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Revenge, but for what?

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ancil from Charleston, WV:
From a journalistic perspective, what do you think of the reporting on the surreptitious videotaping of an obviously inebriated Jerry Jones?

Vic: I guess that's what Sarah Palin calls "gotcha journalism." I thought it was funny. When did we become so fragile, so sensitive? Why do we take such delight in every misspoken word, every misdeed? Why do we feel the need to persecute everybody? Why are we so angry? I just saw the Tiger Woods video that's sweeping the golfing world. Hey, I say worse than that on the range before I tee off on the first hole. Tommy Bolt is warmly remembered for his outbursts. Chuck Bednarik is famous for holding Jim Taylor on the ground until the clock expired, and then saying, "You get up now. This (expletive) game is over." We found romance back then in that kind of salty language. Now we find shame. I think we've turned into sissies.

Bobby from Jacksonville:
Just saw a report from another website stating the Jaguars pick just became a very important one and the first team they listed to trade up was New England. I know they have issues at the WR position with Welker injured and Moss getting older, but they have never, or at least in recent memory, been the team to trade up. This website mentioned a swap of first-round picks and one of New England's second-rounders. Do you think that move could happen?

Vic: Where did you see that, on I hope not because I'd love for that to happen. Then the Jags could draft Tim Tebow.

David from Durban, South Africa:
Dan Rooney has refused to comment in response to a question as to whether he (the Steelers) supported Big Ben. In that you are familiar with the team, do you see them looking to trade him and, if so, do you think Cutler set the market or has Ben's conduct created baggage that has driven the price down? Would the Emperor even be interested?

Vic: Dan Rooney responded. He said, "Everybody makes mistakes," which is the kind of clarity I would expect from Dan. Trade him? I don't think so. The object is to win the game. They win nothing without Roethlisberger. If by the "Emperor" you are referring to Chuck Noll, please be advised that Chuck had some rather flavorful characters on his teams. One of them, while suffering a nervous breakdown, tried to shoot down a helicopter. How did the Steelers handle that? They supported him; helped him through mental health recovery and he became one of the members of their "Steel Curtain." I don't remember fan uproar about that incident back then. We were more compassionate then. We weren't as angry and venomous as we are today.

Jim from Amelia Island, FL:
I can't get closure on this Roethlisberger thing. I want to be fair to him but all of the information supports the belief that a crime was committed.

Vic: That's why he should've been charged and prosecuted. Then we would've known the truth. The DA, in my opinion, wimped out. Instead of charging Roethlisberger and prosecuting him, the DA was scared off by the prospect of losing the case and decided, instead, to prosecute Roethlisberger in the court of public opinion which, in my opinion, was cowardly. Sorry, I won't be used that way. I need action. I need to hear both sides of the story. I expected the DA to seek justice. In my opinion, he should've prosecuted everybody that had culpability, not just Roethlisberger. Put all of the information out there and let a jury decide what the verdict should be. That's the only way you're gonna get closure. We'll never know now.

Michael from Jackson, MS:
Can you please explain why some people are drooling over Clausen? In my opinion, only elite players should be picked in the top 10. Do you think he is elite?

Vic: I think he offers the potential to be an elite NFL quarterback, but that doesn't mean it'll happen. What's not to like? He's a big kid with a big arm and pro-style mobility. He's got some toughness to him, too, and he's very competitive. I hear that he's got an arrogant side. Good! The NFL isn't for the meek.

Vince from Tampa, FL:
Thirteen thousand tickets in four months with the draft a week away. Probably the most important draft this franchise has faced to date. Whether they use the 10th pick or trade down to get more picks, they have to get it right this year just a little more than in the past drafts, to create some type of buzz. Would you agree?

Vic: Why does the buzz have to be created? Why can't the fans just naturally have buzz? I have buzz. I always have buzz. I wake up in the morning with buzz.

Wally from Jacksonville:
Have you ever been in an angrier city? It doesn't matter if it's football or politics, everything is personal.

Vic: These are tough times. Our sensibilities have a very sharp edge to them. We want revenge, but for what? That's the big question. My 401K is on fire, baby. I'm gonna let you in on a little stock tip, but not until I make the buy. Stay tuned. We'll get rich together. Hey, if Cramer can do it, I can do it, too.

Javier from Hammonton, NJ:
To continue on the question asked by Jonathan from Q-West, Iraq, hasn't Brandon Marshall already been suspended the four games, thus meaning his next incident would cost him a year?

Vic: He was suspended in 2008 for an incident, but that was about a violation of the personal conduct policy, not the substance abuse policy. We know that because the suspension was reduced to one game. The substance abuse program is secret, so we never really know where a player stands until he's been suspended, at which point it's announced that the suspension is for violation of the substance abuse policy. When trading for a player, teams may only ask the league if a player's next positive test will result in a suspension. I think we can assume the Dolphins asked that question and the answer was no.

Scott from Plant City, FL:
I really would like to hear your take on "The Florida Times-Union" issue regarding them allowing Urban Meyer to enter the Masters with their press credentials and how you would feel as a writer about a paper that does something like that. I am interested in working for the paper, but not sure if it is ethically sound, now.

Vic: My take is that you have provided us with a classic example of what happens when we rush to judgment. I know where you got your information and it is 100 percent in error. Has the talk show guy who advanced that misinformation provided a retraction? As someone who aspires to a career in journalism, you just learned a valuable lesson: Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. Confirm the information before you form opinions and never, ever rush to judgment. This is a big problem in the media today. We've become very careless, almost reckless with the gathering of information. We are so determined to create controversy that we'll risk misinformation. It's all part of our anger problem. We want revenge, but for what? Oh, by the way, if you decide to apply for a job at the "Times-Union," you might wanna use another name.

Travis from Jacksonville:
You keep saying the Jags should take Tebow with their second-round pick. There is no second-round pick. Am I the only one who's gotten the joke?

Vic: I didn't say second-round pick. I said second pick, in whatever round that may be. You rushed to judgment on the basis of misinformation. I'm serious about this. Take him with the second pick, if he's available.

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