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Quick Quotes: Robinson



(How do you feel about being drafted by the Jaguars and how they're going to use you?) "It's a great feeling being drafted. That's something I've been waiting my whole life for it seems like. It's a blessing. I'm ready to go to work and do whatever it takes to be on the field there."

(How ready are you to be an NFL running back?) "I'm excited, I'm excited. They can put me in at receiver or running back or whatever. There's a lot of different positions so I'm excited about doing that."

(Did you have any pre-draft conversations with them?) "They talked to me one time but they talked to my coach for a long time so that was a good deal."

(You didn't visit here?) "No, I did not visit there."

(Who's your agent?) "Michael Perrett."

(You said you worked as receiver during the pre-draft. How did you think that went?) "It went well. I think I did well in it. A lot of people were putting me at different positions so it was fun doing all of that stuff. Now it's time for me to go to work."

(What about the idea of possibly being a kick returner?) "I'm open to it. Whatever it takes finding a niche there."

(Do you like playing running back better than receiver? Do you care?) "It doesn't matter. I am playing for everything."

(Did you play football all your life?) "Yes."

(Any brothers play football?) "Yeah, all of them played football."

(How many are there?) "There's five brothers."

(You're one of five?) "Five brothers and one sister."

(You had that elbow injury last year. Did it allow you to do some other things in the offense to help your draft status?) "Oh yeah. I've played different positions so it helped me out a lot."

(Did your father play football?) "No, he did not."

(All the brothers played?) "Yes."

(Were you disappointed you didn't go higher?) "I mean it'd be nice for me to go higher but… I'm not mad that I got drafted late. I'm happy to be drafted. It's time for me to go to work now."

(How would you feel about wildcat packages in the NFL for you if the Jaguars…) "Whatever it takes to get on the field that's what I'm going to do. Whatever it takes to get on the football field."

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