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The Eagles get it

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Steve from Saint Johns, FL:
Do you think the Jaguars would look at Javon Walker as a veteran for the receiving corps? Right now it sounds like he would be able to be signed at a relatively low cost.

Vic: I wish I had a dollar for every wide receiver the fans have wanted the Jaguars to trade draft picks or spend a lot of money to acquire. A couple of years ago, they were gaga about trading for Walker. So how would that have worked out? They're a dime a dozen.

Christopher from Fayetteville, NC:
Do you think personnel directors can get too smitten with a player that possesses superior arm strength, a la Jeff George?

Vic: I'd rather get smitten with a guy who has a strong arm than with a guy who has a weak arm. I think fans get too smitten with that he's-a-winner, he-just-makes-plays crap. You don't have to have a John Elway-like arm to be successful in the NFL, but it's better to have a strong arm than a weak arm because the defensive backs in the NFL can close on the ball a lot faster than the defensive backs can in college football. If a quarterback doesn't have enough power in his arm to get the ball to his receiver before the defensive back arrives, he has no chance of being successful in the NFL. Also, if there's a throw you can't make, then you allow the defense to overplay the throws you can make.

Kenny from Louisville, KY:
I know there are a lot of strategy plays and bluffs in the draft, but what is too far? Can a team send a reliable source/hint/phone call to another team to make that other team move up so the original team can move down?

Vic: All's fair in love, war and the draft, but you need to remember that the people you want to deceive are the same people you're going to call seeking a trade to move up or down. Deceive them, make them look foolish and I doubt they'll answer the phone. All of these general managers and personnel directors are in the same boat; they're trying to maximize the value of their position in the draft. It's a good thing to have friends in other draft rooms that will help you achieve your goal.

Logan from Saskatoon, SK:
I am hearing a lot about the Giants wanting Rolando McClain, but the concern is Denver will select him at number 11. Would you trade number 10 for the Giants' 15 and third-round pick?

Vic: Prior to the Donovan McNabb trade, I would've said yes because this is a deep draft and you want to have as many picks as possible. Plus, moving from 10 to 15 in this draft shouldn't represent much of a decline in talent. The McNabb trade, however, introduces the possibility that Jimmy Clausen could be available at 10, and that could cause a team or teams to offer the Jaguars something better than a three to move down. I think it's more likely that a team ahead of the Jaguars will get that offer before it filters down to the Jags, but I'd have to wait for that to happen before I'd agree to the deal you've proposed.

Nick from Ottawa, Canada:
I think it's time to change your picture, if only to reflect your new nickname, Vicbow. A NASCAR hat perhaps?

Vic: I can take my front teeth out.

Andy from Grant's Lick, KY:
It's been 16 years since an NFL team has called Los Angeles home. Without naming names, do you think this will be the decade a team returns?

Vic: I think it's likely. There appears to be a developer in place who'll begin stadium construction when a team agrees to move. At this point, I think it's just a matter of finding a team that'll move.

Nolan from Tampa, FL:
The Cardinals are a team on the rise? Not having Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin and Antrel Rolle this season doesn't seem like an upgrade. I would think that without a Kurt Warner to lead their offense, the Cardinals might have seen their one golden opportunity slip away against the Steelers two years ago.

Vic: When I judge whether a team's arrow is pointing up or down, I do so based mostly on their performance in the draft, and the Cardinals have drafted very well in recent years. They have a good, young nucleus of players. They got two exciting backs in last year's draft, Beanie Wells and LaRod Stephens-Howling, a perfect combination of power and finesse. What they do at the quarterback position will determine their ultimate direction, but there aren't many teams in the league that wouldn't trade their roster head up for the Cardinals'.

Jodi from Orange Park, FL:
The Steelers have two defensive ends in Smith and Keisel entering their 12th and ninth seasons with the team respectively. What is their secret, as neither would be considered dominating pass-rushers?

Vic: Are James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley dominant pass-rushers? I think you're forgetting that in a 3-4, the ends are two-gappers whose responsibility is to take on the tackles, hold the point and allow the linebackers to run free and make plays.

Daniel from Grimsby, UK:
Would you consider the Jaguars a team on the rise?

Vic: If they draft this year as they did last year, they will definitely qualify as a team on the rise.

Riley from Toronto, Canada:
I just wanted to say thank you for the enjoyment of being able to read your column over the past few years. I won't be able to read your column over the next two years because I am going on a mission for my church to Japan and I can only use the Internet for e-mail. One of the things I'll miss most is Jaguar football and reading your column every day. You are the man, Vic, so keep it up and I'll read you again in two years.

Vic: Two years is a long time. I'll try.

James from Jacksonville:
I just wanted to say I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your column every day for the past two years and some months. I'm now shipping out for naval basic training and won't be able to read your column for two months. I'll most definitely miss it. Keep things interesting so that I can have something to enjoy and learn from in a couple of months.

Vic: Two months I can do, I think.

Shon from Bryan, TX:
The Donovan McNabb trade: Good move or bad move?

Vic: How about courageous move or stupid move? Wow! Trading a franchise quarterback to a division rival is dangerous stuff. I can't help but be reminded of the Sonny Jurgensen, Norm Snead swaps between the Eagles and Redskins in the 1960's. What does it say about McNabb that the Eagles were willing to do this? Is this a Bernie Kosar thing? Do the Eagles know McNabb is shot? This is a fascinating personnel move that'll be fun to watch play out. I don't know if I like the move, but I love the courage of the Eagles' convictions. It's all about value and the Eagles believe they are maximizing McNabb's value to them. I like that.

Karim from Miami, FL:
What the Eagles have done is amazing. With the picks they have amassed this offseason, if they draft well they're going to be a real force to reckon with for years to come. Their GM gets it.

Vic: Yes, the Eagles get it. They now have five picks this year in the top 87, and they already have a head start on next year's draft. Some teams collect old names. The Eagles collect draft picks. Beautiful!

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