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Time to detect, correct


This is the week in the season reserved for introspection, and the Jaguars began that process today.

"We're not happy being where we are record-wise. Offensively, we're going to work on eliminating turnovers and being more efficient in the red zone," head coach Jack Del Rio told reporters at this afternoon's press conference.

"Defensively, we have to do a better job of playing pass-defense on third down. On special teams, we're looking for more consistency in our coverage," Del Rio added.

The 1-5 Jaguars returned to the practice field today and Del Rio issued this report on the state of his roster:

• Mark Brunell and Chris Hanson "will be kept out of here for a while, to reduce the risk of infection," Del Rio said, referring to the recent surgeries Brunell and Hanson underwent.

• Jason Craft (MCL) was in a leg brace today and it was not forecast when he might return to practice. T.J. Slaughter (hamstring), Jimmy Redmond (foot) and Kiwaukee Thomas (groin) did not practice today but Del Rio held out hope each would be able to return to action by the end of the week. Keith Mitchell is experiencing headaches that could be related to the neck and head injury he sustained against Buffalo on Sept. 14, and he will undergo more tests. "We have to make sure if there's anything lingering there we're on top of it," Del Rio said.

• Shannon Taylor has been released and Deon Humphrey signed in an even exchange of linebackers designed to provide a "little more production for that backup linebacker/special teams role." Humphrey, a three-year veteran, has been with San Diego and Carolina.

But it's the overall state of this team that's of greatest concern. At 1-5, the Jaguars will head into the meat of their schedule following the bye week. Just ahead is a Tennessee, at Baltimore, Indianapolis, at Tennessee stretch of schedule that could plunge the Jaguars into an unthinkable start to its new era. This is not only a week to determine what's gone wrong through the first six weeks of the season; it's a week to fix it.

"You should be upset," Del Rio told his players today. "There's nothing to feel good about when you're 1-5, but how are you going to respond?

"We're doing that," he said of self-examination. "The coaches went directly to the players and talked about what they can do better. The management of the game is where my responsibility is on gameday."

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