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Tough to trade players

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Las Vegas, NV:
Would you trade the Jags' roster for the Cardinals'?

Vic: Of course I would. The Jaguars are one year removed from the start of rebuilding. The Cardinals have won four playoff games in the last two years. I think you need to take a look at the Cardinals' roster. You've got a pretty good receiving corps when you can trade Anquan Boldin for a couple of picks and not suffer a decline at the position, which I don't think the Cardinals will because they still have Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Breaston and Early Doucet. Look at their stable of running backs. Look at their young linemen on both sides of the ball. The Cardinals' concern is at quarterback, where Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson will compete for the job. I like David Garrard better than either one of those guys. That's where I wouldn't trade. The Cardinals need to find a quarterback in the draft. Ken Whisenhunt is a quarterbacks coach and an offensive genius, so the Cardinals have that going for them, which is nice, but the possibility exists that they could waste a good-looking roster unless they find a trigger man; that's how important that position is.

Christopher from Jacksonville:
The Eagles now have five picks this year in the top 87. That may seem like a good thing, but won't they be spending quite a bit of cheese?

Vic: Philadelphia is a big market with a lot of cheese. The Eagles never have to worry about running out of cheese.

Tyler from West Des Moines, IA:
I think you're wrong about the Jags needing a draft like last season's to be on the rise. Last season's draft doesn't happen very often in the NFL. That draft was excellent. We even had production from undrafted guys. While I agree with you that we need a good draft to stay on the rise, we can't expect another draft like that every season. You taught me well, Vic.

Vic: I agree that it would be unrealistic to expect this draft to yield as many starters as last year's did, but this is a very deep draft class, especially on the defensive side of the ball where the Jaguars have significant need, and I expect the Jaguars to do well.

Morrie from Tybee Island, GA:
The Raiders left L.A. to move to Oakland, and the Rams left there to move to St. Louis, so even if Los Angeles is a big city, why can't they keep an NFL team? I would be scared to move a franchise there. Your thoughts?

Vic: You'd be afraid to move a franchise to the nation's second-most populated market? You'd be afraid you couldn't prosper in a market that has nearly six million TV households? I've said it several times: Professional football has failed in Los Angeles due to stadium issues. At no time has an NFL team had the luxury of playing in a stadium in Los Angeles the quality of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. I've covered games in the L.A. Coliseum and at the baseball park in Anaheim and both were atrocious football facilities, and the Coliseum is in a frightening neighborhood that literally made you feel as though you had to run from the locker room to the bus. I don't like people taking shots at Jacksonville, but I don't see where we're in any position to snipe at anybody else. Let's fill our stadium before we start ridiculing other cities for not filling theirs.

Justin from Jacksonville:
Is it better to let go of a player a year too early or a year too late?

Vic: The Eagles answered your question when they traded Donovan McNabb. If you want to recoup a player's value, and I always want to recoup value, it's gotta be a year too early.

Shawn from Jacksonville:
As offseason conditioning begins, have you been able to notice if any players are in great or poor shape?

Vic: They don't let us in the weight room to watch the players lift weights, and they don't stand in front of the media and pose, either.

Shane from Orange Park, FL:
My second-favorite day of the year is opening day for baseball. After Monday's games, who would you say are the teams to look out for?

Vic: Watch out for the Pirates. This could be their year.

Ken from Ontario, CA:
Can the Jags get Rolando McClain at number 10 and what is your opinion of him?

Vic: I would expect him to be available and I would also expect that he would be one of the candidates for the Jaguars' pick. He's a thumper. You'd like a little more speed but he plays big, plays hard and sets the tone. That's the big thing with McClain. He sets a very physical tone.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL:
Can the same pick be traded more than once on draft day? For example, if I'm picking at 10 and five is on the clock, can I trade up to five and then turn around and trade down while I'm still on the clock? I know this is highly unlikely, but would it be allowed?

Vic: You can trade as many times as time will allow. You may not, however, trade a compensatory pick.

Roberto from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
What player do you think would have more impact for the Jaguars: Morgan, Berry or Clausen?

Vic: I think Eric Berry is positioned to have the most immediate impact. Quarterbacks, of course, usually require long-term development before they become difference-makers.

Tyler from Dundee, FL:
I heard the Redskins originally offered Albert Haynesworth for McNabb, but the Eagles wouldn't take it. Picks, not players.

Vic: You wouldn't believe how many e-mails I get asking me why the Jaguars don't trade this guy or that guy for a draft pick. I don't think fans will ever understand how difficult it is to get anything more than a late-round pick for a player. Look at Anquan Boldin. The Cardinals gave the Ravens Boldin and a five for a three and a four. Hey, I was flooded with e-mails from Jaguars fans who wanted to trade the Jaguars' first-round pick for Boldin.

Dave from St. Augustine Beach, FL:
So what are the top football-related Jaguars stories you'll be looking into this offseason?

Vic: The expected changes on defense are likely to be the number one story in the spring and summer. David Garrard, of course, will be a top story. He's pretty much been challenged to become a better-than-average quarterback and this pretty much has to be the year it happens. The pass-rush story is going to get a lot of play. The Jags have to improve their pass-rush.

Darrick from Jacksonville:
Donovan McNabb is a patch. Shouldn't the Redskins still be looking for a quarterback for the future?

Vic: Mike Shanahan is a smart coach. He knows he needs to find a young guy he can develop. If a quarterback is at the top of their board when it's their turn to pick, and they don't pick him because they traded for McNabb, the Redskins will be making another dreadful mistake.

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