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This game could be a must-win

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tony from Daytona Beach, FL:
I just wanted to say thank you for the work you put into your in-game blog. I was not able to make it to the game because of a back injury and our local CBS affiliate is out of Orlando and did not show the Jags game. I had never used your blog to follow the game before, but I felt with the instant updates like I was still a spectator. So thank you very much, Vic. I appreciate your dedication to the fans.

Vic: I enjoy doing the blog. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

C.D. from Jacksonville:
What in the Sam Hill is wrong with you people? I have been here two years. This is our team. I moved here from Arkansas and I can tell you Matt Jones hung the moon where I come from. I became interested in the Jags because of him. I think the Jags are an exciting team and I think they were under a lot of pressure against the Texans. When the Jags go into a game confident, they come out the winner. I don't think one single fan had confidence in our Jags that they could even win. How do you expect them to perform when they are being dogged and pressured?

Vic: So what should we do, have a pep rally with a bonfire?

John from Jacksonville:
Why can't you admit you were wrong about the QB situation?

Vic: All right, I was wrong. Now what did I say?

Charles from Jacksonville:
Do you think drafting very tall receivers is flawed?

Vic: Tall receivers are fine, but only if they're productive. Plaxico Burress is. He's the best example of what height can mean to a player. Burress is not a burner but he catches a lot of deep balls as a result of his ability to use his height to go up over defenders. He also knows how to use his wingspan to ward off defenders. If you have a tall receiver who doesn't know how to use his height, what good is he? It all comes down to whether or not a guy is productive, regardless of his size. Marques Colston is a big guy and he knows how to use his size. Hines Ward isn't a big guy but he may be the most physical wide receiver who's ever played the game. Marvin Harrison gets it done with skill and technique; he's a craftsman. The thing I don't like about tall receivers is they can only ever be one thing, a tall receiver. They're usually long-striders, which means they'll never be quick into and out of their cuts, and I think quickness is the single-most important ingredient in wide receiver play.

Christian from Jacksonville:
People don't like you because you're right most of the time.

Vic: I'll try to be wrong more often.

Eddie from Orlando, FL:
At this point in the season, what do you think our chances are for making the playoffs? It seems like Miami and the Chargers gave us a gift in keeping pace for the wild-card spot.

Vic: Here's my formula for making the playoffs: Win five, including the regular-season finale at Kansas City. Ten wins will usually get a team into the playoffs. Given that formula, the Jaguars would then have 10 wins and a head to head sweep of the Chiefs and Jets, and head to head is the number one tie-breaker.

Oscar from Jacksonville:
Can you tell me why didn't they booth review that fourth-down play? It seemed to me that deserved a closer look.

Vic: There can be only one reason: the review guy in the booth didn't get a shot that showed where the ball was. Judging by where the runner went into the pile and how far the pile didn't move, I didn't think the Texans got the first down, but I never saw the ball again after it went into the pile, from any angle. Let's also remember that this was probably the lowest-profile game of the whole weekend. CBS sent their "Z" crew to do the game, which means they didn't commit many cameras to the production. The review guy in the booth probably took a look at the one or two camera angles available and knew right away he didn't have what he needed to overturn the spot.

Joe from Jefferson City, MO:
I'm thinking of proposing to my girlfriend and I want to do it in a way that she will be proud to tell the story. Any ideas?

Vic: It's all about ring size.

Rob from Delona, FL:
Don't worry about giving me that merit badge. I left the Texans game after Garrard threw the interception in the end zone, but I'll be back on Monday night.

Vic: I don't understand this leave-early thing. You sat through 55 minutes of football that produced no touchdowns and little excitement for the Jaguars, then you left and the Jaguars immediately scored. All of the drama in that game was in the final five minutes. Why did you leave? If you knew you were going to leave early, why even go to the game? Everybody knows NFL games usually come down to the last possession. I'm at a loss to understand why people leave early. If I've bought the ticket and paid the parking, why leave when the excitement begins? The one that absolutely boggles my mind is this halftime-exit thing. It's as though the fans have been abducted by aliens. They literally disappear at halftime. I'm not saying don't do it, I just can't figure out why people do it, especially in Jacksonville, which moves traffic away from Alltel Stadium better, by far, than any other stadium in the league.

Steve from Orange Park, FL:
How about a top 10 reason why I left early Sunday before the Jaguars almost came back and tied the Texans? "I sit in the north end zone and my nose was getting sunburned."

Vic: So what's the excuse going to be on Monday night? "It was getting late and I heard my mommy calling me."

Alfie from Jacksonville:
Am I the only who finds it weird that all of a sudden the wide receivers dropping the ball is a problem? Maybe Garrard throws it too hard, too, right?

Vic: I like the sarcasm. Of course, you know this isn't a new problem. Let's go back to the first game of the preseason. Remember? On just the sixth play of the game, a Byron Leftwich pass glanced off Matt Jones' hands and into the hands of a Dolphins defender. Thirteen games later, it's still happening, and it has nothing to do with the velocity of the pass. Byron Leftwich was criticized unfairly for throwing the ball too hard. The people who made that criticism should be ashamed of themselves. On Sunday, the three passes that glanced off Jones' hands were anything but hot-potato throws. David Garrard may have even feathered those throws. Jones isn't the only one dropping passes. Jack Del Rio counted seven drops in Sunday's game. Passers pass and catchers catch. It's not the quarterback's job to catch the ball, too. Just catch the darn ball.

Brendan from Toronto, Ontario:
How strong is the second half of the Chiefs' schedule?

Vic: It's not a killer, but it's formidable. They have two games against Oakland, but they also have to play Denver and at San Diego. The Chiefs' other three games are at Cleveland, Baltimore and Jacksonville. If you asked me to handicap that schedule, I'd say the Chiefs will probably win four games before the Jaguars come to town. That would put the Chiefs at nine wins. See what I mean? The trick for the Jaguars is finding a way to win four games before they go to Kansas City. That's why I think this Monday night's game against the Giants is a must-win. It would be very difficult to get four wins before the Kansas City game without beating the Giants.

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