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Titans will be Jags' natural rival

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.


Justin Shifflett from Stafford, VA:**
This web site said the Steelers were the Jags' number one rival but, after this year, they won't even be in the same (division), whereas the Titans will be. The Jags will still play the Steelers, but not as often. Could the Texans, or the Colts become Jacksonville's rival, or will Tennessee take its rightful place as the team's rival?

Vic: Great rivalries are the result of years of big games. My point in saying the Jaguars' rivalry with the Steelers is better than the rivalry with the Titans is that the Steelers became the Jaguars' rival in the team's first season; the Titans didn't become "hot" until the last two years. Since the Titans and Jaguars will each move to the AFC South next season, that rivalry will only increase in intensity. Clearly, the Titans will be the Jaguars most familiar, traditional and geographical rival in the AFC South. Feelings for the Colts and Texans will change with the seasons, but the rivalry with the Titans should be constant. The Titans will forever be the Jaguars' link to their roots.

George McGeoch from Ocala, FL:
It seems to me the offense does not put as many points on the board as they did before losing its offensive coordinator to the Cleveland Browns. I am and will always be a huge fan and I'm very happy with the team's current record, but is my point a valid one? Has Coach Coughlin considered that, maybe, he has too much on his plate?

Vic: He considered that possibility after last season, stepped down as offensive coordinator, and named Bob Petrino to the post. Coughlin's "plate" is just the right size this year.

Vic Kal from Chicago, IL:
I'm concerned now that Taylor is out. Mack had a nice game Sunday, but can he sustain it over three or four games? He wasn't able to do it last year. Who then is Mack's back up? Do they have anyone on the practice squad? Should they be looking at Errict Rhett or Chris Warren?

Vic: Stacey Mack is the man, for now. Frank Moreau, who the Jaguars acquired off waivers from Kansas City, has the ability to share the load with Mack, but let's not make the mistake of expecting too much from the running back position while Fred Taylor is out of action. Much of Taylor's load must be shifted onto Mark Brunell and the passing game. They are big-money players of star quality, which requires they accept greater responsibility. As far as signing another running back, let's not forget the Jaguars are absolutely tight against their salary cap.

Darryl Hines from New York, NY:
Is Ainsley Battles doing a good job of covering for Darius? Or is he considered to be the weakest link in the Jaguars' defense?

Ainsley Battles was effective in the win over the Titans, but we shouldn't rush to judgement on him as a starter. He was acquired off waivers from the Steelers on the strength of his special teams ability. I still believe rookie James Boyd will compete for playing time at safety, as Darius recovers from his broken hip.


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