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This is for you, ladies

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Shauna from Houston, TX:
What statement is Bill Belichick making with his wardrobe?

Vic: Belichick is somewhat of a rogue or loose cannon. He's the last guy who would ever buy into the league's marketing plan. The statement I think he makes with his sideline attire is: "I'm just a football coach. Let me alone."

Caitlyn from Mayport Beach, FL:
In 1999, who went to the Pro Bowl for the Jaguars?

Vic: Tony Boselli was selected but did not play due to an injury. Tony Brackens, Mark Brunell, Kevin Hardy, Carnell Lake, Leon Searcy and Jimmy Smith played in the game.

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
Although you have answered some of my questions in the last few years, I find this quite degrading, having just a "Ladies Day" so we can get our questions answered. Have you once thought about how many women football fans there are? Let's here your smart answer.

Vic: What did I do wrong? I thought you'd like this. I'll never understand yinze guys.

Jasmine from Tampa, FL:
All throughout the year, Jack and Byron told us the offense would click. Judge us at the end of the year, they said. Well, the end is here. Where are all of those 40-point games we were promised?

Vic: It was 30-point games, not 40, and there were four of them from the middle of November until the end of the season.

Rhonda from Little Rock, AR: :
I noticed during the game the other day that several of the Jaguars came from high schools, not colleges. Did that many of them really come out of high school into the NFL draft? This is my first season to watch pro football so maybe I misunderstood.

Vic: You misunderstood. All of the players on the Jaguars roster played college football. I assume they all played high school football, too.

Mary from Middleburg, FL:
I just wanted to say that I have asked you several questions and about 95 percent of them you have answered.

Vic: All right, I'm not a chauvinist.

Courtney from Atlanta, GA:
Does a team consider a player's looks when drafting them?

Vic: I don't think so.

Julie from Tucson, AZ:
I think the Jaguars cheerleaders are hot. I know what you're thinking, but I just appreciate hotness.

Vic: I don't wanna hear that.

Marjorie from Jacksonville: :
I'm a female and I have a stupid question. I have seen several quarterbacks repeatedly lick their hands before a play. Why? Dan Marino seemed to be the one I noticed taking this action the most, but I have seen Brett Favre and Peyton Manning doing it on occasion. Is it traction?

Vic: It's what football players mean when they talk about "getting their licks in." Actually, Marjorie, licking his fingers helps a quarterback grip the football. Try it some time.

Jane from Jacksonville:
You do realize you are going to get questions from guys who simply use a girl name, don't you?

Vic: I will find them out, expose them and ban them for life.

Bonnie from Orlando, FL:
You've made it too easy for all those crummy football-loving guys to put Ms. at the front of their names and get their silly questions answered! How are you going to stop them? I could even be a guy.

Vic: I don't wanna hear that, either.

Lisa (Legs) from Allentown, PA:
All woman here, blonde and feisty. If the Pats somehow win it all again this year, in your opinion, would they surpass the Steelers of the '70's and '49ers of the '80's as the most impressive dynasty in NFL history?

Vic: If the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year, I would consider it to be a greater accomplishment than what the Steelers and 49ers did.

Danielle from Jacksonville:
Could there be any cap casualty guys this year?

Vic: The guys who would come to mind are Jimmy Smith and Kyle Brady. Jimmy would make $3.6 million in salary in 2006. He realized $600,000 in incentives in 2005 and that money becomes "Likely To Be Earned" in '06. His $1.75 million in amortization would stay on the cap but the Jaguars would save his $4.2 million of salary and LTBE money if he was released. Jack Del Rio, however, said on Sunday that he expects Jimmy to be back in '06. Kyle Brady is due to make $2.5 million in salary, which would be the Jaguars' savings if they cut him.

Candice from Los Angeles, CA:
What NFL quarterback of the past or present does Vince Young remind you of most?

Vic: He resembles no one.

Joanna from Pontypridd, Wales, UK:
What's the difference between an unrestricted free agent and a restricted free agent?

Vic: An unrestricted free agent has four or more accrued seasons and is free to sign with any team in the league. A restricted free agent has three accrued seasons and his movement in the league, depending on the level of tender assigned to him by his original team, is governed by his original team which can, if it chooses, retain first-refusal rights.

Ms. Manners from Daytona, FL:
I'm guessing you didn't get any questions from men today, did you, Vic?

Vic: Are you kidding? They're too stupid to think "Ladies Day" might not pertain to them. I was flooded with questions from men. I deleted them without reading them. This is "Ladies Day."

Debbie from Orange Park, FL:
Trade Leftwich?

Vic: No.

Erica from Kansas City, MO:
Why does the NFL base a team's position in the draft solely on record, as opposed to also incorporating playoff seeding for postseason teams?

Vic: The answer is simply that the NFL chooses to emphasize a team's 16-game record over its playoff seeding. The league believes that's the truest indicator of a team's position and place. The last two spots in the draft order, however, are not determined by record. The Super Bowl loser drafts 31st and the Super Bowl winner drafts 32nd, regardless of their record.

Kristi from St. Augustine Beach, FL:
Can Byron Leftwich's windup be adjusted to a quicker release or would that interfere with his accuracy?

Vic: You'd like your quarterback to have textbook mechanics. Leftwich doesn't but I don't think it's that big of a deal. Jack Del Rio was right on the money the other day when he talked about Leftwich needing to get rid of the ball faster. He wasn't talking about his release or his windup, he was talking about throwing the ball sooner, instead of standing in the pocket and staring down receivers. That's the next hurdle for Leftwich; find his receiver and make the throw sooner. It's critical. In my opinion, it will determine the degree to which he will succeed in this league.

Sandra from Daytona Beach, FL:
Rob Johnson had a slow delivery; took lots of hits and is out of football.

Vic: Johnson did not have a slow delivery. He had a textbook release and delivery. He is the son of a coach and Rob's mechanics were perfect. Rob's problem was the same as Byron's. Rob stared down receivers. He sat in the pocket fearlessly and took a horrible beating from the pass-rush.

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