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This is a huge emotional game


The following is a transcript of a question and answer session between Senior Writer Vic Ketchman and Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.

VK: What are your thoughts about this Sunday's game against Tennessee?

WW: This is a huge emotional game for us, Vic, because we had a chance to go all the way last year and the Titans were the spoiler. I think our guys are going to be really up for this game. It's in our stadium, so I would be disappointed if we don't see our guys play with an emotion and an intensity that we saw in the Pittsburgh game last Sunday night.

VK: Did Jeff Fisher's remark about Alltel Stadium being the Titans' other homefield bother you?

WW: I don't caught up with remarks by coaches or players. I don't think he meant anything derogatory. I just think he was saying they had a lot of success here, but I think the players think about it and I think some of our players and coaches were offended by it. I will tell you that Bud Adams (Titans owner) was very supportive of us getting the Super Bowl. He stood up in the room prior to the vote and gave us a ringing endorsement.

VK: What would a win over the Titans do for the Jaguars?

WW: I think it would be a huge confidence and morale builder for this team. Tennessee is a really good football team, as their record would indicate. They've probably been the most consistent team in the NFL, in terms of wins, so, I would tell you that it would be a huge confidence builder for this football team.

VK: What are you looking for in the way of a response from your fans this Sunday against Tennessee?

WW: I think you're going to see our fans really show up here. Hopefully, it's going to be a crystal clear, cool day, great football weather. I think you're going to see our fans fill this stadium. I think you'll see the kind of emotion you saw in one of our playoff games last year. I think it's going to be important that we have a big crowd, a loud crowd and an enthusiastic crowd, and I think we're going to have those things.

VK: On the heels of Fred Taylor's great performance in Pittsburgh, is it safe to say Taylor is the player around whom you'll build your teams of the future?

WW: Certainly, Fred is a very special football player, and you have to have guys like that if you're going to compete at the very highest level. I keep saying this is a team sport, that you've got to have the great running back, which we have in Fred Taylor, you've got to have the quarterback who can make the plays, like a Mark Brunell, and you've got to have the Jimmy Smiths and the Keenan McCardells and the Tony Bosellis and the Kevin Hardys and the Tony Brackens; you've got to have all of those things if you're going to win in this league. This is a tough league to win in and get to the final goal of the Super Bowl. You have to have all of those ingredients and we'll work hard to try to make sure we'll keep all of these people.

VK: When you're out in the public, what's the number one question people ask you?

WW: What happened to this football team this year? and I really don't have an answer for that, except that we've just been decimated by injuries. I believe that if you go back to the games we lost, we could've won a lot more football games than we've won, and for whatever reason we made mistakes and didn't take advantage of opportunities, but that's behind us and we can only look forward to these last games and, hopefully, salvage whatever we can of the season.

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