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Training camp begins on July 25

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan Glenn from Atlanta, GA:
I know its early, but who do you think has the inside track on the number two wide receiver position?
You're right, it's early. Bobby Shaw is a possession-type receiver and Patrick Johnson has the ability to be a "home run" hitter. Both receivers performed relative to those roles in the Jaguars' recent mini-camp. I expect Shaw to catch more passes than Johnson and that may qualify Shaw as more of a number two guy.

Tommy Tzamaras from Jacksonville:
First off, I am getting excited about NFL football and the upcoming season. Six months layoff is way too long. My question is: When is training camp starting and will it be open to the public like the past few years? And will you be updating the web page with reports from each session?
Players will report on July 25 and the first practice will be the following day. Training camp will, again, be open to the public. will post daily reports each afternoon.

Robert Ripley from Daytona Beach, FL:
Hopes and dreams are one thing, but let's get real. The Jaguars have holes and they have youth, things that don't go well in the NFL. The offensive line should no longer be a question mark. The secondary is thin but, if healthy, should be fun to watch. My question to you is: What are the Jaguars gonna do if the young guys on the defensive line, Henderson and Stroud, don't produce? Also, at wide receiver, we have one true proven wide-out. Can these guys produce and, if they can, why did the other teams let them go?
If John Henderson and Marcus Stroud fail to be productive, coach Tom Coughlin will ask them to try harder. That's all you can do. Henderson and Stroud are the ninth and 13th picks of the last two drafts; they must produce. Bobby Shaw left the Steelers for the Jaguars because he wanted a chance to be a number two receiver; the Steelers regretted losing him. Patrick Johnson did not return second-round value in Baltimore, but the Jaguars believe he still has big-time ability. Remember, the Cowboys and Eagles cut Jimmy Smith. Time will tell.

Thomas Wolansky from Orange Park, FL:
Why are people already putting false hopes of the Jags going to the playoffs this season? Sure that would be nice, but their goal is to develop the young players, draft picks who were backups a couple of years ago, and draft picks this year. I actually hope they have a losing season only so they can get a good draft pick for next year's draft, and after that year they should be close to repair on the cap and have their young players with enough experience to do well. If you think about it, would you rather go 9-7 and not go to the playoffs, or would you rather go 5-11 or 4-12 and not go to the playoffs and get a really high draft pick?
I understand the point you're making.

Joshua Haunstrup from Boca Raton, FL:
Now that both the Jaguars and Panthers franchises have seen the complete collapse of their quick rise to prominence, apart from the obvious free-agent cap abuse, are there any other big lessons the Browns and Texans should take to heart so they don't likewise fizzle and need to be rebuilt?
In my opinion, the Jaguars and Panthers were guilty of using free agency to acquire their core players and using the draft as a means for patching holes. It should be the opposite. The lesson is always the same: Draft well or die.

James Williams from Jacksonville:
Maybe I missed it but why is Hardy Nickerson being released? Did he not take the league minimum and was it offered to him or does he think he's worth more on the open market? I thought he was a good player worth keeping, for his leadership, field vision and experience. Is he just too old?
He's too expensive, the result of excessive bonus amortization and the guaranteed portion of his salary.

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