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Quick Quotes: Bradley, Caldwell, Cyprien



(On his reaction to be drafted by the Jaguars) "My reaction was I'm excited and happy. It's something I've been waiting for my whole life. I think it must feel this good when I get married one day."

(On if today felt like a long day leading up to the draft) "No, it wasn't at all."

(On if it was disappointing to not be selected in the first round) "No, it wasn't disappointing. I didn't have my hopes up for the first round. My agent went over everything, talking to me as far as our possibilities and he always told me top of the second round and there's a possibility for the first, so I'm just happy to be a Jacksonville Jaguar."

(On if he knew he would become a Jaguar before the selection) "Just the call right before I was selected."

(On his visit to with the Jaguars before the draft) "I think it was great. I went there and met a great coaching staff, DB coaches, their head coach, (everybody) was all fired up. There's an energy going around the whole coaching staff and I'm sure it's going to the players. I'm ready to be a part of it and start meeting everybody."

(On how the Senior Bowl affected his draft stock) "I believe it was the first opportunity where I had all 32 teams twatch me perform as far as playing football. It did tremendous because a lot of football teams felt that I was playing at a good level."

(On the possibility of coming in and competing for a starting role) "Coming into any program I know there's going to be competition and I just need to go in there and compete. Nothing's going to be given to me and I can't wait to compete. That's all I want to do. If I come into a starting position, I'll just be very happy about that and I'll embrace that fully."

(On what he sees as his personal strengths) "I think I'm a physical, vocal, dependable and great overall football player."

(On if he has ever missed a game at any level) "Never."

(On his durability) "I take a lot of pride in it. I feel like it's great. I don't want to go down under any circumstance. I play through small things and I just stay healthy and able to produce day-in and day-out."

(On coming from a smaller conference and proving his worth) "I just felt that I had to be myself. As far as working out, I just look at it as an opportunity every time to showcase what I know my God-given abilities can do. I made sure that I was in great shape for everyone and took it that way."

(On if he feels like he can compete with any safety in this draft) "I believe strongly in myself and I think that I am a great catch as far as a football player. At the same time, I'm happy for those guys because we all have a dream to be in the NFL so those guys being selected and myself being selected is tremendous. "

(On his favorite safeties growing up) "Sean Taylor, Troy Polamalu and Louis Delmas."

(On his meeting with Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley prior to the draft) "It was great. It was exciting. He let me know what he wants to do being the coach for the Jaguars. I told him that I want to be a part of it."

(On what Coach Bradley expects from him) "He wants me to come in and have high energy. He wants me to love football; things that you can't coach. He asked me for those things and I expect to give them to him."

(On being undersized out of high school) "Coming out of high school, I was a late-bloomer. Things eventually came to me, just not as quickly as they came to other guys."

(On his college interest in high school) "In high school I had two offers, one from Florida International University and also from Western Michigan University."

(On being the last of his friends to grow muscles) "I always had a good shape as far as growing up. I was always the smallest out of all my friends when I played little league football, Pop Warner.  Then I came into high school and I started bulking up and now sometimes I can't help myself from bulking up. It was great."



(You saw a little Cam Chancellor in him?) "Yeah, he really fits the style of defense we want here. I told you the other day, strong safety. I really, really liked the kid when he came in here. I really liked his tape. We watched some. He's more of a strong safety type. He can cover the middle of the field as well at times so you'll see him drop down in the box a little bit more and he brings that mentality. He's very, very instinctive football player. Like we talked about before; tough, reliable, smart, very competitive and loves ball. It's great to have Johnathan."

(Did he blitz a lot?) "We saw him on some blitz but he had really good footwork, really good movement skills, had some range in him to cover and our principles of our defense but we call it clean feet. He came in and out of breaks. He took good angles and had really good leverage. A lot of times when you play the style of defense we have it's not like split safety where if he makes it through the line you have two safeties that can come in and make it. I think this guy's going to be a sure thing. He'll play in the box quite a bit and when we do that he's got to have a lot of the instincts like a linebacker and a lot of the pass coverage like a linebacker. Just more athletic so it gives us more diversity."

(Is he better than the veteran there last year?) "I don't want to get into comparisons. I just know this guy is good. He's a good football player."

(Does it feel nice as a defensive guy to get a defensive player?) "Yeah. I look at it as the whole thing now as a head coach. I feel really good about our picks. Mainly like we said before because these guys are really into football and that's what we're going to build here. We're going to build a team full of guys that are really into ball and want to get better. When you meet him and get a chance to sit down and visit with him you'll see how he's really wired."

(At the Senior Bowl he was animated…) "He's got a passion for the game. The loudness it was hard for me to hear him on tape but he is very animated. He just enjoys it. He loves to play the game. I think he's going to add to what we have here and the attitude that we're looking for."

(In your mini-camp Chris Prosinski was playing strong safety mostly?) "Yeah he did because we didn't have a strong safety so we rolled both of those guys (Dwight Lowery) in there at that position. The way we designed our mini-camp was to play more flex side rotation with a free safety with down. I think now that we've got Johnathan we can move on and implement some of the style of defense that we want with him being down in the box."

(When you looked at your board last night was Johnathan your guy?) "We went through this whole thing. Dave and I and Andy (Dengler) and Terry (McDonough), we said what happens if these three guys are there in the top of the second or these two guys and Cyprien was one of those guys that we had hoped would be there. Some of the safeties being taken earlier we were hoping we knew some other teams had needs in that area but we were hoping he would get to us. He's been targeted for a while now. We really like him. We really, really liked him and this past weekend we went through of his missed tackles and tackles and we fell in love with him even more."

