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They can all spell moron

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tony from Jacksonville:
Tell us what you think of "Teal Deals." I think it's a great idea and I'm hoping it gives us a push in ticket sales. Do you really think it will save the franchise?

Vic: It's possibly the best collaborative marketing strategy in NFL history and, yes, it could save the franchise. I can't wait to get my two "Teal Deals" booklets for the club seats I own. The retailers in "Teal Deals" are places I patronize a lot and the offers are legit half off. If you use those retailers as I do, the savings in each booklet could represent the equivalent of a free season ticket. What happened to all of the people who blamed poor marketing for the Jaguars' attendance problems? I think we can all agree that the marketing programs the Jaguars currently have in place are a lot more creative and effective than billboards in Orlando. Scratch one more excuse off the list.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Any word on when the schedule is going to be released?

Vic: Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.

Scott from London, England:
The Jaguars are on the clock and Clausen and McClain are still on the board. You have two trade offers, one from the 49ers and one from the Eagles, both wanting to trade up and get Clausen. What would you do and why?

Vic: I like Jimmy Clausen and I'd be tempted to pick him if he was at the top of my board. If he wasn't at the top of my board, then the decision would be easy: Take the best trade offer. If he was on top of my board, then the trade-down offer would have to be pretty good, but I'd likely lean in that direction for two reasons: 1.) This is a great draft for defense and the Jaguars are desperate for help on the defensive side of the ball. An extra pick, especially if it's in the second round, would likely add one long-term defensive player. 2.) Next year's draft is going to be loaded at quarterback. I can get my guy then. Folks, I have a feeling the quarterback position is going to undergo change in college football. I sense that the spread offense days are just about over. Texas is getting away from the spread because Mack Brown doesn't like the fact that his team couldn't run the ball against the power teams. I think the college coaches have figured out how to stop the spread and I think we're going to see a proliferation of pro-style quarterbacks returning to the college game, which is good news for the NFL. I don't think this is a good year to get your quarterback. I think patience at the position would be the better option.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Other teams better hope Kevin Kolb and LeSean McCoy do not replace McNabb and Westbrook because, if they do, with the young players and draft picks the Eagles have, they might be the team to beat for the next 5-10 years. What's not to like about the Eagles future?

Vic: It's all in Kolb's hands. If he's the guy they think he is, your assessment will be right on.

Julio the real estate broker from Riverside, CA:
Teal Deals? Coupon books? Maybe, just maybe, the fans don't care if they lose the Jags. This is starting to sound like fatal attraction. They just don't love the Jags. Sounds like the marriage is over and the franchise does not want to move on. It's over! Come to California. I will show you and your wife some houses.

Vic: Leave "Teal Deals?" Are you crazy?

John from Jacksonville:
Would you please explain what group sales are and what is meant by "8,000 of those are being aggressively moved into the group sales category?"

Vic: Group sales are sales of tickets to groups of 10 or more. In other words, it's the Jaguars aggressively marketing their product to businesses, church groups, social clubs, divorce encounter groups, sex-addiction classes, work release programs, buses that made a wrong turn, etc. Heading into yesterday's press conference, the Jaguars had 21,281 tickets to sell to avoid TV blackouts for this season. That number doesn't include 17,000 premium seats that were taken out of the equation when this whole push began. Now 8,000 more have been taken out of the equation by the Jaguars, who are accepting full responsibility for the sale of those tickets. The stadium capacity is 67,000-plus. Take 17,000 and 8,000 off 67,000 and what do you have? And what did Wayne Weaver say you can't draw and expect to have a viable franchise? Do the math, folks. This is it. This is save the whale. The business community is certainly doing its part.

Patrick from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
What do you think about Tiger Woods' golf course behavior?

