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The best man plays

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Butch from Houston:
Could you give me a report on rookie Brandon Green. He seems to be getting good pressure on the passer and that is something we definitely need. How much action do you see him getting during the regular season?

Vic: Brandon Green is a high-motor guy, which immediately makes him a candidate to be a special teams whiz. My expectation for him is to become a role player; a special teams guy who's used in specific substitution-defense packages. He may be too small to be an every-downs defensive end.

Scott from Jacksonville:
How serious is Fred Taylor's injury and is this a sign of things to come for this season?

Vic: Jack Del Rio has described Fred Taylor's left knee injury as a "bone bruise," and Del Rio has indicated he considers it to be of a minor nature. Victor from Knoxville, TN:
I'm a big UT fan and I'm wondering how two of my favorite ex-Vols are doing: John Henderson and Eric Westmoreland. I heard about how John got heat sick last week and I was very concerned. I just hope he's not too out of shape. Eric, to me, was a very good linebacker who I thought I'd see regularly on Sundays, but I haven't, yet. What has happened to him?

Vic: John Henderson was out of practice for a day-and-a-half. Since returning, he's been incident free. Henderson is a major part of the Jaguars' defensive plans and he and Marcus Stroud are being counted on to dramatically improve the Jaguars' run-defense, which was a lowly 25th in the league last season. Eric Westmoreland is competing for a roster spot.

Ed from Fernandina Beach, FL:
What is the team to do with Leftwich if Garrard steals the starting job and is a top QB this year? Will the fans and team allow a first-round pick to sit on the bench next season?

Vic: The best man plays. It's as simple as that. Ask Akili Smith.

Oot from Silver Spring, MD:
What are your views on the so-called quarterback competition between Mark Brunell and David Garrard and do you think that it is just being blown out of proportion?

Vic: I don't think it's being blown out of proportion. Football is an ultra-competitive game. Guaranteeing money is one thing, but guaranteeing playing time would eat at the heart of the whole competitive process. A battle for the starting quarterback job between Mark Brunell and David Garrard would make the team and each quarterback better. The preseason starts Saturday. Let's sit back and watch them compete.

Bill from Orange Park, FL:
If Garrard plays better than Brunell and Brunell struggles in the preseason, do you think Brunell would be released?

Vic: My instincts tell me the answer is no, but you pose an intriguing scenario, especially when you consider Mark Brunell's $8.75 million salary cap hit. That's not the cap hit of a backup. When you make that kind of money, you are expected to play at a very high level.

Dave from London, Ontario:
I was just curious about what happened to Pete Mitchell. I don't see his name on our roster anymore and when I looked for him on I got nothing. I don't remember reading anything about him so I was just curious about where he went.

Vic: Pete Mitchell is currently unsigned.

Darrol from Jacksonville:
What does your gut say regarding Tony Brackens' career with the Jags, and who's winning the battle to play opposite Hugh Douglas?

Vic: My instincts tell me Tony Brackens is fighting a very uphill battle and that the Jaguars should not count on Brackens returning to his old form any time soon. Paul Spicer has had a great start to training camp and may be winning the starting left defensive end job.

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