(Were there times in the last ten picks in the first round where somebody went you thought they would be here?) "There were some guys that we liked that were taken in the last ten picks. There's no doubt about that. Johnathan was one of those that we were saying 'make it through, make it through' and he was available for us. It didn't take very long for us. Today basically we just sat and listened to see if there were any trade talks. We really knew the guy that we wanted."

(How many trades?) "I don't know actually how many he got…"

(Three) "Three trade talks? In our conversation we said it's got to be pretty good. You want guys that can come in here and play a long time and can add to it. It's hard to pass guys like that up to move down a couple of spots. Not that we weren't intrigued by that but when you have somebody that you really covet and he's there that's great."

(inaudible) "Those guys will compete and we will bring in more guys. We'll bring in more guys and we have five more picks too. We'll keep adding to it. Like I said, this is going to be a process. We don't want to get crazy within the process and start panicking and doing anything like that. We're just trying to stay true to pick the best players and if we have a need in that area and there's a best player on our board on our spot…all the better."

(Do you want to play Johnathan close to the line? How confident are you that Dwight Lowery can cover that kind of ground on the back end?) "He (Dwight Lowery) did a pretty good job in mini-camp and what we saw on tape. We just think that the whole group is getting better. When we can get a chance to go and have another mini-camp and OTA's we'll challenge it and see but he's progressed nicely in it. He's a really sharp player. So is Chris (Prosinski) so they're picking up our scheme really quick."



(opening statement) "We're excited about this pick like we were the first pick. He fits the same mold that we got out of Luke. This is a guy that's extremely passionate about football, loves the game, a fit for us. He's been tough, he's been reliable, he's been consistent. He's a little bit of a late bloomer, went to Florida International but has gotten better over his career and is going to continue to get better here at the National Football League. He had a really good week at the Senior Bowl. He not only caught our eye but a lot of people around the NFL too. We were a little bit surprised to be honest with you last night when he was still there. We had him graded pretty high on our safety board and thought there was a good chance that he would go in the first round. We are excited about it. It fits a need for us and as Gus told you on Monday we don't have a strong safety on our roster, and we now do. That was important for us to find a player where not only the best available where we felt but fit a need."

(The difference between that need and the difference in a cornerback) "Obviously we have some guys that can line up at cornerback and we don't have anybody that can line up at strong safety. Like we said on Monday, we're not going to be able to fill every single need through this draft but we felt comfortable that this was a guy that can come in and hopefully plug in and play right away."

(On Johnathan Cyprien) "This kid is a great individual, a great kid. We brought him in for a visit and we were so impressed with him as a person. He's a highly, highly competitive kid, wants to be the best, will do whatever it takes to be the best. That was really important for us, but he is good. He fits the mold of what we're looking for in terms of Gus' defense and being a system specific drafting team. We felt like he fits our defense and what we're looking for out of our strong safety position."

(A lot of trade calls?) "Actually not a whole lot of calls. We had a couple calls and nothing that made us…. Basically what we told teams is we feel really good there but if we're going to do something it'd have to be something that would really knock our socks off."

(How many?) "There were three teams that inquired."

(How many players are still available that you thought would go in the first round?) "That we had rated? I would say there's probably still about eight players that we thought would go in the first round that are still available."

(inaudible) "I think when you get into the late twenties and the thirties there's not a whole lot that differentiates those players from thirty two to thirty three, from twenty two to thirty three. All these players are going to be good players or they should have the skills to be good players."

(inaudible) "We had a lot of discussion before this weekend and we felt like if there were players that felt that could come in and be starters for us, we felt that we would go that direction."

(Who do you compare Johnathan Cyprien to?) "Gus thought a little bit like Cam Chancelor. Not obviously Cam, but the same skill set where he can play down in the box in Gus' defense and be more of a run stopping strong safety. He'll be in the back end occasionally but not as much as a two-deep safety."

(On his coverage skills) "He covers well. Especially tight ends I think will be a good match up. He's long. He's got long arms. He's six foot one so we're excited about that ability for him."

(on what stood out at the Senior Bowl) "We felt like he was one of the top defensive backs there just in terms of his athleticism, his speed and his instincts. He's a very instinctive player and his ability to attract the ball. This is a kid that's played wide receivers he's got a feel and an act for the ball."

(How was he obtained? Need? Value?) "Both value and need. We felt like he was a good player and he fit the need."

(in any interest in trading up into the second round for players who are there) "I don't think so. I think some of them are non-need positions for us right now.  If there was a player at a need position we would seriously consider, it but it's a non-need position for us."

(What are your needs?) "Do you want me to tell you what our non-needs are?  We have some specific needs we want to come out of this draft with and there are players that may be rated high that we might not go in that direction."

(His strengths?) "Yeah tough, physical, aggressive, really good athlete and we just felt like this is a guy that's going to bring a different element to our defense in terms of his toughness and his relentlessness."

(What did you like about him?) "Very intriguing. He's played in every game available to him at Florida International. He's a four year guy, he's twenty two years old and we said all along we want tough reliable, competitive players and he's accomplished that with this player too."

(Inaudible) "No. I just think that his body developed later and he wasn't overly recruited."

(inaudible ) "Very close. They were all in the same conversation. We had some feeling that he actually fit better in our defense than a couple of those other guys."

(Do you plan on him and Joeckel starting?) "Yeah, they're going to have to compete for sure for one, but we expect them to be good enough to come in and start."

(Will you bring him in this weekend?) "We probably won't bring Johnathan in but we brought Luke in today as you saw."

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