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Texans are wild card

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Why don't the Jags do PSL's?

Vic: I think permanent seat licenses would be a tough sell in Jacksonville. You'd be asking people to put down a significant amount of money on the purchase of a seat license, then you'd have to sell them a ticket. At this point in time, selling tickets for all the seats would be accomplishment enough.

Scott from Brandywine, MD:
I thought the new CBA was a good thing for the small-market teams. Why is it I keep reading that it's going to put the Jaguars in a financial pinch?

Vic: The new CBA is not favorable to small-market/low-revenue teams because it does not include sharing of "local" revenue. It has a cap-on-spending clause that'll protect teams from being swept away by reckless spending, but that's not going to help small-market/low-revenue teams keep up with the Joneses. Under the new CBA, player costs have risen sharply but the Jaguars' revenue will not.

Max from Rochester, NY:
I love your column. I have learned so much about football, thanks to you. My question for you is about the Texans. It seems to me like they might be a competitor, considering all the work they have done in free agency this season. You have mentioned in the past that they aren't far off and I wanted to know what you expect from them this season.

Vic: When I watched the Jaguars have to rally in the fourth quarter to win in Houston on Christmas Day, I thought to myself the Texans shouldn't be as bad they are. They clearly have talent and they should've been much more competitive than they were last season. I don't know what happened to them but some kind of malaise crept into that team and took it down. What will a new coaching staff mean? What will a new attitude mean? What might Reggie Bush mean? In a conversation I had with Tony Dungy at last week's owners meetings, Dungy said the Texans are the "wild card" in the division this year, which means Dungy doesn't know what to expect from the Texans but he's inclined to believe they'll be much improved. I agree completely. I expect the Texans to be much improved.

E.J. from Jacksonville:
Why do you say the Jaguars have a need for a weakside linebacker? I thought Daryl Smith played the weak side while Akin Ayodele played the strong side. Care to explain?

Vic: The Jaguars list their linebackers as "middle" and "outside," but Daryl Smith was the Jaguars' true "strongside linebacker" and Akin Ayodele was the team's true "weakside linebacker" last season. Daryl Smith is best in coverage. He's not a thumper. He's more of a finesse, coverage linebacker and strongside linebackers are clearly involved in coverage more often than weakside guys. The Jaguars need a thumper. They need a weakside guy who can sit inside with the middle linebacker and disrupt. One of the reasons the Jaguars didn't make a bigger attempt to re-sign Ayodele is that he wasn't disruptive enough for the Jaguars' tastes.

Dustin from Kissimmee, FL:
Do you think the NFL will add another expansion team within the next 10 years, or is our division and playoff system safe for now?

Vic: The NFL went 19 years – 1976 to 1995 – between expansions. This one could go longer. I don't see expansion in the league's future. The playoff system could be tweaked if TV wants more playoff games, and division alignment may be tweaked according to what team or teams go to Los Angeles, but I don't think expansion is likely.

John from Middleburg, FL:
Do you think Dallas is in trouble since signing T.O.? Coach Parcells was a no-show last week at the owners meetings and he's said nothing since I don't know when. Rumor is Bill Parcells may retire very soon.

Vic: Parcells traditionally doesn't attend the owners meetings, so don't read anything into that. T.O., baby; gotta have him. Isn't he great?

Steve from Maitland, FL:
All I keep hearing is that most of the backs in this draft are small. Is that true?

Vic: That's true. If you're looking for a pounder, then you better get LenDale White because he may be the only pounder in this draft.

Spencer from Richmond, VA:
Do you think free agency is done for the Jaguars and they are now focusing on the draft, or should we expect more acquisitions by them?

Vic: Expect more acquisitions. What we're in right now is the traditional post-rush cooling off period. This is when the non-premium free agents find out what their true value is.

Jason from Hagerstown, MD:
This new end zone celebration rule sounds like it could be biased. I love the leap but if the NFL is gonna be fair, the "Lambeau Leap" should be a 15-yard penalty and a fine, shouldn't it?

Vic: I'll take your word for it because I don't care what they do and I'm not going to waste my time and energy on what dance someone is going to do to celebrate their success. Please keep me informed.

Ty from Jacksonville:
If LenDale White falls to the Jags' spot, should he be selected? This guy is a pounder who can run between the tackles. Any thoughts?

Vic: Is he better than Greg Jones? That's my first thought.

Derek from Lexington Park, MD:
Is it any coincidence the Jaguars are playing teams that are in a close geographical location for all of their preseason games; Atlanta, Miami, Tampa and Carolina?

Vic: Preseason schedules have traditionally been made according to the proximity of teams to each other. Obviously, it's a way of limiting travel expenses and getting players back to their training camps with a minimum of jet lag and lost sleep. Until recently, teams made their own preseason schedules and nearness was always the main issue. Now the league has taken over the preseason scheduling and it honors team requests, and Wayne Weaver's main request is that he play Miami and Tampa every year because that's what Jaguars fans want.

John from Washington, DC:
CBS called the Brian Williams signing one of the worst free agency moves of the year. They argue there's no justification that a corner should start at nickel one year and earn $10 million the next. Outside of this website, I have not read a single positive review of the Williams acquisition. Why does everyone else have this one wrong?

Vic: I'm OK with the Brian Williams signing. Did the Jaguars overpay? Of course, but you're going to overpay at that position. I haven't come up with one bit of information that says Williams isn't an accomplished player. All of the information I've been able to acquire points to the fact that the Vikings made a mistake in not recognizing Williams' skills fully a year ago, which caused them to sign Fred Smoot to a contract that was unnecessary because they already had what they needed in Williams. As I see the situation, there are two possibilities: The Jaguars will get their money's worth or Williams will turn out to be something less than a $10 million man. I don't see the possibility that he'll be a bust. He's young and it would seem he will be this team's right cornerback for the next several years. As the value of cornerbacks increases from year to year, the time may come when Williams is even a bargain. We'll see. I'm not going to say everybody else has it wrong. I may have it wrong but that's the way I see it right now.

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