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The perfect draft scenario

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Eduardo from Delray Beach, FL:
I saw an interview with Crabtree on ESPN and he was referring to himself in the third person. This bothered me because there are already some reports that he has somewhat of a prima donna attitude and then I saw the interview. Is this something that's common in great receivers, common in young receivers or is it a warning sign?

Vic: If you're a personnel man, you have to treat it as an alert because everything about these kids has to be investigated. Scouts are one part talent evaluators and two parts private investigators nowadays. It is easy to see that there is a league-wide emphasis on identifying the troubled prospects and dropping them or eliminating them from teams' boards. It's not only because those players represent a significant financial setback, it's also because of the ill they can bring into your locker room and into your community. Based on what I've seen and heard about this draft, teams are bound and determined to avoid bad guys. I've had conversations with a couple of personnel guys outside the Jaguars organization who flat told me you can not bring that kind of guy into your organization no matter how talented he is. The problem is it's tough to separate fact from fiction. Do you back off a guy because you don't like the way he talks? No, I think you have to have more information than that.

Mandy from Dallas, TX:
What are the real chances of the Jags moving to another city? I moved to Jax with my husband five years ago and we have been season ticket holders for those years. I must admit that I was a Cowboys fan at first but, after watching this team for five years, I am a huge Jags fan and don't want to see this team leave. I have heard so much talk that they may move. We have our season tickets and we are doing our best to support the Jags. What else can we do?

Vic: You're doing all you can do. This is one of the most asked questions I get but it's so unnecessary because everyone knows the answer: Sellouts are good and blackouts are bad. It's just that simple. If this team was on an eight-year or 10-year sellout streak, I wouldn't be answering this question. Is it a question on peoples' mind? Absolutely. Wanna make it go away? Start a sellout streak.

Daniel from Urbandale, IA:
Can any team belong to Blesto or can only teams with managers that have ties to Blesto be involved? If anyone can be involved, why aren't more teams involved?

Vic: Membership isn't restricted and maybe more teams should be Blesto members because three of the last four Super Bowl winners have been Blesto teams. That is a great source of pride for Blesto men, such as Gene Smith, especially considering that there are only seven Blesto teams.

Rod from Liverpool, UK:
What factors would the Jags have to consider if they were to trade down?

Vic: There are three main questions the Jaguars would have to consider: 1.) Would the move down represent a significant financial savings? 2.) Would the picks they get in exchange represent commensurate value? 3.) Is there enough talent to where they are moving to select a player who might provide similar impact to the player they could select at pick eight? In my opinion, this draft is flat enough at the top and deep enough overall to make any kind of respectable trade offer attractive.

Jason from Orange Park, FL:
What does it say about our fan base (perhaps society in general) when an event such as the uniform unveiling, which was supposed to symbolize renewed hope and a fresh start to the franchise, is met with constant whining and criticism? Fast forward to the draft? Let's fast forward to the season. At least then our fans can complain about something that actually happens on the field.

Vic: You would not want me to be the owner of the Jaguars because I would not be nearly as gracious or as generous as Wayne Weaver has been. If I were the owner, there wouldn't have been any uniform changes in the first place and certainly no all-black version, and any unsold tickets would routinely result in a 72-hours-before-kickoff blackout announcement. No owner in the league has tried harder to energize his team's fan base.

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Do you think Eugene Monroe will be gone before the eighth pick, or you don't think he's worth the pick?

Vic: I absolutely think he's worth the pick, which is the reason I have him number two on my all-important value board. In my opinion, Monroe would be the perfect pick for the Jaguars. I don't think there's another player in this draft who would fit this team's needs and its quest for value more perfectly than Monroe. All indications are that he won't fall. He's an accomplished pass-blocker at the most premium pass-blocking position and he's a solid citizen. Concerns about a knee injury, however, have surfaced recently and you never know what something like that can do to a guy's stock. Could Monroe fall to the Jaguars? I asked that question of a high-ranking figure on Thursday and the answer I got was no.

Alex from Orange, CA:
Is there a story behind the Steelers only having the logo on the right side? I like that they only have writing in one of the end zones, as well. That's the kind of tradition that people want, but how can you get that nowadays? Hopefully, our tradition doesn't end up being tarping over seats.

Vic: So, if the Jaguars removed the cat head from the left side of their helmet and only put their name in one end zone, that would make fans happy and the Jaguars would instantly have tradition? I won't believe that. I think those six Super Bowl trophies are what would make Jaguars fans happy. Just win, baby.

John from North Little Rock, AR:
I love your value board, not because I agree with every spot, but because it is your opinion and it is different from all the others. You put players in the order you thought they belonged, not where everyone else does, and I think you did a standup job. Keep up the good work. One last note: I really like the new uniforms.

Vic: I showed my all-important value board to a top scout and asked for his opinion. He made a few facial gestures and nodded a couple of times as he studied it, and then he said, "I like it. I think you'll get 30 of 32." My response to him was, "I don't want to get 30 of 32. It's not a mock draft. What I want is for a couple of years down the road to look back at my value board and be satisfied that it was an indication of performance."

Mike from Albany, NY:
I have not heard much about him, but any chance Peria Jerry is being considered by the Jags at eight? It may be early but I really like him.

Vic: I think the Jaguars like him. I think the Jaguars really like him. Eight? I don't know about that, but if the Jags trade down, I think Jerry would become a definite consideration.

John from Old Town, FL:
What has our value been with Gator players? Mike Peterson and Fred Taylor are the only two that were worth the picks. Reggie Nelson is still proving himself. I think we need to look at other schools besides Florida. I have seen more quality players come out of FSU and Miami than Florida. What do you think, Vic?

Vic: I've heard that there are even college football teams and players outside the state of Florida. I think the Jaguars should find out who those players are, rank them with the players from Florida and then draft the best available players, regardless of where they played college football. Someone once told me that's why they call it the NATIONAL Football League.

David from Jacksonville:
If the deal was on the table, would you trade Harvey for the draft rights to Orakpo?

Vic: That's an interesting philosophy. Let me see, you draft a defensive end and pay his enormous signing bonus, then trade him to one of your competitors a year later so you can draft another defensive end in the same slot and then pay his enormous signing bonus. Do you trade him next year, too?

Matt from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
In your opinion, what is the best scenario for the Jaguars in this weekend's draft?

Vic: Mark Sanchez is available when the Jaguars go on the clock and at least two teams desperately wanting to draft Sanchez drive the price of a trade up so that the Jaguars come away with a collection of picks that become the foundation on which the future of this franchise is built. That was my hope when I went to the combine and, two months later, it'll be my hope on draft day.

Hardy from Palatka, FL:
What two words would best describe how you would feel if Aaron Curry were to fall to the Jaguars at pick eight?

Vic: Assuming Sanchez is gone and the phone's not ringing, those two words would be, "Pick him."

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