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Thursday Senior Bowl notebook


Mobile, Ala. – Taking a look around the Senior Bowl . . .

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock says the Jaguars must have a quarterback plan "first and foremost" before determining needs elsewhere

During a break in coverage of the Senior Bowl on NFL Network, analyst Mike Mayock discussed the Jaguars' biggest needs heading into the 2013 NFL Draft, opining that the team must "first and foremost" decide on the future of the team under center.

"The new guys – David Caldwell, the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the quarterback coach – have to make a decision and a plan," Mayock said. "Are we looking to draft a quarterback, or do we think we can work with Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne? What's our plan? Until you define that, everything else is difficult I think."

Mayock did not rule out a quarterback possibly moving higher in the first round in the coming months, but added that the Jaguars could find value at the position later in the draft.

"At this point last year, everybody laughed at me when I said that Ryan Tannehill was going to be a Top 10 quarterback," Mayock said. "In this process, you're going to see three or four guys continue to move forward. Somebody that could come in and compete, like an Andy Dalton has, like Kirk Cousins came in and played last year – you can get some of these guys in the second and third round."

Mayock also pinpointed the offensive line and secondary as points of emphasis for the Jaguars moving forward toward the draft.

Jenkins working on weight, pledges 340s by Indianapolis

Georgia defensive tackle John Jenkins has drawn significant interest from NFL teams this week.

But with Jenkins weighing in at 359 pounds on Monday, the heaviest on either Senior Bowl roster, some teams are cautious about his conditioning habits.

Jenkins defends his work ethic and ability to drop weight.

"I'm a worker. My conditioning tests, I blew it out of the frame last year," Jenkins said. "I did it my first year there (Georgia). Gulf Coast (Community College) I killed it. I have no problem running. My coach will tell you that I can run for days.

"You may look at me and not believe me, but when I start running then you'll go 'ok, he's telling the truth.'"

Jenkins knows that the most pressing issue moving forward is his weight at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis in February.

"That's going to be the biggest question," Jenkins said. "I want to be in the 40s (340s). Just look out for that."

What will teams and media ask after Jenkins reaches his goal weight?

"I won't need to say anything," Jenkins said. "When I get on the scale it's going to speak for everybody."

Trufant following in his brother's footsteps

Washington defensive back Desmond Trufant could be moving up draft board projections after a solid week of Senior Bowl practices.

That's something his family knows all about.

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Marcus Trufant, Desmond's older brother, played in the 2003 Senior Bowl and is in attendance at Senior Bowl practices this week for support.

"It's been a lot of help having my older brother here to help me through the process," Desmond said. "I'm staying patient in my technique, and I think I'm doing pretty good."

Payton attends Senior Bowl practice

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton attended Senior Bowl practice on Wednesday in his first appearance since being reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after a season-long suspension for his role in the bounty case.

After watching the North team practice from the stands and being greeted throughout the day by league coaches and executives, Payton answered questions for nearly 45 minutes from dozens of media members surrounding him on all sides on the sideline at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

Nassib flirting with NFL teams

As most players at the Senior Bowl have, Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib said he has interviewed with numerous teams during Senior Bowl week.

"It's almost like speed dating, kind of going from team to team and talking," Nassib said. "You never really know what their intentions are when it comes to the quarterback in the draft. You always have to be on top of your A-game."

"Shoelace" adjusting to new position

Michigan wide receiver (and former quarterback) Denard Robinson said that he is improving at a position change forced by a nerve injury in his throwing elbow.

"I still have to get better every day. I've got to train on something new, something different," Robinson said. "Try to be under control when I run the routes."

When asked about what was his initial reaction to the change, Robinson said that he was lucky to have another chance.

"How many quarterbacks get the chance to go out there and still play a little bit after they hurt their throwing arm? I can run a little bit and I'm quick enough to play receiver, so I took it and ran with it (receiving). That's what I want to do now.

"I was fortunate and I think everything happens for a reason."

As he did throughout his Michigan career, "Shoelace" Robinson practiced Wednesday with his shoelaces untied. The tradition started as a 10-year-old in youth football.


From the radiator assembly line to the NFL? **

Instead of attending college immediately after high school, North Carolina defensive tackle Sylvester Williams went to work at Modine Manufacturing Company in Jefferson City, Mo., putting together radiator parts for 18-wheelers.

"I was on the assembly line, so I would lay metal for the guys that were putting the machines together," Williams said. "Sometimes I would stuff tubes inside the radiators."

Williams said he decided to leave the factory to go to school because "I wanted to do something great in my life."

He attended Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College, and after earning an associate's degree he transferred to the University of North Carolina where he earned a communications degree. Publications have projected Williams as a late-first round to early-third round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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