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Three stats have killed Jaguars

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Crystal Stiggons from Jacksonville:
I am a huge fan and a season ticket holder but my concerns are what is wrong with Quinn? I know they have money invested in him but he is horrible. He caused the team two touchdowns in this game. He is more of a liability than an asset. The Jags need to look for a backup during the offseason or they will continue to lose games in the absence of the starter. The quarterback is the backbone of the team and it is his job to make crucial plays and it is obvious he is not capable to do so. What do you think?
Vic: You're right when you say the Jaguars will have to find a capable backup quarterback during the offseason because Jonathan Quinn is in the final year of his contract. Whether the Jaguars want him or not, Quinn is likely to be playing somewhere else next season. Crystal, in my opinion, you are being too harsh on Quinn for his performance in Pittsburgh. He was playing against the number one pass-defense in the league and he threw for 225 yards and no interceptions. Factoring in his 39 yards rushing, Quinn accounted for all but nine of the Jaguars' total net yards on offense. He was making his first start since the final game of his rookie season, and he was up against the league's leading sack team and number one defense overall. He has to bear the blame for the fumbles, but it wasn't his job to block Kendrell Bell, Joey Porter and Jason Gildon. The bottom line is that another team in the league will offer Quinn a contract based on his performance against the Steelers.

Nick Biggert from Fresno, CA:
I have one simple question, Vic. Why is it the Jaguars are not effective on offense?
Vic: Because they can't run the ball. It's really that simple. Because they can't run the ball, the Jaguars have the NFL's worst time of possession average; because they can't run the ball, the Jaguars are being forced into third-and-long situations and that has them last in the league in third-down conversions. The three stats that have killed this team this year are: rushing yardage (currently 28th in the league), time of possession and third-down conversions. Why can't the Jaguars run the ball? Because Fred Taylor and Tony Boselli have been injured and out of the lineup.

Shane Gilmore from Jacksonville:
Why is it not intentional grounding when the quarterback spikes the ball? He is not out of the pocket and the ball is not thrown back to the line of scrimmage or near an eligible receiver.
Vic: The rules specifically allow for an intentional spike of the ball for the purpose of stopping the clock. Intentional grounding is called when a quarterback throws the ball away for the purpose of avoiding a sack.

Tim McClellan from Jacksonville:
Where is John Wade? After watching the way Jeff Smith was tossed aside during the Steelers game, I have to wonder why he's still considered our starting center. Is Wade still suffering from his injury earlier in the year? Or is there some other problem that has caused him to sit the season out that we're unaware of?
Vic: Tom Coughlin hinted at possible personnel change on the offensive line when he addressed the media Monday. Everyone's guess is that John Wade will replace Jeff Smith at center. I don't know the particulars to Wade's recovery from June foot surgery, but I can tell you it was an injury most thought would cause Wade to be put on the injured reserve list.

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