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Tough team wears teal

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Robert from Jacksonville:
Is there any word, yet, on the local broadcast of the NFL show covering the Jags training camp.

Vic: Something may be breaking in the next few days. Stay tuned.

Randy from Lexington, SC:
Vic, the proverbial gorilla weighs 800 pounds, not 500.

Vic: This is a low-carb gorilla.

Rob from Jacksonville:
Would you say the turning point of last season was right after the home loss to the Titans? I know I was furious at the fact Tennessee had a 14-minute drive in the fourth quarter, and I am sure Del Rio ripped into his defense after that performance.

Vic: It was absolutely the turning point and we know for a fact Jack Del Rio ripped his team for having allowed that 14-minute drive. The following week, in Baltimore, the Jaguars held Jamal Lewis to 68 yards rushing, and the Jaguars held their opponents to fewer than 20 points in five of the season's last seven games. Through the first Tennessee game, which was the seventh game of the season, the Jaguars had failed to hold an opponent under 20 points.

John from Jacksonville:
I know the answer to Mikey's longest-drive question: The longest drive also happens to be the shortest; Tony Dorsett's 99-yard run from scrimmage. What an amazing run!

Vic: He was the fastest running back and absolutely the quickest through the hole I have ever seen.

Ken from Jacksonville:
Why is everyone doing the "teal squeal?" They will still be donning the teal jerseys and white pants at most home games, if I understand correctly. So to the people who profess to love the teal so much, I say: Just buy a ticket and go see them and stop crying.

Vic: I'm with you on this one. Making a visiting team wear its dark jerseys on a hot day always left a bad taste in my mouth. Make a statement. Pull on the teal jerseys and let the other guy know the sun is no factor for us. That's what the Jaguars will be doing this year, and we'll be seeing more teal this season than we've ever seen before. Uniforms aren't a big deal to me, but this dark-jersey-in-the-heat thing has always been an issue with me. Tough teams don't concern themselves with such frivolous matters. A tough team isn't afraid to wear teal in the sun.

Zach from Boston, MA:
I know you are good at giving advice to men regarding women, so I have to ask: My girlfriend is a Yankees fan, I am a diehard Red Sox fan. In order to compromise, I became a New Jersey Devils fan and she became a Jaguars fan. I've been following the Jags since their inception, so how should I handle bringing her into the teal and black fold?

Vic: Diehard fans can't change their allegiances as easily as you make it sound. She is a Yankees fan and you are a Red Sox fan, forever. The two of you have no chance. Move on with your lives.

David from Jacksonville:
I'm so disappointed with the boring new uniforms. I can't wait to watch the Jags in their white shirts and black pants play Oakland this year in their black shirts and silver pants on my $3,000 color LCD HDTV!

Vic: Life's tough.

Ed from Jacksonville:
Thanks so much for keeping the information coming during the offseason. Now that it's almost over, when will you start the annual ramping up of the Jaguars coverage on Monday, Tuesday and the two great hours on Wednesday?

Vic: Ramping will clearly begin on next week. In fact, there has been some ramping this week. The radio ramping will be as follows: "Jaguars This Week" will return to its two-hour format on Wed., Aug. 11. "The Jaguars Reporters" Monday show will return to its one-hour slot on Aug. 16. Both shows may be heard on WOKV, 690 AM.

Keith from Jacksonville:
I have a "signature fan element" I believe fits perfectly: Get Wayne to move "Big Jim" the steam whistle onto the scoreboard in the north end zone. Blast it loud for five seconds or less and only six or fewer times a game at select times, such as when the team takes the field, the defense needs a stop, etc. Kids would love it and it symbolizes the blue collar ethic of the area; time to go to work.

Vic: I missed that blue collar thing. Is that inside or outside our gated communities?

Rajesh from Jacksonville:
What was the longest Jaguars drive in a regular season game? Which is the best/most memorable Jaguars drive, in your opinion?

Vic: The longest scoring drive in Jaguars history is 98 yards, in a game at Cincinnati on Oct. 31, 1999. It took nine plays and resulted in a touchdown. The scoring drive that resulted in the most plays, 18, was against Tennessee on Dec. 22, 2002. That drive went 85 yards and ended in a touchdown. The longest scoring drive in time, 10 minutes and 27 seconds, occurred at Buffalo on Oct. 18, 1998. It covered 69 yards in 16 plays and resulted in a touchdown. My favorite Jaguars drive was the nine-play, 74-yard touchdown drive that was the eventual game-winner in the Jaguars' playoff win in Denver in the 1996 season. In that drive, Mark Brunell made a 29-yard run that is one of the most memorable plays in Jaguars history. A few plays later, Brunell lofted a 16-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Smith.

Ron from Jacksonville:
With the Super Bowl here this year, why didn't the Jaguars go into overspend mode (like they did to start the franchise) to try to get into the big game.

Vic: Because they didn't want four consecutive losing seasons to follow.

Justin from Macclenny, FL:
When was the first Pro-Bowl played and where? Who was the MVP?

Vic: The first Pro-Bowl game was played in January of 1939 in Los Angeles. The format was different then; the NFL-champion New York Giants beat the Pro All-Stars, 13-10. There was no MVP selection. The game was not played during the war years. It returned in 1951, when the American Conference beat the National Conference, 28-27, in Los Angeles. Cleveland's Otto Graham was selected as the player of the game, the game's first such distinction. The format of the game changed several times over the years, and there were two such games in the 1960s when the NFL and the AFL were in direct competition with each other. Following merger of the two leagues, the game settled on its current format in January of 1971.

David from Glen St. Mary, FL:
If the Jags make the playoffs this year, do you see this city regaining that winning spirit again?

Vic: As Byron Leftwich said yesterday, "That's the plan."

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