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They were not 'easy'

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

David from Port Orange, FL:
I have a question about the Jaguars' schedule. Last season, the Jaguars battled against some "easy teams," or games we should've won in the first weeks of the season. Then the Jaguars fell apart once we faced a contender; the Tennessee Titans. My question is: Could the tough schedule at the beginning of this season have an effect toward how the team sees itself in November and December?

Vic: David, I'm going to answer with a no because of the way you presented the question. "Easy teams?" The Jaguars' first three wins last season were: at Kansas City and at home against the Jets and Eagles. The Eagles (12-4) made it to the NFC title game, the Jets (9-7) lost in the second round of the playoffs, and winning at Arrowhead Stadium is a major accomplishment in any season. Those three "easy teams" were a combined 29-19 last season. The Jaguars then took their shocking 3-1 record to 1-4 Tennessee, where the Jaguars lost. From that point on, the Jaguars were 3-9 the rest of the way. Obviously, their fast start did not help them late in the season.

Bruce from Jacksonville:
How would other teams' personnel experts assess Mark Brunell in terms of reading defenses, leadership, etc. In short, what are Brunell's weaknesses as an NFL quarterback?

Vic: I expect personnel people around the league consider Mark Brunell to have veteran skills, which include an overall field generalship and sound management of the game. His weakness is the same as any quarterback heading into his mid-30's; wear and tear take their toll. Brunell no longer has the scrambling ability that was the catalyst to his rise to stardom in 1996.

Ryan from Lorton, VA:
I have a question that's not really Jaguars related but NFL Europe related. I understand why the NFL allocates players to NFL Europe but how and who determines which teams they go to? Is there a draft or lottery program?

Vic: The NFL teams allocate players to NFL Europe, then NFL Europe assigns those players to its member teams. Those assignments are made according to what NFL Europe would consider to be a fair distribution of the talent allocated.

George from Memphis, TN:
What is your take on David Allen, a Jacksonville running back allocated to NFL Europe? He's breaking records and his coaches have nothing but praise for him. Although he's a small back at 5-9, 195, he sure seems to have the right attitude. Do you think there's a spot for him on the Jaguars roster behind Fred Taylor or Jermaine Lewis? If nothing else, he's a great special teams player.

Vic: It's wide open behind Fred Taylor, and that's where it would appear David Allen would have the best chance to make the Jaguars' final roster. Jermaine Lewis got a $1 million signing bonus on a three-year contract, and that makes Lewis somewhat of a lock to be the Jaguars' return man. The Jaguars need hungry, young players. Allen will have a solid opportunity to make this team.

Zac from Roseburg, OR:
I was wondering how you thought Moe Williams is going to do this year? Last season, when he got hurt, it was a tremendous blow to the already depleted offensive line. This year, it would seem to be even more important that he not get hurt. What do you think?

Vic: Maurice Williams is completely recovered from the broken leg he suffered at Tennessee and which required surgery. I expect him to pick up where he left off last season, when he was the Jaguars' best offensive lineman at the point in the season when he was injured.

Jared from Jacksonville:
If a player retires, are the salary cap ramifications the same as if the player was cut.

Vic: Yes.

David from LaCanada, CA:
What single position do you think the Jaguars need the most?

Vic: Wide receiver appears to be the Jaguars' position of greatest need.

Nick from Jacksonville:
A recent poll on asked who the fans thought would be the biggest immediate contributor of all our draft picks this year. I personally think Rashean Mathis and George Wrighster -- assuming Kyle Brady is let go --will contribute the most this season. Who do you think will have the largest immediate impact?

Vic: Third-round pick Vince Manuwai appears to have the clearest path to a starting job.

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