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Sometimes the schedule makers are smiling down upon you, and they give you a crack at a good team in the midst of a rough patch. This Sunday, the Jaguars will thank those aforementioned schedule makers, because they're seeing a Minnesota squad that, over the past two weeks, has looked distinctly un-Viking-like. Minny's defense, so brick-wall-like early in the season, has loosened up, so here are three of our Jaguars who, on Sunday, could make some hay for FanDuel players.*


In the first half of the season, you don't put Blake Bortles in your FanDuel lineup if he's playing the Vikings…heck, you don't put any quarterback in your FanDuel lineup if he's playing the Vikings. Different story in December, especially considering that last week, coach Gus Bradley dialed up Blake's number a whopping 42 times. The fact that over his last two games, Bortles has rushed ten times for 110 yards certainly doesn't hurt his FanDuel value.


When it comes to FanDuel NFL, some weeks, it's not about the statistics, but rather the circumstances, and that's the case here in Mr. Robinson's neighborhood. Robinson's running buddy, Allen Hurns, is having hamstring problems, and tight end Julius Thomas is having back problems, and A.R.'s FanDuel price tag is a miniscule $6,600, all of which adds up to a spot on your FanDuel roster.


Here's a dirty little secret: Since their week six bye, the Vikes have only topped 20 points twice, and in two of those seven games, they've only managed to put up just ten. If the Jags D can keep Vikings speedster Stefon Diggs under wraps, Jacksonville could be in for a great week.

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