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Re-visiting the re-vote

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Eddie from Atlanta, GA:
In regards to Atogwe, are we trying to pull an Alualu again by staying under the radar and sneaking in for the grab?

Vic: I heard a rumor that Atogwe has joined a California cult to cleanse his mind and body of last year's 1-15 record.

Gil from Jacksonville:
I was casually watching a report on the latest developments on "As The Favre Turns" and when they showed some recent game clips of him, I noticed that he's got kind of a wind-up in his release. Now, I'm by no means a Tebow enthusiast, but with all the discussion about his release, it just made me curious as to how Favre managed to play his entire amazing career with this motion. I know he's got a cannon attached to that shoulder, but was that the main difference-maker for him?

Vic: Brett Favre has a funny-looking windmill kind of delivery he uses when he wants to throw a quick pass as he's backpedaling or fading away, but that's not his natural delivery. When he gets back in the pocket, sets his back foot and delivers downfield, he's got as technically sound and as stylish a throwing motion as you'll ever wanna see. The other stuff is artistic expression. Please, do not compare the throwing motion of Tim Tebow to Favre's.

Noah from Orlando, FL:
If you could draft any animal to be your linebacker, what would it be?

Vic: I would draft the Butkus animal.

Paul from Stockbridge, GA:
Vicbow, I think what Stephen from Jax was asking you to do is explain why Cushing would be taking female fertility drugs. Please let him know that he was more than likely using the drugs as a masking agent to conceal some of the other things he might be ingesting to enhance his performance on the football field (i.e. Manny Ramirez).

Vic: It's my understanding that masking would be one of the reasons for taking a female fertility drug.

Andrew from Toledo, OH:
If Brian Cushing tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in September, why was he allowed to play?

Vic: Because the appeals process is cumbersome, untimely and allows for an unfair competitive advantage. Look at it this way: When you're convicted of a crime in a court of law, you go to jail while you wait for your appeal to be heard. In the NFL, you continue to play. I'm not OK with that. The suspension should be immediate and the appeal should be heard and decided during the suspension. Had that been the case last year, I doubt Cushing would've been selected defensive rookie of the year.

Trey from Jacksonville:
Are you just completely oblivious to the fact that if you want to play in the NFL you probably are going to need assistance from a performance-enhancing drug at some point in your career? Come on, Vic, this is nothing new. I'm glad they gave him the award back. He deserves it.

Vic: This is exactly the perception the writers' re-vote promotes and fosters, and I am dead-set against it. You've just slandered every player in this league who's achieved success naturally.

Bruce from Jacksonville:
You are a punk and on the team payroll. I love the Jags and I am a season ticket holder, however, why do the Jags do nothing to sell tickets, other than pretend they are smarter than every team in league and have a crystal ball no one else has?

Vic: Beautifully written. I love the anger in this town. It greets me every morning and lets me know I'm alive.

Josh from Green Bay, WI:
Just wanted to let you know that in my fantasy draft last year I drafted BAP and by doing so (along with trading down to acquire more picks) I was able to make some great trades that ultimately won me the league. Thanks, Vic.

Vic: Thanks, Josh, but I changed to need-picking recently. I don't believe any more in taking the best player. I now believe in taking the player of lesser talent because I need him.

Andy from Fort Collins, CO:
I read that many of the writers who maintained their vote for Cushing did so as an indictment of the re-vote even taking place. One writer reportedly felt so strongly against the re-vote that he switched from his original choice of Jairus Byrd to Cushing. You seemed to imply that you would have switched your vote, but how do you feel about the re-vote taking place? Doesn't revisionist history set a troubling precedent? Or is this a point where the future of the game outweighs its past?

Vic: Why continue doing something the wrong way? If you've grown tired of having your award besmirched by cheaters, then it's time to change the process. I have no problem with the re-vote. He cheated. When he was elected, the voters didn't have that information. Now they do. I would think they would want to reconsider their vote. I would. As far as the voter who changed his vote from Byrd to Cushing in the re-vote, his name is Ed Bouchette, he writes for the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette," is one of the most respected and accomplished beat reporters in the league and he has been my best friend for more than 30 years. I asked Ed yesterday to explain his position and he told me that it was a protest vote against a re-vote. He didn't like the AP's moralizing, especially since Bill Belichick won the 2007 AP coach of the year award, which was in the season of the infamous "Belicheat" event. I can appreciate Ed's position, but I still disagree with voting for Cushing in a re-vote. I think it's flippant and lacks respect for the history of the game. I would ask Ed, who is a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee: Might the DROY award be used by Cushing some day to gain selection to the Hall of Fame? In my mind, declining to vote in the re-vote would've been a more appropriate form of protest.

Keith from Jacksonville:
Have you ever thought about doing stand up?

Vic: The only time I don't stand up is when I wake up in the middle of the night. I sit down to make sure I don't miss.

Adel from Jacksonville:
HCG in men acts as a luteinizing hormone analog. This increases the synthesis of testosterone in men.

Vic: Bingo! That's the other reason for taking a woman's fertility drug. Jeff Lageman explained to me that a woman's fertility drug spikes the already-heightened testosterone level even higher.

Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Who was the 2009 Underwear League MVP?

Vic: The Jaguars linebacking corps shared the award. They were outstanding last spring.

Dan from Marion, IL:
Why are people mad at you because we didn't draft Tebow? You weren't in the draft room on draft day calling the shots. You gave the same information that every other sports writer did on him. So are they mad at every other sports writer, too? Tebow seems to be a good kid, I wish him well, good luck in Denver. Let's quit being so angry and focus on the season ahead.

Vic: I don't get it, either. What did they want me to do, break into the draft room on draft day and order GM Gene to draft Tebow? Hey, I said pick him with the second pick if he was still available. You couldn't take him at 10. Come on, be reasonable. If the Jaguars had been able to pick him at some point in the draft, I'd be reveling in the fanfare right now. Either way, I'm gonna have some fun with this because I will not go through the season crying that the Jaguars didn't draft Timmy. This may be the most childish display I have ever witnessed in all my years covering the NFL. Whether he's a hit or a miss means little to me.

David from Jacksonville:
I have been reading you since the beginning. While I don't always agree with you, I appreciate your honesty and integrity. You are indeed a noble steed.

Vic: I'm just a guy trying to get a paycheck, David. Thanks for the kind words, but you read too much into what I do. Honesty and integrity should be expected, not applauded.

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