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Time to save ourselves

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Kyle from Pensacola, FL:
I wonder how the Colts offensive line liked Polian after he threw them under the bus. Manning's mistake? No, it was the offensive line. You should save up all of Vince's e-mails and then post an "Ask Vic all-Vince edition." It could give us all a good laugh for the offseason.

Vic: Vince is a good guy and I wouldn't do that to him, but I asked him to give it a rest and warned him of the consequences if he didn't. Vince, I'm asking you, again, to give it a rest. It's up to you. If you want, I can pour it on.

Sean from Arlington, VA:
I enjoyed "one reporter's wish list," but was surprised a developmental quarterback wasn't on there. After help on the defensive line, I think it's the greatest area of need, although I don't think it needs to be a high draft pick. It's been disappointing the Jags have only carried two quarterbacks on the roster for the past few seasons. Not a knock on Garrard, but I would love to see a second or third-day pick spent on a guy who can fill a number three slot this year.

Vic: A number three quarterback doesn't interest me. That's not what I want in a developmental guy. I want a guy who offers the potential to develop into a contender for the starting job, and that kind of arm doesn't appear to exist among the second-day and third-day guys. If there is a guy I favor, it's Tony Pike because I saw him make big-time throws, pro-like throws, but I'm not finding anybody who shares my opinion of Pike. By all appearances, it would seem quarterback is a position that may have to wait another year. One more thing: I think we're all underrating Luke McCown. That's a mistake. He has a good arm, nice size and a feel for the position. I'm gonna keep my eye on him this spring. You never know when a guy might make a move.

Kyle from Indianapolis, IN:
In response to how we like our GM: Our city has averaged 12 wins the past five years. We stand behind our team and the fact is we still sell out when we know our third string will be playing. We need zero tarps.

Vic: I was going to remind you that 47,372 were in attendance for the Colts' 1994 season-opener, and 38,458 were on hand for the '94 season finale against Buffalo, and the '95 season-opener drew 42,445, in a year in which the Colts made it all the way to the AFC title game, but I'm not going to do that because that was during the pre-Peyton Manning years and, of course, we all know those years will never end and Colts fans will never have to endure losing, again. You better take a look at your team's history, Kyle, before you start poking fun at other cities.

Tim from Orlando, FL:
When is the deadline for teams to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets?

Vic: It's the week before the draft.

Kenney from Jacksonville:
What do you think of George Selvie? I know all the buzz out of South Florida is about Pierre-Paul, but without Selvie getting doubled up there would be no Pierre-Paul. Do you think he came out a year too late?

Vic: His injury in 2008 kind of ruined everything for him. I think he's a fantastic talent and I think he'll be a plum pick for some team.

Wally from Jacksonville:
Whatever happened with that competition committee investigation into the Colts tanking the game against the Jets?

Vic: I don't know. That's a good question for the upcoming owners meetings.

Ron from Bryant, AR:
In my teenage years, I was a Baltimore Colts fan. I was shocked when I found out not only were they leaving, they sneaked out of town. Are teams that intend to move locations required to obtain NFL approval? Could you explain the process?

Vic: Yes, they are supposed to seek NFL approval, but Al Davis had just moved the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles in 1982 without league approval, which introduced a massive legal battle Davis would win, and that pretty much opened the door for Robert Irsay to move the Colts two years later.

Peter from Hazleton, PA:
About your wish list, tell Gene, no, whisper in Gene's ear Sean Lee, LB, Penn State. What do you think?

Vic: He knows.

Jordon from Silver Spring, MD:
Are compensatory picks based on contract size or performance? It doesn't seem like Haynesworth's performance last year would warrant the highest possible compensatory pick.

Vic: They're based on both and Albert Haynesworth played a lot better than you think.

Anthony from Melbourne, FL:
How much stock do you place in QB Wonderlic scores? How much stock do you think scouts place in it?

Vic: It would be stupid to say it's OK to be stupid. You want your quarterback to be smart, but there are a lot better ways to determine his football intelligence than by using the Wonderlic Test. Terry Bradshaw didn't score very high on it and that was because it was later revealed that he had a visual problem that manifested itself in a learning disability. The same quarterback called his own plays and called all of Super Bowl XIV from the line of scrimmage. It is one of the great intellectual achievements in Super Bowl history. Dan Marino walked out on the test halfway through it, which makes his score invalid. A lot of players are offended by the test, and they should be. I think it's discriminatory. Hey, you're scouting a guy to play football, not teach geometry. Put on the tapes and see how he reacts to a switching defense. Talk to his coaches and find out how quickly he processes information.

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA:
Could you explain why the Colts, or any team, would pay a player a roster bonus and then cut him?

Vic: Yeah, I could.

Enrique from Jacksonville:
I have been doing some research and by my calculations 26 of the Jaguar's 120 regular-season home games have been blacked out. That is a little more than one-fifth of the home games. This is not counting the games that would have been blacked out had it not been for the Winn-Dixie bailouts. If those games would have been blacked out as well, it would bring the blackout total to almost one-third of all our regular-season home games. This is not a pretty statistic.

Vic: We must protect this house.

Reb from Jacksonville:
Assuming we stick with the number 10 pick, which player would you see making the biggest immediate impact on attendance? I would contend that it would be C.J. Spiller, who has both offensive lightning and the hometown boy factors that are part of the Tebow factor. Maybe there are better players available at number 10, but which one puts the most cheeks in the seats?

Vic: It's time to stop waiting to be saved and time to start saving ourselves.

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