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Scout's Take: Bucky Brooks Examines Jaguars-49ers

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers

RB Travis Etienne Jr. (1)
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers RB Travis Etienne Jr. (1)

JACKSONVILLE – In a weekly feature for the 2023 season, NFL Media and Jaguars Media Analyst Bucky Brooks breaks down the Jaguars' performance in a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at EverBank Stadium Sunday


  • The Jaguars were overwhelmed by the 49ers in one of the team's worst performances in Doug Pederson's two seasons as head coach. Overall sloppiness and poor execution from players on both sides of the ball suggest the Jaguars were not ready to play after the bye week. Perhaps the team took the 49ers lightly due to their three-game losing streak before the Week 10 game, but the lack of urgency and focus kept the Jaguars from challenging a team viewed as a Super Bowl contender.


  • The 49ers dominated from start to finish with speed, physicality and flawless execution. The NFC heavyweights knocked the Jaguars around at the line of scrimmage and controlled the game from beginning to end. Although the Jaguars helped the 49ers' efforts with four turnovers and a slew of miscues, the 49ers were the better team in a battle of playoff contenders.


  • Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence suffered through the worst start of his career against the 49ers. Lawrence was flustered and flummoxed by a defense that constantly changed the picture behind a ferocious pass rush that relentlessly hounded the athletic passer. The 49ers' combination of pressure and disciplined coverage forced the young quarterback to make a series of egregious errors that killed the Jaguars' chances early in the contest. From his questionable throws that led to a pair of interceptions, to his confusion and hesitancy that resulted in five sacks, Lawrence was overwhelmed by the 49ers' scheme and superior defensive talent.


  • Jaguars wide receiver Christian Kirk quietly posted a 100-yard game against a defense that could not keep up with his quickness on the perimeter. The veteran roasted the 49ers' secondary for six catches and 104 receiving yards on various short and intermediate routes. Although Kirk's costly red-zone fumble killed the Jaguars' momentum in the third quarter, the veteran deserves applause for his efforts against the 49ers.


  • The offense continues to struggle despite fielding a star-studded lineup on the perimeter. Outside of Kirk's impressive efforts, the Jaguars' receiving corps did not make an impact in a game in which the stars needed to shine for the team to win. Part of their struggles could be attributed to Lawrence's poor performance from the pocket. The Jaguars' QB1 couldn't find his rhythm, and his poor decisions killed the team's chances of knocking off a top opponent.


  • The Jaguars' defense held its own for the first half with a gutsy effort from the front line. The defense contained the 49ers' running game early, but eventually faded in the second half as the excessive snaps led to fatigue. Though good defenses can play through adversity and stand up when the offense is struggling, it is hard to fault the defense when the offense repeatedly hands the opponent the ball in prime scoring position.

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