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Taylor had great season in 2000

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Joni Bennett from Brunswick, GA:
Will there be an open training camp period again this year. I am the director of a large summer camp program on St. Simons Island and we like to bring a group of children down to see the team. Any word on when it might be? We are all anxious to see the team in action.

Vic: Training camp will be open to the public from July 27 to August 20.

Fred Ferro from Philadelphia, PA:
I pay $18.75 a game. I sit in the last row of the upper deck. I love it up there, but is someone going to sit next to me who is paying $10 a game with these $100 season tickets? If so, I am done as a season ticket holder. I'll just watch from a sports bar.

Vic: Season ticket holders who had previously paid the higher amount for this season's discounted upper deck seats will receive the new $100 per season rate. The price difference will be refunded to those season ticket holders, who will also receive Jagdollars to be used at Alltel Stadium concession locations. The Jaguars ticket department will apprise those season ticket holders of these arrangements at ticket pickup or in the packet of information that will be sent to those season ticket holders who do not attend ticket pickup.

Casey Shuey from Great Bend, KS:
Is this the record-breaking season Fred Taylor is destined for? That is, if he can stay healthy, but if he doesn't, will we have to rely on Mark Brunell's arm, or can a backup runner get the job done?

Vic: Public perception is that Fred Taylor did not have a "record" kind of season last year, but he did. Statistically, Taylor had the best season of his career, with personal highs for games-started, rushing attempts, yards rushing and yards per carry. I don't know what more people want from Taylor. His 13 starts and his nine consecutive 100-yard games qualify him as one of the most durable backs in the league last season. He may be the most valuable player on the Jaguars, who came to rely on Taylor completely for whatever success this team had last season. His talent can not be replaced. Not even Brunell's arm can make up the difference.

Billy Colvin from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I know I'm not the only person who saw last year that Mark Brunell is a great quarterback, but he will not ever win a Super Bowl if he doesn't look to people other than Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell. I have season tickets and I know it's tougher than it looks, but I have seen people other than Jimmy and Keenan open by more than 15 yards. Mark rarely notices them and if he does he underthrows them or overthrows them. My question is: Why isn't Jamie Martin getting more of a chance? I have seen him jump right into a game and lead us down the field and score, and not to mention that he brought us back in some games. Sure, he doesn't have the greatest of arm strength, but what good does strength do you if you are inaccurate? Do you see Coughlin giving Martin or Quinn a chance if the problem of making the correct decisions persists?

Vic: No.

Brian Skelding from Mobile, AL:
I hear that Elvis Joseph has a chance to eliminate both Shyrone Stith and Stacey Mack from the roster, leaving himself as the lone backup. Is he good enough to be Fred Taylor's backup?

Vic: Elvis Joseph, an undrafted rookie from Southern, impressed the Jaguars personnel department with his speed and elusiveness during mini-camp. Soon, Joseph will have an opportunity to show his wares with the pads on. He has talent, but it's too early to classify him as anything more than a roster longshot.

Sandi Shook from Wise, VA:
Is the reason for re-signing veteran linebacker Erik Storz to help with our special teams, as reported, or is this a sign to Kevin Hardy of things to come?

Vic: Erik Storz is better compared to Brant Boyer than Kevin Hardy. Storz is a special teams player attempting to prove worthy of a roster spot. Boyer did it for six years before he got a nice contract from the Browns. Hardy is a former second pick of the draft who made the Pro Bowl in 1999.

Eric Zerkel from Mount Dora, FL:
With the realigning of the AFC and NFC, do you think the Jaguars are going to be in a much tougher division and will have to set there roster to fit each team in their new division?

Vic: There is no tougher division in the NFL than this year's AFC Central. If the Jaguars are competitive this season against Baltimore and Tennessee, they'll be in great shape to make the move to the AFC South. Did I miss something? The last time I looked, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts had yet to win a playoff game.

Tom Howard from Jacksonville:
Why can't the Jaguars and Kevin Hardy work something out? What does he want compared to what the team can reasonably offer? Does he just want out of Jacksonville?

Vic: Kevin Hardy clearly wants more money than the Jaguars want to pay. These things happen. It's not that Hardy wants out of Jacksonville. He's looking for the big salary bump, and he may have to test the free-agency waters to find out if that kind of money is available to him. What the Jaguars want from Hardy is some kind of contract re-structuring that will provide the team with relief on this year's salary cap. I'm expecting some kind of dummy deal that will give the Jaguars cap relief this year, and Hardy his freedom when the season is over.

Vic Ketchman is the Senior Editor of Jaguars Inside Report, the official team newspaper of the Jacksonville Jaguars. One-year subscriptions may be purchased by calling 1-888-846-5247.

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