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Successful teams are disciplined

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Vince from Indianapolis, IN:
I find it hilarious how excited your fans get about "special" conference calls, interviews and articles with the Jags GM. Colt fans like our GM because he finds players and has created a consistent winner. I guess Jag fans just have to hold on to whatever they can.

Vic: How'd they like him when he tanked that game against the Jets?

Andrew from Jacksonville:
I just hung up the phone with a friend who lives in Dallas. He's a Cowboys fan and was amazed about the detail put into the Jaguars website. I would just like to thank you for all the extra effort you give to us. All the people who send in the hate e-mails really do not realize how lucky they are to have a column like this.

Vic: Jacksonville deserves nothing but the best, and for free, too.

Adam from Jacksonville:
I wasn't too sure about renewing my season tickets this year as money is a bit tight at the moment. My phone rang Monday night and it was you on the other end. This just added to my feelings that the organization is really doing a great job moving forward. Add that to the job Gene Smith is doing and it just makes sense for me to renew. I just got off the phone with a Champions Club member, having just renewed my two tickets. I can't wait to see what 2010 and hopefully 2011 bring for the Jaguars.

Vic: I've asked the Jaguars if they'd like me to do a voicemail message to season ticket holders in which I sing "Mood Indigo." They haven't gotten back to me, yet.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
Kampman's signing proves that if you value character, you attract high-character guys. Sometimes, every now and then, albeit rarely, it isn't just about the money.

Vic: Don't be naïve, Howard. Even when you think it's not about the money, it's about the money.

Paul from Arlington, VA:
Who has the knee pads club with the largest membership base: Peyton Manning, Matt Jones or Tim Tebow?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

Evan from Montreal, Quebec:
There was a time in my small-town high school when the teachers had not only taught two generations of a family but were now teaching alongside that second generation. I often hear you tell stories of family in the sporting world so I was wondering what your favorite multi-generational story is?

Vic: This one isn't exactly multi-generational but it's from my hometown and it'll tell you a little bit about why I am the way I am. Where I grew up, the high school had a great football tradition that included the Modzelewski brothers. The old-time football fans know that name. The two oldest brothers, Ed and Dick, were of similar age and starred at the same time. Ed's nickname was "Big Mo" and Dick's nickname was "Little Mo." They were legendary in my hometown, along with a running back named Cookie Gilchrist. Anyhow, one of my earliest memories is of hanging out at the practice field during summer camp and somehow acquiring a waterboy job, which was the coolest thing in my life because I got to hang out with the big kids on the football team. One of those kids was Gene Modzelewski, the youngest of the Modzelewski brothers. Wanna guess what his nickname was? "No Mo," of course. I thought that was so cool. I'll tell you another nickname I heard them call him: "Dynamo." How cool is that? There was another guy on that team with a cool name. His name was McKinley Combs and I later played with his brother, Tyrone. McKinley's nickname was "Mack" and he played when the hit song was "Mack The Knife." That's the kind of stuff about football that captured my heart when I was a kid. The name of the high school was Har-Brack, it was the most important thing in my young life and I played on its last-ever team.

Jeff from Durham, NC:
Your answer to Joe yesterday made me wonder: What position in the draft does Kampman's contract correlate with?

Vic: Middle of the first round.

David from Jacksonville:
Was the Kampman signing only because Gene Smith feels Jacksonville can do something in the playoffs in 2010, and would have in 2009 with a stronger pass-rush, so the patch was only to take advantage of our current team to do something significant without drafting a defensive end?

Vic: There's something else we haven't considered. I'm talking about being fair to coach Del Rio. Ultimately, he's going to be responsible for the performance of this team and would it be fair to him to not make every possible attempt to upgrade the pass-rush? I mean, you have no chance of making it into the playoffs without a pass-rush, right?

Steve from Orange Park, FL:
Since this draft class is so deep, what do you think about trading some 2011 picks for some picks this year?

Vic: I would be against that because the Jaguars won't receive any compensatory picks next year, since they will clearly be in a gain mode in free agency this year.

Chris from Jacksonville:
Would it cost too much for the Jaguars to bring in Derek Anderson as competition for David Garrard?

Vic: Anderson is a vested veteran, therefore, he is not subject to the waiver process. He'd be free to sign with any team in the league. He's going to cost a team, I'm guessing, somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million a year. That's not too much to spend but would Anderson upgrade the position? That's the question you'd have to ask yourself.

Terry from Indianapolis, IN:
Why would the Colts pay Ryan Lilja his $1.7 million roster bonus and then cut him?

Vic: Hmmm.

Robert from Amelia Island, FL:
Great job in moderating the "Fan Forum." Football-savvy fans asked great questions and received honest answers from Gene. I was shocked (as you were) with the much lower than expected percentage saying we should not draft Tebow. They apparently believe he is not a good fit for our quest to at least make the playoffs, nor would he fill the stands eliminating the blackouts. It's a slow process, but I'm convinced BAP is the best way for the Jags to succeed, don't you?

Vic: I always have. Successful teams have ironclad philosophies to which they practice steadfast adherence. It's called discipline and no team should expect its players to be disciplined if the team can't discipline itself. As I have long said, football decisions must be based on football only, never ticket sales. When you start basing your decision on ticket sales, you're allowing the fans to pick your team. If that's what it takes to fill your stadium, then it's hopeless. Gene Smith adheres to the philosophy of selecting the best available player. He talked about it last night in the "Fan Forum" and confirmed it. I held his hands to the fire and asked him if he'd pass a lie detector test and he said he would. I have also said that there are always going to be exceptions to the rule, as there was last year when the Jaguars drafted Tiquan Underwood. Smith admitted that Underwood wasn't the top guy on their board but they coveted him more than the guy who was at the top of their board, because of the position of need Underwood played, and they didn't want to risk not getting him in undrafted free agency. When I hear that kind of honesty, my trust grows. From where I sit right now, the Jaguars appear to have a disciplined personnel philosophy.

Carl from Jacksonville:
The season ticket renewal deadline is March 19. Tickets sales should go up big this week. Right?

Vic: They better.

Patrick from Boone, NC:
I have heard the Jags are giving Armanti Edwards, your favorite, a workout. What do you think about this?

Vic: I've done all I can do. Now it's up to him.

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