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Total Access with McNabb, Douglas


Former teammates DE Hugh Douglas (Jaguars) and QB Donovan McNabb (Eagles) joined Rich Eisen and Seth Joyner for a discussion on NFL Total Access this week. NFLTA airs Monday through Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT (aired Dec. 22, 2003).

Rich Eisen: Joining us from Jacksonville is Hugh Douglas, who was involved in that crazy play in the end. And as a matter of fact, if I'm not mistaken, Aaron Brooks laid a block on you to free up [Jerome] Pathon to get into the end zone.

Hugh Douglas: Yes he did, man, and I mean ... It was a good block. I didn't even see him coming. I was looking up in the air at the ball thinking to myself, how wonderful it's gonna be to make this play and have everybody just love me at the end of the game. But it didn't go down like that.

Eisen: Well, how crazy was it? I mean, did it last so long that you had a sense of mind to say, "Oh my goodness. This thing may actually hit." Or was it just happening so fast?

Douglas: Well, you know what? I was kind of jogging down the field and I'd seen all the laterals going on and I said, "Well, wait a minute." I said, "This play is still alive. I could make this play." So then, that's when I take off to start running and that's when I'd seen Deuce [McAllister] throw the ball in the air and I'm running and ... wow, there it is! And there it was. And you know, that was the end of it.

Seth Joyner: Hey now. When I was looking at the game yesterday, it was just amazing to me how many guys were trying to go for the strip in a situation like that. Just tackle the guy and the game is over!

Douglas: Yeah, you're right about that. I think everybody just wanted to get the ball back and try to score on that play because it was just wide open. It was ... the field was wide open, but at that point, when I'd seen the ball lateralling so much, I just wanted to make a tackle and try to get it over with, 'cause that was scary. That was definitely scary.

Eisen: Can you quickly explain how it goes from just being so upset with having this happen to you to so elated with that extra point being missed?

Douglas: Well, you know man, it was just like, "Oh my goodness. We're going into overtime." We didn't want to go into overtime because when you got a team like that, that has that momentum going into overtime, it's kind of bad, but when he missed that kick, it was just like ... you would swear we just got into the playoffs, 'cause everybody was jumping around and just so happy and it was just ... you know, it was Mark Brunell Day and that was a great way for him to go out.

Eisen: Now, last time you were on with us, you said the Eagles were going to the Super Bowl.

Douglas: Oh yes. Most definitely.

Eisen: Do you, do you still feel that even though they finally lost a game Sunday?

Douglas: Well, you know what? I think that if you're gonna lose a game, you need to lose that one, 'cause then you can get it out of your system, because they had ran off, what, nine straight wins?

Eisen: That'd be 10.

Douglas: Ten straight wins?

Eisen: Yeah, right Donovan?

Douglas: Oh well, you know ... yeah. Okay.

Donovan McNabb: It was nine. It was nine.

Eisen: Nine straight wins.

McNabb: But, I like that fact that you said 10.

Douglas: Well, see Rich; there it is. Rich, you don't know what you're talking about.

Eisen: Well, was that a right answer, Donovan, for him to say?

McNabb: It was nine. It was nine.

Eisen: Yeah, was it a right answer?

McNabb: Great job. Great, great job there, Hugh. That was excellent right there. I love the way you ran things off with it.

Douglas: Yeah, yeah. Thank you.

Eisen: So Donovan, did anybody come and tell you about Hugh's Super Bowl prediction for you guys?

McNabb: No, you know what? Hugh and I talk just about every other week and it's just that, that attitude that we had while we were over here, you know, we can get to that point if we just continue to stay focused and I think the big thing about us is the fact that we're a confident bunch. We're a team that continues to stay focused and Hugh knows that. So we're not going to let anything bother us, even though we lost a game last week. But again, it's something that we can use to fuel the fire to kind of propel us to this playoff run.

Douglas: Hey Donovan, on a serious note though ... What's the mood in the locker room right now? Because that was a tight game yesterday, man. And you know, I can see you were a little frustrated, so I mean, what's the mood in the locker room? What did Big Red go in and say to everybody after that game?

McNabb: Well, he just told us that we had opportunities to win that game. We just have to take full advantage of it. We're a much better team than they were and you know, it just so happens we didn't pull it out. And I think the thing that stands out about us, is we're a little upset right now. We're a little frustrated, but the only thing we can do is go out on the practice field and try to change things up, and you know, for this weekend to kind of get us going into the playoffs.

Douglas: Hey, you know what? I got another question for you, Donovan. I know this is not your area of expertise because this is a defensive question. But, you know, honestly, on the run, you've been getting a little, you know, banged up on the run a little bit. You're playing the pass great, so I mean, is that a little concern for you going into the playoffs?

McNabb: I don't think it is. I think, you know, I can only focus on the offensive side and I think with the opportunities that the defense gives us, we have to take full advantage of that. We know that we're gonna come up with some big plays with them stopping the run, with them in the pass game. But on the offensive side, we just have to be able to execute at all times.

Douglas: Oh, yeah, that's cool. That's cool. Didn't mean to get all serious on you man, but you know.

McNabb: Oh yeah, let me get all philosophical on you too.

Douglas: You know I had to kinda switch gears here, because you know ... you got a little serious at times and then you got to keep it kind of hot.

McNabb: Yeah, I can dig it. I can dig it.

Douglas: Hey, how's my man Ike [Reese] doing?

