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Rolle not in Warren's league

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Aaron from Minneapolis, MN:
I would like to get your take on the Samari Rolle hit. I believe it was a cheap shot. I read Rolle's comments and he had the audacity to say that why would he try and hurt Mark Brunell as much as he throws the ball to him! If this isn't bulletin board material I don't know what is. I just hope the team reads or hears about this comment. Talk about motivation, I just hope it will translate on the field the next time the Jags play the Titans. I believe Rolle should be fined, and he shows how much class he has in not even saying that it might have been an accident but to try to talk smack about it after the game.

Vic: Samari Rolle will be fined because it was a helmet-to-helmet blow. Beyond that, I don't see anything wrong with the hit and I thought Rolle's comments were sort of humorous. In my opinion, this one isn't even in the same league with the Gerard Warren hit last year. I don't share your anger.

Timothy from Jacksonville:
Whether it's been a Capers/Moeller/Pease defense, Jacksonville has consistently been unable to cover backs out of the backfield and underneath routes by the tight end. This was especially evident this past Sunday. This is why Tennessee has been able to adhere to a 1999 game plan that, obviously, still works in 2002. What could be done to remedy these deficiencies; remaining in press coverage, allowing the linebackers to stay at home, or changing linebacker coverage responsibilities? Or, is it a personnel issue?

Vic: Last winter I decided this would be a rebuilding year and I haven't changed my opinion. Personnel issue? Are you kidding? With Tony Brackens gone the Jaguars may put a starting lineup on the field this Sunday that won't include in the front seven one starter from last season. Of course it's a personnel issue. Be patient.

Tom from Jacksonville:
On the Eddie George 53-yard run that was called back in the second quarter, there was supposed to be a 10-yard penalty, but Tennessee gained only a few yards on the next play and was awarded a first down. Was this a mistake by the referees that no one caught? Or did I miss something?

Vic: The penalty (illegal use of hands) was assessed from the spot of the infraction, which was the Jacksonville 41-yard line. That left the Titans with a second-and-two. It was not a mistake.

Tammy from Waycross, GA:
Do we receive any cap relief at all for putting players on the IR list? Base salary or incentives or anything?

Vic: No. Players who've agreed to split salaries provide minimal relief, but the NFL rules offer no salary cap exceptions for injured reserve players.

Fred from Portland, OR:
In your latest article on Brackens you mentioned he has a cap hit this year of $3.24 million. Can you please confirm that this was a typo and that you meant $5.24 million?

Vic: No mistake, Fred.

John from Jacksonville:
With the loss of Tony Brackens, what are the options for this team as far as cutting him? I'd prefer to keep our best defensive lineman, but what kind of savings, if any, would be available by cutting him? I know trading isn't an option, but what do you think of the situation?

Vic: John, you're pretty far ahead on this subject. Probably the main reason for the Jaguars deciding on Tony Brackens having knee surgery now is so he will have enough recovery time for the team to get an accurate read on the condition of his knee next spring. His contract situation will have to be addressed because his salary spikes next year. He will have $9.7 million in remaining bonus amortization when this season is over. That has to make its way through the Jaguars' books. If they decided to release Brackens in June next year, $2.7 million of that amortization would go onto the 2003 salary cap (what's scheduled for that year stays in that year), and the remainder (about $7 million) would go into '04. Of course, that would be "dead" money.

Tom from Jackosnville:
With the news Tony Boselli will not see action this season, the question comes up, did the Texans make a wise choice in taking Boselli as their first pick in the expansion draft? Didn't the medical staff from Houston have to clear Boselli before he was selected?

Vic: Obviously, it was not a wise decision. Yes, their medical staff cleared him and so did a third-party medical examiner provided by the league.

Jerry from Jacksonville:
Now that Mike Pearson has been officially named as the starter at left tackle, what is your assessment on his readiness to compete against a top-quality defensive end in Michael McCrary?

Vic: I have no idea.

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