Vic: There's only one part of his golf course behavior that concerns me: The respect and courtesy with which he treats his competition. That fist-pump and putting out crap has to go. If he wants to throw clubs, go ahead, I don't care. It doesn't bother me that a guy curses. I curse. I don't care if a guy gets mad at himself and stomps around. I get mad at myself and stomp around. Stop the fist-pumps.

Lee from Laurel, MD:
So why didn't the Jaguars pursue Santonio Holmes?

Vic: My guess is they didn't want the headaches. You have to be a big franchise to withstand the trouble you could be inheriting with players such as Holmes and Antonio Cromartie. The Jets are a big franchise in a big market. I don't think the Jaguars or Jacksonville are big enough to endure the kind of fallout a problem player represents. Let's not forget that a couple of years ago Jaguars fans were screaming about Khalif Barnes' DUI, Bobby McCray's speeding and Reggie Williams and Matt Jones' possession arrests. Gene Smith has cleaned up this roster and I sense that the Jacksonville community likes what Smith has done. You can't have it both ways.

Joey from Presque Isle, ME:
The Patriots haven't improved their team in years and are only getting older. The Jets are fresh and are the team to beat in the AFC East, right?

Vic: I would agree.

Tommy from Callahan, FL:
You wouldn't consider the 2004 QB class as good as the 1983 class?

Vic: The 1983 class gave us John Elway, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, all of whom are in the Hall of Fame. The 2004 class is led by Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. The '04 class has won more Super Bowls, but the '83 class played in 10.

Kevin from Floral Park, NY:
I was wondering how much lying, if any, occurs on draft day in order to try and obtain better value? For example, can a team say that it was given a better offer when it really wasn't?

Vic: General managers and personnel directors are given an exemption from the ninth commandment.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
Do you like how the Suns' new uniforms resemble the Pirates'?

Vic: The losing will start soon.

Joe from Jacksonville:
From Adam Schefter: "Denver has recouped an impressive two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a third-round pick and quarterback Kyle Orton in exchange for Jay Cutler and Marshall."

Vic: That's how you do it.

John from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Save the franchise with BBQ or our hometown hero, Tim Tebow?

Vic: I'm not allowed to eat pork anymore, but I love Bono's grilled chicken salad. I gotta go with the BBQ, but if Tebow's there when the Jaguars make their second pick, then pick him and I'll take him to Bono's with one of my "Teal Deals" coupons.

John from Jacksonville:
How good was Deion Sanders at his position, in your opinion?

Vic: He was the best pure coverage corner in NFL history and Darrelle Revis is the best I've seen since.

Spencer from Atlanta, GA:
I just watched the Villanova vs. Montana replay from this past championship game (missed it originally with holiday travel), and it was intense. Any thoughts on some of those guys and the upcoming draft?

Vic: Villanova's left tackle will be a top prospect in next year's draft.

Kenneth from Jacksonville:
Johnny Miller is, by far, my favorite announcer in sports. His passion and love for the game resonate in his work and he's always honest and never afraid to speak the truth. Although the Masters' winning score was quite low for a major, I was glad it wasn't like a U.S. Open-style course. The Masters has always been known for its risk/reward style of golf, which is refreshing. Just ask Phil on 13, right?

Vic: You wanna know the truth about that shot? It wasn't that difficult. We see trees. Those guys see openings. The lie was good and the opening was wide and right in front of him. Years ago I was covering a golf tournament and I marveled at a shot Al Geiberger hit from behind a tree. I expressed my amazement to him later and he said: "It wasn't that tough. I had an opening. That's all we want. If we have an opening, we should get it through there."

Ryan from Las Vegas, NV:
Please write a book. I don't know if I've ever known anything to be so informative, entertaining and hilarious all at the same time. About how many times are you called a moron every day?

Vic: It varies, according to the volume of e-mails. I'd say that, on an average, I'm a moron 5-10 times a day. Usually, those e-mails appear as though they were written by somebody who couldn't get past the word cat in a spelling bee, but the crazy part is they all know how to spell the word moron. They never misspell moron.

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