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The proper perspective

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Derrick from Jacksonville:
I listen to the (radio) show and love it every Wednesday because you are so informative. My question is a general one about expectation. I'm of the feeling we will probably go 8-8 the first year because of the new coaching staff. Is this realistic? People seem to think that because you spend a lot of money you are going all the way.

Vic: I think 8-8 is a great standard with which to approach this season because it allows adjustment up or down. This team is in the midst of major change and we need to be realistic in our expectations, but not surrender hope of something stunning happening. I believe that is the proper perspective.

Jermaine from Jacksonville:
Where do you feel Mark Brunell ranks among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL?

Vic: Mark Brunell is at a crossroads in his career. Most would consider him to still be among the upper half of the quarterbacks in the league, but there are those who wonder if his best years aren't behind him. He needs a strong performance this season to prove his skills aren't eroding.

John from St. Augustine, FL:
Do you think it's possible for Tony Boselli to make it into the Hall of Fame some day, even though he had a fairly short playing career? Do you think he has any bad feelings toward the Jags for offering him in the expansion draft?

Vic: Tony Boselli's career was too short for any realistic expectation of making the Hall of Fame. But I won't rule out the possibility. What if 30 years from now there's still no one in the Hall of Fame representing the Jaguars? Would the Hall of Fame committee become receptive to the idea of electing Boselli because he was a great player who also happened to be the identity of the most successful expansion franchise in NFL history? My friends on the Hall of Fame selection committee would tell me, "You're dreamin', Vic," but I think it's the only hope for Tony getting in. He was the first draft choice in the franchise's history, the Jaguars were one of the winningest teams in the league in the first five years of their existence, and it may be a long, long time before the Jaguars can offer another candidate. As far as ill feelings about being offered in the expansion draft, Tony was originally upset because he had re-structured his contract every year to help the team get under the salary cap, and all of that re-structuring resulted in him having to be released. I think the team and Tony now realize the rampant re-structurings that occurred in the early years of this team's history were a mistake both parties regret.

David from Port Orange, FL:
How long have draft picks been more valuable than trading players? On a different note, how do football plays get named?

Vic: Draft picks have been more valuable than players for as long as I've covered the NFL (over 30 years). Plays and formations are named subjectively. Run plays have traditionally incorporated running back and offensive line numbering systems; even numbers to the right and odd numbers to the left; the four hole, the six hole, etc. For example, "46 Blast" may mean the four-back through the six-hole with blast-technique blocking. Pass plays incorporate formation, receiver and route terminologies. For example, "Wide right, slot left, X (receiver) slant." And then there's terminology that has special meaning. For example, Buddy Ryan named the Bears' "46 Defense" in honor of safety Doug Plank, who wore number 46.

Keith from Neptune Beach, FL:
Why did Houston take Tony Boselli? Could Houston take any kind of action against the Jags if his health (or lack of health) was concealed in some way?

Vic: Houston drafted Tony Boselli because they believed he would be the foundation on which they would build their offensive line of the future, and because the Texans knew they were going to draft David Carr with the first overall choice of the draft and they wanted to make sure Carr's blindside was protected. All of this was decided after the Texans were allowed to examine Boselli's shoulders, and after a neutral league medical examiner agreed Boselli could be expected to make a full recovery. The Jaguars have no culpability or liability in the Texans' decision.

Tim from Jacksonville:
Do you think Tony will try to retire as a Jaguar? I know other players have re-signed with former teams for this purpose, or is it not possible due to money?

Vic: I don't understand this stuff about Tony Boselli retiring as a Jaguar. He never played a down for any other team. Carnell Lake played one season for the Jaguars, but will anybody ever think of Lake as not being a Steeler? Is Joe Montana's identity as the heart and soul of the 49ers tainted by a few years with the Chiefs? Boselli is the embodiment of the Jaguars franchise. Nothing procedural is required.

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