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Reaching out


Roars were echoing from LSI Hanger #824 at Cecil Commerce Center at noon today, but they weren't from a plane's engine; instead from the excitement of a large contingent of Jaguars fans. More than 400 people came out to the Team Teal event to hear head coach Jack Del Rio speak.

Coach Del Rio realizes that fans want a winning team, declaring to the crowd that no organization is working harder.

"As players and coaches, we're working our tails off," the coach said. "I can assure you that I'm putting my heart and soul into this football team and giving you everything that I have. We're going to bring a championship here to Jacksonville."

Team Teal was created to help stimulate renewed interest and vitality in the Jacksonville Jaguars' fan base and in the community. Coach Del Rio was impressed by the crowd that was on hand.

"It's always great when you come out and see the passion that's here," said Del Rio. "I think today's group was indicative of the type of feel that I've been getting all over the community. We've got a lot of really passionate people here in Jacksonville that love the Jaguars."

The appearance of the head coach was not lost on the fans, many of whom took a picture with him or got his autograph.

"It was really inspiring to hear the coach come out here today and talk to us," said Jaguars fan Barbara Cotes. "The Jaguars always have been really active in this community since the beginning. They're very visible and we're always proud to have them around."

A great home field advantage can be instrumental to the success of a team, and the coach made that point in encouraging Jaguars fans to be heard.

"Like I told them [the crowd], we're counting on everybody here to be that 12th man for us and to make Jacksonville a very tough place to come play," Del Rio added.

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