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Quick Quotes: Evans



(Can you talk about coming to the Jaguars and what your expectations are early on?) "First off, I just want to say it's an honor and privilege to be in this situation and be a part of a great organization like the Jaguars. I'm somebody who's committed whether it's special teams, defense, wherever I'm needed I'm coming out there to make the best of my opportunity, to go out there and be able to compete."

(What do you think you showed scouts and teams this past season?) "A safety who's physical, smart, can play strong or free safety, can come in the box, can cover pretty good, an all-around  guy. Even special teams, kick off, running down, not being a selfish player."

(How much single high did you guys play at Florida?) "We kind of played it half and half. We played a couple things of high low man, quarters and quarter-quarter half."

(How much did it help getting that kind of experience playing a lot of different coverages?) "It helped me a lot. Will Mushchamp and Dan Clinton. Having those guys a part of my life my last two years at Florida really changed my career and it helped me for the next level as far as being able to anticipate certain calls and being in different situations at game time. Checking definitely on the backend with the safeties pretty much being the quarterback of the defense."

(You said the Jags were all over you from the beginning, right?) "I said the Jags had called me a couple of times and they communicated with my agent and everything, so I kind of was hoping that they'd pick me up."

(Why is that? To stay in Florida?) "I mean I like the team and it's really right up the street from where I'm at. Florida is like a second home to me. I did four years there and Jacksonville is just a trip right up the road."

(Obviously Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley know each other. Can you go into that a little bit more. When Dan came in you only started three games. What did he do to get the best out of you?) "He did a lot. I knew coming into my junior year I got off to a rough start. I had an issue with my hamstring slowing me down but he kept faith in me. I got healthy and we made those adjustments from there. He took me in as a player but like his son. It was like a second parent to me. He pretty much just corrected what I needed to correct as far as watching film and working on my tackle, open field coverages, special teams, whatever it was. I was willing to take the next step as a player and become a leader for that team."

(As a defensive guy you watched Ace Sanders at South Carolina and I am sure you saw Denard Robinson. Those are the previous two picks what do you think of those guys?) "I think the world of those guys. It's going to be an honor to play with them. They're both quick guys and very athletic so they're going to bring a lot to the team as well."

(How much of a matchup problem with Ace Sanders?) "They both are athletic guys. When we played against Sanders he's a hell of a guy. They're going to match up pretty good in this League and I think they're going to make the best out of it."

(Do you know Johnathan Cyprien?) "Yeah, I met him one time at the Combine. I think I saw him before there. He's also another good guy. Me and him both being able to come down there and compete is amazing."

(On Ace Sanders, what is it about him that makes him special?) "I'll say one thing: disregard his forty time. I got to realize and see that during games. His game speed is crazy. He's a fast guy, he's very athletic, not only at receiver he brings you special teams. He's also a punt returner, kick returner, he can do a lot of things. He's an all-around guy. You just don't get one position out of him. He can do a lot of different things and I think that will help this team a lot."

(What color is your hair these days?) "It's a regular cut now. It's back to my regular hair color."

(How many different hair colors have you had?) "I just had the blonde dreads, that was it."

(Where are you watching the draft in New Jersey?) "I was watching it at my home with the family."

(What city?) "Irvington, New Jersey."

(What brought you to Florida from New Jersey?) "The atmosphere during that time we had a great coach, Urban Meyer, and Chuck (?) came down and recruited me. I took my visit down there after the National Championship and I just knew those players and staff was something I wanted to be a part of. It was a winning organization and they had a Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes and Joe Hayden and being surrounded around guys like that really had an impact on me to be a Florida Gator."

(Did Penn State, Rutgers, those kinds of teams recruit you?) "They recruited me but honestly I really wanted to leave the state. I kind of wanted to go out and experience different things and grow up as a man."

(Any other football players in the family?) "My brother actually played football at the University of Buffalo and was an All-American his freshman there. My mom passed away and that was a very difficult moment in his life to where it kind of stopped him from playing."

(What's your brother's name?) "James Evans."

(How old was your mother when she passed away?) "She was fifty."

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