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Survey ranks #7 in pro sports


Street and Smith's Sports Business Journal recently named the number seven website of the 121 in pro sports. The survey, which analyzed every website from the four major pro sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB), based its rankings on four categories: content, design/technical, e-commerce, and fan interactivity. While ranking in the top 30 in each category, stood out in two categories, scoring a number three ranking in content, and tying for a number four ranking in e-commerce.

The survey, conducted by graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, rated NFL websites highly as a whole, placing NFL teams in 12 of the top 13 spots. The number one ranking was given to

Pro Website RankingRankTeamLeagueWebsite AddressTotal Score

1. Â


173.6Â Â Â

2. Â


172.3Â Â Â

3. Â


168.6Â Â Â

4. Â


168.0Â Â Â

5. Â

New England

166.6Â Â Â

6. Â


166.0Â Â Â

7. Â


165.8Â Â Â

8. Â


165.4Â Â Â

9. Â


164.8Â Â Â

10. Â

Green Bay

164.0Â Â Â

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