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Tell me all about it

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Steve from Lancaster, PA:
With an improved defensive line, is it only a matter of time before the secondary gets on the same page? Or are we looking at a secondary that will need to be retooled again? I feel like the talent is there but maybe I'm being too optimistic.

Vic: The Jaguars have 10 defensive backs on their roster. Only two of them were drafted by the Jaguars. Does that answer your question or do I need to go into detail as to what that means?

Seth from Ocala, FL:
Who is Keith Null?

Vic: He's a developmental quarterback. He is not David Garrard's heir apparent.

Wob from Blairsville, GA:
Please tell me that Gene is taking a serious look at Trent Edwards.

Vic: I asked him on last night's radio show if he had interest in Trent Edwards and he said he did.

Nelson from Hollywood, CA:
If you were the GM, would you bring in Trent Edwards for a look?

Vic: It doesn't work that way. He is subject to the waiver claims process. All you can do is put in a claim. If you win the claim, then you get a look. Would I put in a claim? I don't know because I haven't studied him. I liked what I saw a few years ago, but I really respect Chan Gailey as an offensive mind and if Chan doesn't like him, I think that's a red flag.

Mo from Mountain Top, PA:
Thanks so much for all your wonderful work. It's keeping me sane through my first year of med school.

Vic: I would love to be Vic from Mountain Top.

Julio from Riverside, CA:
How do you feel about a trade for Kolb after three games?

Vic: I wouldn't be interested. Andy Reid knows quarterbacks. He's sending a message. I don't know why the media and fans are so slow in getting it.

Ben from Cuba, MO:
Is there any way to compare the Jaguars defense to the rest of the league in third-and-long conversions?

Vic: I don't know about third and long, but the Jaguars are 20th in the league on all third-down plays.

Scott from Jacksonville:
We fans can criticize Garrard all we want, but the fact is we have no other option this year. So what can be done to make our offense more effective? From my perspective, it appeared as if the Eagles were daring Garrard to throw downfield, yet, we couldn't get it done. In order to get our running game going, teams have to respect our ability to go downfield. Del Rio has to trust the line to block, the receivers to get open and Garrard to execute. Playing scared, throwing screens and five-yard out patterns is not going to solve the problem. You agree?

Vic: Yes.

Tony from Jacksonville:
I'm one of the 3,900 original season ticket holders who still has season tickets and I had never left a game early. Sunday, I left at the end of the third quarter because it was too painful to watch. A QB in next year's draft is the answer, but what about this year? Garrard looked lost and completely inept on Sunday; can the coaches simplify things with screens, dump passes, etc?

Vic: I don't think that'll work. They've got to start making some plays downfield or the field will continue to shrink on the running game and the pass-rush will become more intense.

Guy from Hilton Head Island, SC:
I learned a lot from Sunday about our team. Rebuilding is another two drafts needed and that our team's roster was ruined by years of terrible drafting.

Vic: Bingo! You certainly did learn a lot. I learned as I went along. I watched this team draft Reggie Williams instead of Ben Roethlisberger, and Matt Jones instead of Aaron Rodgers, and Quentin Groves instead of Chad Henne. Henne was the final nail in the coffin. Need-picking hurt this team.

Kyle from Orlando, FL:
I know we are supposed to be patient. I know we are rebuilding, but the NFL is known for worst-to-first stories: the Rams, Patriots, Cardinals. Is the common denominator there the QB only? Scheduling? Free agency? Why can't we expect to be good and be good now?

Vic: Go back and count up the worst-to-worst finishes. I think the worst-to-first jobs are in the minority. First of all, the longer you stay in last place, the closer you get to first place because you're accumulating talent from the top of the draft class. I can't help but go back to my roots as a reporter. Chuck Noll was 1-13, 5-9 and 6-8 in his first three seasons. During that time, he drafted Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Mel Blount and Jack Ham, all of whom would become Hall of Famers. When the Steelers picked Franco Harris in Noll's fourth draft, they went 11-3 and four Super Bowl titles followed. During that time, Paul Brown was over-achieving with an expansion Bengals team. When the Steelers started winning Super Bowls and the Bengals leveled, I can remember being in an interview with Brown following a game when he was asked why the Steelers had surged ahead of the Bengals. Brown said, "We got good too fast." You need to do a deeper study of your worst-to-first fairy tale.

Brett from Indianapolis, IN:
I hope all of you sorry Jaguars fans can at least sell out the next game so you can watch Peyton Manning and dream of the day your favorite team's quarterback issue is resolved.

Vic: Thank you, Brett. That's very nice of you to say that.

Keith from Jacksonville:
With rumors of Christian Ponder hurt and Ryan Mallet laying an egg at crunch time, should the Jag fans be concerned about not getting a QB next year?

Vic: Yes, we should always worry.

Ray from Jacksonville:
Mr. Pittsburgh, things are not so bad. A 3-13 season will get us a new quarterback, a new coach and a new sportswriter. Will you go back to Pa. and do high school games?

Vic: You never know.

David from Raleigh, NC:
It looked like we did try a variety of defensive fronts to confuse Vick on Sunday. The 3-4-3 we played that included three QB spies was especially effective on Vick's second touchdown pass, just before the end of the first half. Could you remind me which Hall of Fame defensive mastermind was responsible for inventing the 10-man, 3-4-3 again?

Vic: I went to the game tape to see if the Jags only had 10 men on the field for that play. They had 11.

Patrick from Washington, DC:
You mentioned that David Garrard looked like a beaten man after the game on Sunday. After reading your Monday column, you, too, looked like a guy who has been beaten down by the pressure of the position and the daily harangue of fans who have made him the most harshly criticized and, in many cases, disliked person in Jacksonville.

Vic: That's OK. Thursday's payday.

Greg from Jacksonville:
I was a little disappointed in the flyover. Instead of flying low and fast, the plane was high and slow. No real excitement; maybe that is why we lost.

Vic: Blame it on the flyover.

Robert from Boulder, CO:
I have heard a lot about the defensive line, but not much about Harvey. How has he looked so far this season to you?

Vic: He had one tackle against the Eagles and he didn't even appear on the stats sheet from the Chargers game. I asked Jack Del Rio about that on Monday and this is what he said: "No, I'm not OK with it. We need more production out of that position. It's not from a lack of effort. Derrick plays hard, but we need more production."

Thomas from Jacksonville:
Am I being unreasonable when I would like to hear Del Rio acknowledge the fan frustration? That game was embarrassing and the Eagles fan were laughing at us and saying, "Don't be sad."

Vic: Yes, you're being unreasonable. Coaches aren't therapists for fans. I guess I'm supposed to be that person, so tell me all about it.

John from Alexandria, VA:
After all your smug anti-Tebow posts, who would you rather have backing up the Jaguars superstar QB now, Bouman or Tebow?

Vic: I'd rather have Bouman because he's being paid minimum wage, as opposed to having paid millions of dollars to a quarterback prospect that didn't fit where I would've had to draft him.

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