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Same thing over and over

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bryan from Orange Park, FL:
I was pleasantly surprised by the e-mail I got from the team telling me my season tickets are going to be $100 less next season. They are also going to give me eight months to make payments, interest free. Anyone who thinks the Jags aren't working to bring down costs is crazy. We're bumping up to four tickets and bringing the kids every week. That's how to help the future of the franchise.

Vic: It's the only way. The future of the Jaguars is in the hands of the football fans of Jacksonville.

Andrew from Toledo, OH:
That game Thursday night wrapped up the worst bowl season I have ever seen. The BCS has failed us.

Vic: Without a doubt.

Chris from Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
I was watching the celebration after the BCS championship game and was wondering, while the guys were grabbing, holding and kissing the crystal trophy, what would happen if someone dropped it and it broke? Do they get a new one and has this ever happened?

Vic: I have to believe the trophy is insured and would be replaced. I just read or heard of that having happened to a team. One of the things I like about the Stanley Cup is that part of its tradition is for the team that wins it, during the Cup's victory tour, abuses it. It's the worst-looking trophy you've ever seen. It's got dents all over it. It's been repaired countless times but, to my knowledge, it's the same cup.

Jeremy from Navarre, FL:
What exactly is meant by "make all the throws" when discussing a QB? Can you give a breakdown or some insight into this?

Vic: Can he throw the deep ball? Can he throw the deep out, put touch on the ball, throw on the run, hit the "honey hole," etc. In today's game, the "honey hole" is the big one because more and more defenses are playing "cover two." A quarterback has to have the arm to hit the "honey hole" or he's going to see a steady dose of "cover two," unless he has a great back, such as Chris Johnson, to force a defense to get an eighth defender at the line of scrimmage.

Kamal from Novi, MI:
For further proof the NFL is a quarterback league, look at the 12 quarterbacks in the playoffs: Peyton Manning, Brees, Rivers, Favre, Brady, Romo, Palmer, Rodgers, Warner, McNabb, Flacco, Sanchez. If you replace, say, Roethlisberger for Sanchez, you could reasonably make the argument that those are the 12 best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Vic: You make a good argument.

Stephen from Tallahassee, FL:
I'm a dying breed when it comes to football fans; I watch it for the trench wars. What I saw in the Alabama/Texas game was a thing of beauty. Even though Texas made a run (all good teams do), it appeared to me they were overmatched in the trenches. So much for having the number one-ranked rush-defense (playing in the finesse Big 12).

Vic: There's no question Alabama was the physically dominant team. I never put any stock in college statistical rankings because they're not standardized. How do you compare teams statistically that don't play against each other? It's ridiculous. Alabama is a true power team and every team in the SEC better start finding players who can match up to that power because there's a new sheriff in town, his name is Nick Saban and he's not likely to leave Alabama any time soon. The days of Steve Spurrier are long gone in the SEC. Block and tackle are back.

Steve from Jacksonville:
There should be road signs on every corner within 50 miles of the stadium, providing the location and directions for every stadium lot and private lot and their fees for that given day. What an economic stimulus. A full department dedicated to directions.

Vic: How about a street sign for every fan, directing him to his seat?

J. from Tampa, FL:
Do you think the "run and shoot" offense was ahead of its time in the NFL? It had moderate success but floundered in the playoffs. With the further evolution of the rulebook to favor offenses, how would the "run and shoot" fare today?

Vic: There are lots of reasons why the "run and shoot" doesn't make sense in the NFL. For example, what do you do when you need to pound the ball down on the goal line or in short yardage and you don't have any tight ends? The big reason, in my opinion, the "run and shoot" is all wrong for the NFL is because it relies on the short passing game and that plays right into the hands of the five-yard chuck rule. The chuck rule doesn't reward tightening the field, it rewards stretching it.

Jon from Columbia, TN:
On May 1, 2007, you said, "The Jets made the big play early by trading up for Darrelle Revis, but can you say the Jets are one player away? Revis came at too high of a cost. The Jets need many players and, frankly, they need a quarterback and should've used the Revis pick for Brady Quinn." With hindsight and the season he's had, do you think he was worth the cost now?

