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This is how you do it

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

James from Tallahassee, FL:
What makes a player eligible or not eligible for the practice squad?

Vic: If you are on a team's 45-man active roster for nine games in any season, you are no longer eligible for the practice squad. A player may be on the practice squad for three seasons in his career, and three games on the practice squad in any season counts as one season on the practice squad.

Seth from Jacksonville:
The Titans say Matt Jones would fit well in their system and are working on signing him. What is different about their system from that of the Jaguars that makes him fit well?

Vic: I guess they throw the ball higher.

Ryan from Jacksonville: asked, "Which QB would you want behind center for a must-score drive in the final minutes of a game?" I voted Peyton Manning because he is indeed clutch. The other options were Ben Roethlisberger with 13 percent of the votes, Tom Brady with 32 percent of the votes, Drew Brees with nine percent and any other QB at nine percent. Peyton Manning was at 30 percent. Who would you want leading your team late in the fourth quarter in a must-score situation?

Vic: Brady.

Eric from East Lansing, MI:
Once a small-market team (assuming no salary cap) has found and developed its own Tom Brady, won't it lose him in free agency because it can't afford to re-sign him?

Vic: Not if they pay him market value. You have to pay the quarterback because the supply of great ones is limited. What I'm saying is the supply of players at the other positions is bountiful and that's where a small-market team can cut cost by being better than its high-revenue counterparts at replacing players at the other positions.

Jason from Irvine, CA:
I was going to see the Jaguars in San Francisco because of how close it is, but I've decided to fly to Jacksonville for my 21st birthday and enjoy the game against the Rams the following day. Marion just makes the experience sound too good to pass up.

Vic: I have a great idea for a marketing slogan: "Be a Marion."

Chris from Daytona Beach, FL:
Thursday night was the first time I was affected by a blackout. It was painful. I missed the return of Mike Sims-Walker and Rashad Jennings. I missed the first starts for Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton. I missed seeing rookies Mike Thomas and Derek Cox take the field for the first time and the great special teams play by Tyron Brackenridge. It may have been the last time Joe Z ever suits up for the Jags. I am devastated I missed it. Thank you for the heads up. You were right. My friend and I are buying flex packs within the week.

Vic: I have been saying it for years that the Jaguars needed to start blacking out games. The habit of getting football for free on TV has to be broken. Maybe this year will do it.

Mikey from Lake City, FL:
OK, you have the conn. Do you favor keeping the promise of undeveloped youth, or remaining stable with seasoned veterans?

Vic: Did you really need to ask? It's a young man's game. This team got old and that's why it collapsed last year.

William from O'Brien, FL:
I watched the highlights and think this could be a special year for the Jaguars, not that they will go deep into the playoffs or even make them, but it appears they have finally turned a corner on their draft classes. Now that the preseason is over, what are your thoughts?

Vic: My dominant thought is that this is how you do it. This is how I've wanted this team to do it for all the years I've covered it. You draft the best available players, plug them in and begin their ascent. The sooner you start, the sooner you return to the ranks of the playoff contenders. The first four picks of this draft class will likely be starters this season. Do you realize what kind of instant nucleus for the future that is? We're also talking about premium positions. In my opinion, every draft pick is worth keeping and can be developed into a long-term player for this team. What that means for the team's future should be obvious. Draft and develop, patch in cheap free agency. When the seats are full, all will be well in Jacksonville.

Ray from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Why sign a guy to a contract extension just to release him? That's awful.

Vic: It's a tough game for tough guys.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Gene Smith not only made the roster better but, by the looks of it, may save the Jaguars a lot of money, too.

Vic: That's a perfect example of what I mean when I say small-market teams have to be better at what they do than the high-revenue teams. The high-revenue teams can throw money at their mistakes. The small-market teams can't afford to make mistakes. Anybody can buy players. The good teams find players.

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