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Shad Khan: Winning season "reasonable expectation"


JACKSONVILLE – Shad Khan left little doubt on Friday.

While the Jaguars' owner didn't offer a specific number of victories he expects during the 2016 season, he did say during the 2016 State of the Franchise at EverBank Field Friday that he expects more victories than losses.

A winning season? Is that a fair expectation?

"I think it's everybody's reasonable expectation at this point," Khan told reporters, adding of how he will evaluate 2016: "I think obviously better than 5-11. I think we want to have a team that is sustainable. We've spent time, patience and investment to build a solid foundation that's going to last for a long time. …

"I've been here four years," he added. "I know where we were, I know the journey we've been on and I see the progress we've made and how far we have to go."

Khan, entering his fifth offseason as the Jaguars' owner, addressed several on-field issues following Friday's presentation, including his recent decision to extend the contracts of Head Coach Gus Bradley and the coaching staff one year through the 2017 season.

"We don't want to have any reason other than be focused on winning on the field so this really removes any distraction off the field," Khan said.

The Jaguars are 14-50 in Khan's four seasons as owner, including 12-36 since Bradley and General Manager David Caldwell were hired. While extending Bradley was perhaps unconventional considering the record, Khan said, "I think that's for everybody to judge.

"I can only judge for myself that I think we're doing the right thing for the franchise and I think it's the only thing to do frankly at this point," he said, adding. "I think it [stability] is important, but you have to balance results and there has to be accountability also, so you need stability and accountability. Where is that fine line?"

Khan emphasized while speaking at the podium during the official presentation Friday that he "agonized" over every Jaguars loss, and spoke afterward of his frustration during a season in which eight of the team's 11 losses came in games in which they led or were within a score in the fourth quarter.

"We were so close in so many games," Khan said. "I think I can recite every game, every play. Especially in the AFC South, we could have been a contender. We were three weeks before the season ended and that's football. When you get there, you've got to be able to close. You have the find the strength, the power and everything you have inside you to get across the finish line."

Khan during the presentation emphasized the need for on-field improvement, saying, "I don't want to make any mistake: we need to be better on the field."

"I can tell you we are committed to your loyalty and the moves we have made over the past week with our football staff and Head Coach Gus Bradley are designed to do exactly that," he said. "We put our belief in Gus and his coaching staff, and I believe the needed result of this is certainty and stability that's going to serve us well in the offseason and training camp.

"With that, all of us have one goal for 2016 and that's to win in 2016."

Khan, who said he likes the young core of talent the team is assembling, said while losing has been frustrating patience has not been difficult.

"I've gone through the frugal times all my life," he said. "It's just that you don't have a bunch of reporters and you're not under the media light. I've had the conviction and this is not about splash. This is about long term success and viability."

View photos from the 2016 State of the Franchise presentation at EverBank Field.

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