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The need is distinct

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Staman from Jacksonville:
Why did the Jags release James Boyd? He seemed to have a promising future after his outstanding preseason last year. So why didn't we keep him around?

Vic: When a player is released before training camp begins, it usually means the team is absolutely certain of its evaluation of him.

Larry from Ft. Myers, FL:
Could you please address the wide receiver position for this upcoming year? I am also interested/concerned with our younger wide-outs and who you expect to develop into a contributor? We seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on youth at this position and I would welcome any insight.

Vic: Without a doubt, wide receiver is a position of great need on this team. The Jaguars would like to think Kevin Lockett will develop into a competent number-two man, that Donald Hayes will deliver on his potential, that Jimmy Redmond will learn how to use his speed. But the recently-concluded "passing camp" only further clouded the situation. The Jaguars are likely to address the position before training camp begins, but a long-term fix will probably require considerably more time and attention.

Hank from Jacksonville:
Do you think Marcus Stroud has the ability to make the Pro Bowl next year? With another year under his belt, he seems to be ready to dominate. What is your take on Marcus? Has he improved like I think he has?

Vic: Marcus Stroud made a big jump from his rookie season to last year. He became a dependable, every-downs defensive tackle last season and he flashed Pro-Bowl talent on occasion. Now, he needs to express his abilities on a more consistent basis. That's the next level for Stroud. It's what Pro Bowl defensive tackles do.

Jessica from Aurora, IL:
We are huge Jags fans but live in Illinois. We would like to know if the summer training camp schedule has been released and when it is.

Vic: Players report on Friday, July 25, and practices begin the next day. Training camp practices are open to the public. A schedule of practices has yet to be released.

Cici from Jacksonville:
In light of Steve McNair's arrest for DUI, could you please provide us with a review of the NFL's substance abuse policy?

Vic: The first time a player is convicted of a substance-abuse violation or tests positive, he enters the NFL substance abuse program. The first violation subjects the player to random testing. The second violation includes a fine. The third violation results in a four-game suspension. Subsequent violations increase the length of the suspension. Of course, there are other requirements involved, such as submitting to counseling.

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