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Titans heading for change

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

James from Mooresville, IN:
Vic, I admire your insight, knowledge and bluntness. What are the things out of this squad that you like that you haven't seen from this team for the past couple of seasons?

Vic: The past couple of seasons or the years prior to the past couple of seasons? If it's the years prior to the past couple of seasons, the answer is young, ascending talent that promises to be the long-term nucleus of the team.

Dennis from Orlando, FL:
Your picture on the website with the sweater vest made me instantly think of Jim Tressel and his sweater vest. If you were a coach, what would you prefer to wear on the sidelines?

Vic: Khaki pants, sweatshirt, ball cap, black-leather shoes.

Chris from Jacksonville:
What team in playoff contention is the most surprising for you?

Vic: I consider the Jaguars and Raiders to be surprise contenders. I wasn't sold on the Chiefs, either. In the NFC, the Bears are a little bit of a surprise; the Rams are a big surprise but, of course, the weakness of the NFC West has aided their cause. I think the disappointment teams are more surprising. I expected better from the Chargers, Dolphins, Texans and Titans. The Colts have had a lot of injuries and I considered the possibility that this might be the year they make a move downward. Coming off a Super Bowl loss is tough and at some point their poor drafting of the past few years had to catch up to them. In the NFC, the Cowboys and Vikings are clearly the most disappointing teams, probably in the whole league. The 49ers disappointed me, too, and I didn't think the Cardinals would sink this far.

Marc from Jacksonville:
If the Jaguars had beaten the Titans by more points this past week than the Titans beat the Jags by in the 30-3 loss, would we then hold the tiebreaker?

Vic: No, best net points is at the bottom of the tiebreakers, just above coin toss, and I like it that way because it discourages coaches from running up the score.

Terrence from Silver Spring, MD:
I can't help but go back to the offseason when final cuts were being discussed. Greg Jones was thought to be a cut possibility. How could the best blocking fullback in the game be a cut possibility, considering our rush ranking currently?

Vic: The question was how much would the fullback be used? It wasn't about whether Jones was worthy of a roster spot, it was a matter of whether or not the fullback was going to play a significant role in the Jaguars offense. Blending the use of a blocking fullback such as Jones with a pass-catching tight end/H-back such as Zach Miller is a tricky task. It appears Dirk Koetter has achieved a successful blend, hasn't he?

Bobby from Jacksonville:
Here we are in first place with four games left, playing some of the best football we have seen in at least three years, and we need an extension to sell tickets?

Vic: Here are the top 10 reasons the Jaguars had to ask for an extension to have the blackout lifted: 10. I lied when I said I'd buy tickets if the team started to win. 9. The bad economy has caused me to cut back on my leisure spending, so I don't have to sell my boat and lose my country club membership. 8. I'm waiting for proof of FULL CONSISTENCY. 7. Yeah, they're in first place, but how do I know for sure the Jaguars will win the games I attend? 6. The bad season the Gators had has left me in a state of depression. 5. Dirk Koetter should've called more run plays in the second half of the Giants game. 4. Koetter should've called more pass plays in the second half of the Titans game. 3. I'm saving my money so I can buy tickets for the playoffs. 2. Everybody knows Macky Weaver is soft and he'll persuade his uncle to buy the remaining tickets and show the game on TV. 1. I love three-hour infomercials.

Brendon from Monterey, CA:
McDaniels and the Broncos moved all over round one, so it's not like they were stuck at a pick and forced themselves to take the best available player at a position they were already strong. They slid down the board and they targeted who they wanted. They targeted the wrong guys.

Vic: Absolutely. It was a gross miscalculation.

Jay from Las Vegas, NV:
Could you elaborate on what you meant about Jeff Fisher not seeming right during that conference call last week?

Vic: He lacked his usual verve. It was telling.

Jonathan from Ft. Lewis, WA:
Thanks for taking the time to blog the Titans-Colts game. I know it is not your job but something you did for all of us when you could be at home with your family. We appreciate it.

Vic: Football season is short and the offseason is long. There'll be plenty of time for other pursuits in the offseason. Late-season football is special. Let's have all the fun we can because it ends suddenly and without warning.

Sean from Chicago, IL:
Please help me understand the punt on fourth-and-one with four minutes to go. You're punting the ball to one of the best quarterbacks in the league, down by six points. A field goal ends the game.

Vic: I was stunned by Jeff Fisher's decision to punt. He had an opportunity to convert on fourth down and never give the ball back. There was just enough time on the clock for the Titans to execute a ball-control, walk-off touchdown drive. The Titans aren't the Titans and Fisher isn't Fisher. What has happened in Tennessee? I hardly recognize them.

Marion from Jacksonville:
The Titans are over for this year. We have to beat the Raiders and then the Colts, no question; probably the final two games, also. Our fate is in the hands of our team.

Vic: The Jaguars won't have to win four games if they win in Indianapolis. It's a showdown game, which is the way it should be. You wanna win the division? You gotta beat the defending champion, the team that has been the power broker in this division since its inception. The Jaguars won't win the division title by coming in the backdoor. They're gonna have to knock the front door down.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Who do you think is the best candidate for the Florida job?

Vic: I think Charlie Strong is the perfect choice. He's familiar with the Florida program, the SEC, the Florida high school coaches and recruiting trail, he's a top defensive coach and his undermanned Louisville team impressed me with the offense it ran and the effort with which it played this past season. In one year at Louisville, I think Strong proved that he's the guy. It couldn't have been a more perfect tryout for the job.

Shawn from Easton, PA:
I was watching the postgame analysis of the Colts-Titans game and heard them say a few times that if the Colts win-out, they'd win the AFC South over Jacksonville if they finished tied. How is that possible when both teams would finish even against each other head to head and could finish with the same record within the division?

Vic: The Colts would win the common games tiebreaker.

Kevin from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
How did Indy rush so well against the Titans?

Vic: When on the first drive of the game your opponent goes 77 yards in 12 plays, as the Jaguars did, and 11 of those plays are runs, you've got problems that can't be masked even against the worst rushing team in the league. The Titans have massive problems. They are heading for an offseason of major change.

Jordan from Kill Buck, NY:
I Just Peed My Pants Laughing At You.

Vic: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

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