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This is the right Vic

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tim from Milroy, PA:
Just read your article, "No Clear Winner in Owens vs. Moss." What game were you watching?

Vic: You got the wrong Vic. This is the right Vic.

Gary from Fernandina Beach, FL:
I am all for supporting our local college students, but will the drum line be pounding over the PA system at every home game?

Vic: It's what they do. They pound.

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
After reading your editorial on Leftwich and winning I agree and, of course, disagree. Yes, we are winning. Yes, Leftwich isn't carrying the offense the way he should. I just want to remind you that when our luck does run out, we, the fans, will complain and whine. Leftwich had his rookie year and a lot of money tied up in him. We gave up a good veteran QB for him. We, the fans, just want our just reward. I love defense but they are just part of the we in team. He better come around, fast.

Vic: I can assure you, he will not come around fast. There is nothing fast about the development of a young quarterback. In almost all cases, it is slow and arduous and there is no guarantee it will have been a success. Such is the nature of that position. If you don't have the stamina to endure the trials and tribulations that go with the development of a young quarterback, then this may not be your team. For that matter, this may not be your game.

Joel from Orange Park, FL:
Love your column and your insight (I may not always agree, but it is very good). My question is this (and it has bothered me a lot): What is the difference between a rookie and a first-year player?

Vic: It's about accrued seasons. Neither rookies nor first-year players have an accrued season to their credit, but the league distinguishes between the two because a rookie is a player who has entered the league that year, whereas a first-year player is someone who had previously entered the league but has yet to achieve an accrued season. What constitutes an accrued season? A player is judged to have achieved an accrued season when he is on an active roster, reserve/injured or reserve/PUP for six regular-season games. A player who was injured in the Europe League and remains on an NFL reserve list for six NFL regular-season games is also credited with an accrued season.

Jeff from Fillmore, UT:
In Monday night's game between the Vikings and the Eagles, there was a play challenged by Mike Tice. McNabb took the ball from center, then made a lateral pass to his receiver. The receiver couldn't find anyone open right away and started to run with it until he saw McNabb open. He passed it to McNabb and McNabb ran with it. Tice apparently knows the rules. He challenged the play and the play was reversed. The refs penalized the Eagles, saying McNabb would have to have been in the shotgun position for that play to be good. Can you explain what happened there?

Vic: Rule 8, Section 1, Article 4 of the "2004 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League" reads: "An ineligible (receiver) is one who: is a T-formation quarterback who takes his stance behind center. To become an eligible pass receiver, a T-formation quarterback must assume the position of a backfield player (as in a Shotgun, Single Wing, Double Wing, Box or Spread Formation) at least one yard behind his line at the snap. In case of doubt, the penalty for an ineligible player receiving a forward pass shall be enforced."

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
The Jaguars have been the underdog for the first two games and won. For Tennessee we are underdog, which has brought us good luck so far, but why don't we get the respect of three points underdog versus six?

Vic: The betting line has nothing to do with respect. It's all about what the oddsmakers believe it'll take to produce a more even distribution of the bettor. For example, if they open the line at six and the betting is heavy on one team, they'll adjust the line the other way to attract betting on the other team. They don't want one-sided betting because that means they would stand a chance of having to make a whopping pay-out.

Kyle from New Jersey:
In the first draft in Jaguars history, the Panthers were awarded the first overall pick. How did they decide who got the better pick?

Vic: They flipped a coin. The winner got the first pick of the college draft, the loser got the first pick of the expansion draft. Jacksonville took Steve Beuerlein with the first pick of the expansion draft and Tony Boselli with the second pick of the college draft.

Fred from Jacksonville:
Just how good would the Jaguars defense be if we had consistent pressure from the defensive end position?

Vic: It would put this defense over the top.

Al from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Thanks for a great forum. I hope you're correct that we need to give the offense some time, but looking at the stats today is really disheartening. Has any team made it to the playoffs with such low team offense statistics?

Vic: The last four Super Bowl champions were ranked 16th, 19th, 24th and 17th on offense. That means no team has won a Super Bowl title in the 21st century with an offense that wasn't in the bottom half of the league's rankings. I don't think 32nd will get it done. In fact, I'm sure it won't. But I don't expect the Jaguars to stay there all season. In the second half of the season, I think the Jaguars will begin showing significant gains on offense. The closer Byron Leftwich gets to year three of his career, the better everything will get overall.

Rob from Orange Park, FL:
When will Juran Bolden take over for Dewayne Washington at corner?

Vic: Juran Bolden has the ability to make and has made big plays. That's a good thing. Bolden, however, has also suffered lapses that have allowed big plays. That's a really bad thing. On defense, coaches will always tend to hold back on players who allow big plays. As soon as Bolden proves to this coaching staff that his days of lapses are over, he'll be on the field for good.

Pat from Jacksonville:
I have had Jags season tickets from day one and have also had the NFL "Sunday Ticket" for the past six seasons. This past weekend I couldn't go to the game because my wife hurt her back and I needed to stay with her and the kids. So, despite my financial support of the league, I still could not watch the game. Any recourse for dedicated fans like me?

Vic: I gotta turn to your wife on this one, Pat. I mean, was she really hurt that bad? They have a thing called crutches, you know. Sometimes you gotta take one for the club, huh? Talk to her about that and let me know what she had to say.

Rodderick from Jacksonville:
I know it's only the first home game and we only scored one touchdown, but even during the preseason, when we scored a touchdown, the Jaguar head atop the south end zone scoreboard didn't blink. When did it stop functioning?

Vic: Maybe you were blinking when it was blinking. Did you ever think of that?

Clyde from Memphis, TN:
Are the pigeons that were on the field Sunday the same ones from last year?

Vic: Some were. It's as you'd expect. Some pigeons move away, new pigeons move in, some die.

Paulie from Ashtabula, OH:
Please explain the timeout rule. I understand teams get three timeouts per half. Why does the referee say some timeouts are only 30 seconds while others are one minute.

Vic: A timeout lasts one minute and 50 seconds, unless it is called inside the two-minute warnings, when its time is reduced to 30 seconds, unless more time is required because of an injury or television uses a commercial opportunity.

Grant from Manchester, England:
Why do you think the U.S. lost the Ryder Cup?

Vic: Maybe it used up all of its energy celebrating at Brookline.

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