, having a team, and having some teammates I'm ready to go meet and ready to go work hard with."

(On whom he will be bringing to Jacksonville on Shad Khan's private jet) "I think they're bringing my whole family, everyone that was back here in the green room with me. All of these people were so significant in me being here and they're all huge parts of my life."

(On when he and his twin brother Matt, a Texas A&M quarterback, began to separate in size) "We went into high school probably about 10 pounds apart, and I gained 100 pounds in high school. He stayed lean and he tried to be pretty like a quarterback. I've always just been that grunt tackle, that grunt offensive lineman. It really just happened in high school."

(On if the SEC prepared him for the NFL) "Yeah, for sure. I played in the Big 12 my first two years and played in the SEC this year, and there's definitely a difference between those two conferences. I think going into the NFL is just another step up and I feel like I've taken the right steps in college to be ready to play against NFL talent. Blocking Von Miller my first two years of college every single every day, I've seen what kind of pass rushers the NFL has."

(On his familiarity with former Jaguar Tony Boselli) "I've never talked to him, but a lot of people through this whole process and going to visit Jacksonville have compared me to him. They say we kind of look alike. That's quite an honor and he's a great player. I know that he was a great offensive tackle for the Jaguars for a long time and it's just an honor being mentioned with him."

(On who, along with his mother and father, is coming with him to Jacksonville tomorrow) "I think my two brothers and my sister are coming also, I think."

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