McNabb: Ike's doing good. But let me ask you a couple of questions. ... With [Byron] Leftwich stepping in there making some big plays for you ... Being a young guy, what type of leaders do you have stepping up and just kind of laying the pressure off of him? You know, you got guys like Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor, my man Kevin Johnson's down there. You're down there. A lot of experienced players. I know Mark Brunell ... was his day yesterday. And that's a beautiful thing that you guys did for him because, I mean, he is one of the top quarterbacks that has played the game and for everything that he's been through, and what he's going through right now, it's kind of tough. I appreciate what you guys did. But what I mean, what are you guys doing to kind of take the pressure off of Leftwich?

Douglas: Well, you know what? Initially, when I first came down here, you know the whole idea was that Mark was going to play and unfortunately, it didn't work out like that. But, Leftwich really stepped in and he really surprised me. He kind of reminds me of another quarterback that I used to play with way back in the day. A guy by the name of "Five." You know, man, he came in ... he has a lot of poise for a young guy. Why are you laughing? This is my serious voice. He has a lot of poise for a young guy, and he does a lot of positive things out there on the field. And you know any time you have a running back like Fred Taylor back there toting the rock. I mean, you always have a chance to win.

McNabb: I got my [Mike] Strahan look. I got my Strahan look

Douglas: Oh, I see the lip. I see the lip. But you don't have the gap. You know what I'm saying. Hey, but Strahan's my boy though, you know, I was just kidding. Hey Strahan, they just jokes. They just jokes man.

McNabb: [Warren] Sapp too. Sapp be getting all sensitive, man.

Douglas: Yeah, the bulged eyes. Yeah.

McNabb: Yeah, yeah. They just jokes. They just jokes.

Douglas: They just jokes, man. I don't need to get no phone calls later on tonight.

McNabb: Yeah, I know, right. Yeah, keep doing Campbell's Soup Strahan.

Douglas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's live. That's hot. That's hot. Keepin' it hot. Keepin' it real hot.

Eisen: You guys look like Sapp/Strahan, the way, you know. We don't really afford the big screen of too many people on this show.

Douglas: We are not. I'm not fat. I'm, I'm not fat. I'm not trying to say that anybody's fat. I mean, it took years to get this frame man. And I mean ...

McNabb: Argh!

Douglas: It's still a work in progress. Hey, and it's still a work in progress, baby.

McNabb: Argh!

Douglas: Hey, we should go to the wide shot, so you can see how chiseled, grrrr, this body is!

Joyner: Hey Hugh! Hey Hugh! You know you going in the wrong direction when you start off as a linebacker and you wind up as a defensive end.

McNabb: Yeah.

Douglas: Hold, up. Wait a minute, man. That was in college. I mean ... and the defense that we ran in college, it was a Split Six defense and as you know, the defense, the linebackers are like defensive ends.

McNabb: The what!

Douglas: It was a Split Six. It was a small school. Hey, everybody didn't go to a big school. Everybody didn't do Chunky Soup commercials. Everybody doesn't have ads ...

McNabb: Not everybody's football team is still playing, either.

Douglas: Oooohh!

Eisen: Oh wow! Now, you guys were talking about cornrows before. What happened, what happened to Randy Moss' hair this weekend?

McNabb: I like that. I like that. That's being real gangsta with it. You know what I mean? They let their hair down.

Douglas: Yeah. That was kind of like the Snoop Doggy Dogg look. Hey man, but you were rough on my team like that though, for real though, man. That wasn't even cool, man. That's why ya'll lost yesterday, punk.

McNabb: Hey, why you gotta go there with it? Ouch!

Douglas: Way to hit below the belt there, Donovan!

McNabb: Ouch! Ooouuuch!

Eisen: Alright guys, well listen. We appreciate you, Donovan for coming on. Hey, if you keep asking questions like that, people are going to start thinking you're part of the liberal media.

Douglas: What?

McNabb: No, they're not!

Douglas: Hey, what's up with that Rush Limbaugh thing, man? You know, you should have whipped Rush, man. You should have whipped him behind that comment.

McNabb: Hey, it was overrated. It was overrated.

Douglas: It was?

McNabb: It was overrated.

Douglas: But you know what though? Hey, but you know ... If you were ... you know what, if that had been me, I'd have talked about his problems that he's having now. Go ahead and say something about him on TV and let everybody hear it, man. Say something about those problems he's having right now.

McNabb: Naw, I'm being professional about that now.

Douglas: Go on and be petty! Be petty! No, be petty, man, be petty!

McNabb: I'm a professional about that now. You don't have to worry about me going to try to get back at him. I'm just being professional.

Douglas: Be petty, man. Come on, man. Say something about the addiction. Say something about the Betty Ford.

Joyner: Aww, Hugh. Stop trying to stir the Chunky Soup, man.

Douglas: Naw, man, I'm just saying man, you know. That whole black guy comment, you know ... and being a black guy, such as myself. Being a little militant ...

McNabb: Are you Black? Are you really Black?

Douglas: Hey, that's just like asking, that's just like asking somebody is your hairline receding. Is your hairline receding? Why yes, it is.

Eisen: All right guys, listen. Donovan ...

McNabb: All right Hugh, I'll see you later.

Eisen: We appreciate you joining us here on.

Douglas: See you later Donovan.

McNabb: Hey, your shirt look tight, too!

Douglas: Hey dude, this is a big shirt. It's Nike. You don't know nothing about that. You don't know nothing about that.

McNabb: Naw, Reebok is where it's at.

Douglas: Naw, Nike's where it's at.

Eisen: Thanks very much. Thanks very much. Watch out for those last minute plays. Hugh Douglas and Donovan McNabb. Thanks so much. Merry Christmas guys!

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