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Rebuilding relies on QB

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ray from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
A Super Bowl in New Jersey with an average temperature of 37 degrees? What if college football did this for their championship? Think we'd see some different winners?

Vic: We saw it in the most recent bowl season. The weather was uncommonly cold and wet and the northern teams fared well. Penn State beat LSU in the mud and UConn dominated, and I do mean dominated, South Carolina on a frigid day in Birmingham. I don't know why anyone would be surprised by those results. Football is evolutionary and it evolves regionally according to many factors, a big one being the weather conditions. The NFL is national and there's no avoiding playing in the heat and humidity or in the cold and snow. You've got to be able to play in all conditions because you will play in all conditions. That's not true for the college football teams in the south. They go several seasons without playing a game outside their region, including bowl games.

David from Charlotte, NC:
I can't believe the Snoop legend lives four years later. If you don't recall, it started when I told you that I sat next to Snoop during the Dec 24th game vs. the Patriots and Snoop appeared to be a legitimate Jaguars fan, which shocked me. I asked you if you knew what was up and in your typical fashion you responded sarcastically. I'm pleased that it's provided so much entertaining content for all these years.

Vic: I don't know what you're talkin' about.

David from Atlanta, GA:
Will you please explain the five-yard chuck rule?

Vic: It's real simple: When you're five yards from the line of scrimmage, stop chuckin'.

Earny from Springville, AL:
Since moving from Jacksonville in 2006, I get the majority of my Jaguar information from "Ask Vic." Thank you for the varied and insightful news of the team and the world as a whole. For a sportswriter, you seem well-versed in current events. Have you thought of running for public office? I can't vote for you, but I think you would do well.

Vic: I would not be successful in politics because I don't like being treated with disrespect and disdain. It makes me angry and I often use bad words to express myself, which, of course, would end my career in politics. I think it's terrible how we treat our political leaders. We don't support them, we attack them, for no reason other than they don't share our opinion. No wonder they steal so much money. I would, too, if I got treated like that.

Brandon from New Jersey:
Vic, I need to clear up something. I don't like everyone saying the Super Bowl will be in New York because it won't. It is in New Jersey because the stadium is in New Jersey. Just had to voice my frustration.

Vic: There is no New Jersey. There's New York and there's Philadelphia.

Logan from Jacksonville:
So I went to a sports memorabilia auction the other day. It was from this guy's personal collection; he had so many unreal items. What's the best collection of memorabilia you have seen?

Vic: The best I've seen is in the memorabilia shops in Cooperstown, N.Y., the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, of course. It really is an amazing place, and not just because of the Hall of Fame. The memorabilia shops in Cooperstown are mini-museums. They are loaded with unique souvenirs. Some of the prices are staggering.

Sam from Pensacola, FL:
So how did Jacksonville convince the NFL to give them a franchise in the first place?

Vic: They did it by selling the NFL on the overwhelming passion for football in Jacksonville. They did it by persuading the NFL to ignore market statistics and trust that Jacksonville would over-achieve.

Raul from Philadelphia, PA:
It's unlikely for a player to get Hoof and Mouth Disease. You are most likely referring to hand-foot-and-mouth disease caused by coxsackie A virus. Thank you, med school.

Vic: No, I was referring to people who chew their toenails.

Keith from Jacksonville:
The best snow game I ever saw was in 1976 with Pittsburgh and, I think, Cleveland. I was 10 and I remember the first half was fine, but the announcers came on after halftime and they couldn't see the field and they went gaga over the snow. Did you cover that game?

Vic: It was Pittsburgh at Cincinnati and it is one of the most memorable games I have ever covered. First of all, it was for the AFC Central Division title. The Steelers were two-time defending Super Bowl champions but started the season 1-4 and lost quarterback Terry Bradshaw to a neck injury for seven games. Rookie quarterback Mike Kruczek replaced Bradshaw and did an outstanding job of handing off to Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, as the Steelers won seven straight. At 1-4, the Steelers had to win-out to make it into the postseason, and that's just what they did. Along the way, they scored five shutouts and their defense allowed a mere 28 points in nine games. It came down to this one in Riverfront Stadium on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was the game of the day, a four o'clock start, and the weather was very bland through the first half. Just as the teams left the field for halftime, the first snowflake fell. Within a minute or two, we were in a white-out and the snow quickly piled up. When the players returned to the field for the second half, they did a double-take. Were we in the right stadium? Some of them went back for different shoes. Bleier was the star of the second half. He was the guy who seemed most capable of keeping his feet in the snow. I have two great memories from the game: 1.) It ended with Isaac Curtis standing all alone in the back-left corner of the end zone and with Dwight White hanging onto one of Kenny Anderson's legs. Every time Anderson would pump to throw, White would pull on his leg. Anderson pumped three or four times, then let go of a weak pass that fell short of its mark, and the game was over, 7-3. 2.) "Sports Illustrated" ran one of the great pictures in NFL history from that game. It was so good they spread it across two pages. It was of the "Steel Curtain" standing at the line of scrimmage with the snow swirling around them. Every time I see it, I have to look twice to make sure it's not a painting. Football and snow were meant for each other.

Vinnie from Staten Island, NY:
What are we to expect is a reasonable amount of time for a rebuilding period?

Vic: Three, four years is reasonable, but I think the better answer is that you'll know it when you see it. The accumulation of talent is unmistakable. It's the quarterback who determines how quickly rebuilding is converted to wins. If you have "The Man," you can win sooner. If you have to draft and develop "The Man," it's going to take longer.

Tim from Jacksonville:
From what I see of Deji Karim, he is fast, strong, good out of the backfield and potentially a playmaker. What is it about him that made the other teams pass on him?

Vic: He's a smaller guy and his senior season was his breakout year, which made him an unknown going into last season.

Jacob from Jacksonville:
I just wanted to let you know I think you might be one of the best recruiting tools the Jags have. I started watching football (not the Jaguars specifically but football in general) back in 2006. The 2007 season was my first full season of watching and keeping track of everything, including the Jaguars, and that, of course, was an awesome year to be on board. Well, we all know what happened after that and, to be honest, I would say I was a step or two away from becoming a fair-weather fan, but I didn't and it was because of your column. It educated me on points of football I never would have gleaned and it helped me take the emotion out of it and see it for just being a game. I went to my first mini-camp this year and I'm proud to say that I'm now a Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holder, hopefully for many years to come.

Vic: I have no doubt it will be for many years to come.

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