Vic: I'm impressed. You sure have made me look foolish. You're absolutely right, Revis was worth the cost. I knew he was good, but I didn't know he was this good. He may be the best cover-corner I've ever seen. The remarks you have attributed to me sound as though they were made on the clock in my draft-day blog. Let's take a look at that trade. The Jets got Revis and the Panthers got linebacker Jon Beason and center Ryan Kalil, both of whom are starters. Beason is a Pro-Bowl caliber player and Kalil is a player on the rise. I asked a scout which he'd rather have. He hesitated, acknowledged Revis' stardom at a premium position, and then said he'd almost always take two starters over one. Another scout said he'd take Revis. I'd take Revis, because stars of his magnitude are rare. Here's my question to you: Did you know Revis was going to be this good?

Brett from Glendive, MT:
I have a problem with the "Rooney Rule." It seems to me that if a team has a particular coach in mind, as is likely the case with Carroll in Seattle, interviewing a minority coach is more of a slap in the face to that coach than an actual interest.

Vic: One of the intents of the "Rooney Rule" is to identify minority candidates and expose them to the hiring process. I don't think it's an insult to grant an interview to someone. Mike Tomlin came out of nowhere in that interview process to win the job.

Sean from Jacksonville:
The draft is coming up and we have so many positions to fill and no draft picks to fill them. We traded our second-round pick this year for a third last year. Do you think that was stupid to do in a rebuilding year?

Vic: Here's the more appropriate question: Would you trade Derek Cox to get that second-round pick back? I wouldn't.

Jariah from Jacksonville:
Overall, what do you think Jacksonville needs to do in the offseason to at least make it to the playoffs next year?

Vic: Acquire significantly more talent.

Cade from Orlando, FL:
The Cardinals-Packers game is the kind of offensive blastoff everyone wants, right? I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it, but 96 total points is a little crazy.

Vic: I watched it and I was entertained, but there was a point at which I wanted the game to end; it just became the same thing over and over and I was tired of watching it. That's not my kind of football. I prefer to see ground yielded more grudgingly, but I know that's not what the young fans of today want so I yield to them. I had my day and my game. Now it's time for the passing-game sissies to have theirs.

Paul from Arlington, VA:
Maybe it still is about running the ball and stopping the run, despite the recent emphasis on the passing game by the league. In each of the four wild-card games this past weekend, the winning team gained the same or more rushing yards than their opponent. In two games, the difference was dramatic. Baltimore out-rushed New England 234-64 and Dallas out-rushed Philadelphia 198-56. We'll see what happens this coming weekend when the league's premier quarterbacks play, but for now it looks like running the ball is still what gets it done in January.

Vic: Nobody would like to agree with you more than I would, but I can't because I know it's not true and, if it was, the league would pass more rules changes to change it. The league wants yards and points, no matter how unfair they have to make it for defense to deny yards and points. What we saw the past weekend, I'm afraid, was a fluke. The big boys – Manning, Rivers, Brees and Favre – come out to play this week.

Keenan from Sanford, FL:
Which wild-card game did you enjoy the most?

Vic: I liked the Jets-Bengals game the most. I liked watching Revis make a fool out of Ocho Cinco.

Paul from Grimsby, England:
What is your opinion of Colt McCoy?

Vic: I have to wait until the combine to give you an accurate opinion because the rap on McCoy is that he doesn't have an NFL arm. We'll find out if he does or not at Indy between Feb. 24 and March 2.

Greg from Atlanta, GA:
Before today's game I thought the Patriots were still an elite team, but it looks like their run is probably over. What do you think about them going forward and if you were the GM what would you do?

Vic: It's time to put a fork in them. The old guys have to go and the roster must be "youthanized."

Jeremy from Jerseyville, IL:
What will it take for Kurt Warner to become a Hall of Famer in your eyes?

Vic: The last two postseasons may do it for him. He was fantastic in last year's postseason and he's off to a roaring start this year. Nothing, in my opinion, speaks louder for a quarterback than what he does in the postseason.

Dennis from Jacksonville:
I forget where you had Beanie Wells on your draft board and what do you think of his performance this past weekend in the playoff game?

Vic: I had him at number three on my value board. There's no doubt in my mind that had Eugene Monroe not been available, the Jaguars would've drafted Wells. I think he showed why in Sunday's game. He's a young, powerhouse running back who has barely scratched the surface of his potential. What a steal he was for the Cardinals.

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