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Thanksgiving special

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
Ellen is Eddie's cousin-in-law. Tighten up, Vic.

Vic: You're absolutely right, Jeff, and I want you to get yourself something real nice.

Tom from Jacksonville:
After 15 years of marriage, I think I have finally outsmarted the old trout. As a long-time season ticket holder, I am one of the down-times victims forced to let my seats go this year. Recently, things have turned around somewhat and right after the Titans game my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I would make her a deal. All she had to get me was a nice card but if the Jaguars make the playoffs, she had to give me written permission to get them back for 2010. She didn't see this win streak coming. Please, tell Santa Del Rio all I want for Christmas is my two fine seats.

Vic: That's a cute story, but you really need to become the master of your domain. So do I.

Cory from Woburn, MA:
I have an issue with your latest power rankings. How in the world can you have the Gators ranked as low as number nine? They are 11-0. The number one and two teams in your rankings are only 10-0. Plus, the Gators won their last game 62-3 while some of your higher-ranked teams barely won. What is going on? Will you please explain your reasoning?

Vic: I dropped them for scheduling Florida International. This week I'm going to drop them for scheduling Florida State.

Jim from Neptune Beach, FL:
If a team wants to sign a player off another team's practice squad, do they need to get permission from the player's team first?

Vic: Nope, all practice squad players are free agents that are free to sign with any team in the league. The only stipulation is that a player being signed from a practice squad must immediately go to the signing team's active roster.

Dave from London, UK:
I couldn't help but notice in your power rankings you've named seven teams as number one in the 11 weeks so far this season. Has it really been that changeable or were the first few weeks misleading?

Vic: You're more observant than I am. I wasn't aware of that fact but it doesn't surprise me because we've had a lot of surge and fade in the league this year. The Giants, Jets and Broncos are prime examples. I tip my hat to the Colts and Saints for remaining in surge mode only. The Vikings, in my opinion, have played a soft schedule and I'm not convinced they are what their record is. The bottom line is that all of this is meaningless. There's only one season that counts and that's the postseason. That's when we find out which teams truly are powerful.

Scott from Jacksonville:
Do you think Jimmy Clausen is overrated or is he someone the Jags may look at in the first round of next year's draft?

Vic: Clausen is a junior. If he elects to enter the draft, he's a player every team will consider drafting. Yes, he's that good. What round? I don't know, but quarterbacks are at a premium and Clausen would be one of the top quarterback prospects.

Grant from Opossum Bay, Australia:
I think this week's game is the most important in our season, as a win makes 10-6 possible without having to beat the Colts or Pats. We should beat Miami, Houston and Cleveland, which would make nine wins and this week's would make 10. I also believe 10 wins will secure a playoff berth. What do you think?

Vic: I think you're trying to find a way to get the Jaguars into the playoffs with the least resistance, but it's the path of greatest resistance that earns a team respect and hardens it for the postseason. There are true playoff teams and then there are weak-schedule impostors. I want the Jaguars to be a true playoff team. One and done is good for nothing. What does it accomplish other than to extend the season one week? You want to go into the playoffs believing you can win. I want to be able to use the Colts and Patriots games to judge this team's worth. If the playoffs should be on the line in each game, they would, in effect, be the equivalent of playoff games. That's what I love about football in December. Bring it on.

Janson from Des Moines, IA:
I read that Jimmy Johnson said Tebow couldn't be a pro-style quarterback and whoever drafts him has to either convert to a spread-option offense or make him an H-back. With respect to Jimmy, do you agree with his assessment?

Vic: Do I agree with him? What took him so long? I said it three years ago.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
I think the odds of the Jags making the playoffs will depend on what the Colts and Pats are playing for by the time we face them. Do you agree?

Vic: No, I don't. Yes, the Colts are 10-0 but they've played a lot of close games. They needed a Patriots meltdown to stay undefeated. They needed the Texans to miss a field goal attempt at the end of the game. They had to rally to beat the 49ers. They beat the Jaguars by two points. I think this Sunday's game is every bit as challenging as the Colts and Patriots games will be. It bothers me that so many people have already put those two games in the loss column. If we really believe that, then why even bother trying to make it into the playoffs?

Mark from Jacksonville:
We just picked up two more players off another practice squad. I don't recall ever seeing this much roster activity during the season from any team. I suppose they will miss on some and score on others. I wonder, are these some of the picks they wanted through the "Shack" era but for one reason or another didn't get?

Vic: Yeah, it's likely GM Gene liked these guys when they were coming through the draft process, but what this weekly altering of the roster says is that this team is in reconstruction. This is rebuilding at the extreme, yet, the Jaguars are winning. Hold onto that thought. We'll discuss this at greater length when the season is over. We need more information. The tough part of the schedule has arrived.

Ryan from Orlando, FL:
Happy Thanksgiving, Vic. Just wanted to say that I am thankful for you posting your column before lunch every day and for the effort you put in on game day to keep all of us Jags fans up to date.

Vic: I am thankful for the opportunity to do these things and for readers who make it all possible. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers. This has been a truly memorable season and the best part is still ahead.

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